[Wishtrend] Skin & Lab’s C Plus Brightening

WISHTREND carries many wonderful Korean beauty products and of the brands would be SKIN & LAB. I was given the C Plus Brightening to try out but before we go into details, let’s find out a little more about this brand.

Skin&Lab was created based on the results of the experiment with dermatologists. It is consist of hypoallergenic materials passed with strict skin test. This brand used vitamin to supply its effectiveness to your skin directly.

Vitamin C helps brighten and improve skin tone by inhibiting the production of melanin. It is also an antioxidant which would revitalize your skin and aid in ant-aging.

The texture is very light-weight and non-clogging. It goes on smoothly without leaving any sticky after feel. Skin appears refreshed the next morning. This is recommended for usage once in the day and once at night. However, as my skin is still pretty sensitive from my pregnancy, I have not been able to really test it out. But it is pretty popular online as you can see from the high ratings & reviews:

You should also check out their other range of products which contain different type of vitamin for different skin needs.

You could even play the role of skin doctor & recommend them to your family & friends!

Do visit WISHTREND for more info on this product!

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