Get your Haraju-cute Japanese Beauty Fix at Guardian

Guardian Health & Beauty, the leading health & beauty chain in Singapore is proud to present Haraju-cute counters. If you have been to any Guardian outlets lately, you would have noticed rows of these decorated shelves stacked with numerous beauty products.

Currently, they carry 15  of these Japanese cult brands exclusively at these counters, namely Automatic Beauty (AB), Avance, Bandai – The Rose of Versailies, Body Fantasies, Bonavoce, Brigitte, Diamond Beauty, Dual, Egokawa Sweetie, Heat Jewel, Love & Peace, Loved Loved Nude, Orp Tokyo, Sguard and Zogan.

Looks familiar?

This is great news for all fans of Japanese makeup looks especially those who are into the Gyaru styles. Because alot of these beauty products cater to creating such dolly, girly looks.

So let’s check out some of these Japanese cosmetics that’s available.


Presenting the Diamond cosmetic line, they have quite a no of cosmetic items under their line but one of my favorites would be the Diamond Nose Makeup. No thanks to pregnancy, my face & nose has swelled up terribly due to the hormones and water retention. I feel like Ms Piggy now and this nose makeup kit is really a savior for me.

You can use this to contour and achieve a sharper, slimmer nose appearance.

As you can see that even though my nose in the AFTER photo isn’t really as slim as my pre-pregnancy nose. It’s still much better than before. It could possibly be that I’m still an amateur at contour makeup though. Anyway, this lovely Diamond Nose Makeup Kit is available at S$24.90 only.

Also check out the blushers which are a hot item in the range. Though I think Peach Orange would suit my tanned skin better than the one I got to try.

Brigitte, a popular Japanese cosmetic line, has lots to offer. I’m really excited that it’s now finally available locally.

A hot favorite of mine would be the false eyelashes.

As you can see, it’s lash bone is a clear, fish line style so it makes your falsies appear more natural when worn. Can’t wait to try out these lashes 😉 I’m sure they would add volume to my lash extensions.

Check out their eyeshadow palettes which are priced attractively at S$26.90 each. Really gorgeous shades available.

Now, if you ain’t blessed with deep, double eye lids then fret not. You got to check out Japan’s No. 1 Double Eyelid Tape from AB ( Automatic Beauty ). It’s also highly recommended by Taiwan makeup guru Kelvin 老師.

It can be used to help create a double eyelid effect for those with single eyelids or deepen/heighten the double eyelid crease for those with hidden or not very visible double eyelids. Very useful tool to brighten and open up the eyes.

Here’s a guideline on how to use it.

Check it out on the pretty model.

Next, if you are an anime fan then The Rose of Versaillies would be no stranger to you. This popular range of award-winning liquid eyeliners and beauty facial masks are now made available in Singapore. Yipee!

This is the Lady Oscar Creamy Pencil Eyeliner in Black (S$25.90), it also comes in brown too. There’s the liquid eyeliner in black, dark brown and brown as well as eyebrow powder & pencil in brown and light brown available too. Do check these out at your nearest Guardian stores.

 The beauty masks are available at S$8.90 per sheet, each richly soaked with 27ml beauty serum.

Do also check out for the AVANCE Joil et Liquid Eyeliner (Black/Brown) that is swear and tear proof. It comes with a 0.1mm brush tip, really fine and great for lining close to the lash for a more natural look. This is available at S$22.90.

There’s just too many products to cover in one blog post. You should just head down to a Guardian outlet to check it out in person. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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