[Review] ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Set

PINK BOX July was late but it’s always better late then never. This blog entry, I will introduce the Wonder Pore Series to you. It’s a brand new set launched just recently only. Now, it has a clay pack and whipping foam to complete the line with the existing Wonder Pore Toner.

The Wonder Pore series boasts of a total pore solution 7 in 1:

1. Deep cleanse pores
2. Balance your skin’s ideal pH level
3. Control a large amount of the sebum
4. Minimize appearance of pores
5. Refine the skin tone
6. Keep the elasticity of pores
7. Moisture inside and outside of skin
It is also free of parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, talc, mineral oils etc

So I try out the Wonder Pore Daily Cleansing Foam first.

As you can see, good foam stays even when it’s upside down. The texture was rich and creamy, I looked like I had shaving cream all over my face. Anyway, I did not use it often enough to see if it clears up my blackheads. However, it did give me a brightening effect upon rinsing. This reminds me of the O2 White products from Etude House. My skin felt good, no uncomfortable tautness after cleansing.

Next, I proceeded to apply the Wonder Pore Clay Clear mask.

It’s real simple to use, just apply evenly over entire face (avoiding the eye area) with the spatula provided. Leave it on for around 15-20 minutes before washing off. A little goes a long way, so do not go overzealous with the application. I did that and had to spend a longer time washing off the clay.

This would be my favorite out of the lot, it freshened and brightened up my skin tremendously. However, the last step was essential to complete the whole pampering treatment.

I used the Wonder Pore Freshener to moisture and keep my skin perked up and hydrated.

This may not be anything new to you who are familiar with Etude House products. You could use it with a cotton pad and tap to clean excess makeup residue/dirt or use it in a spray container as a refreshing mist.

I applied it using the cotton pad after using the clay mask to hydrate my skin. Now, my face feels soft, smooth and clean. I love this feeling!

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