My latest favourite indulgence – Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drink

I’ve always been a fan of yogurt drinks such as Vitagen and Yakult. But of late, I’ve discovered Nestle’s Bliss Yogurt Drink. So far, I’ve tried out 2 flavours – Tropical & Mixed Fruit AND Mixed Berries.

According to the Nestle website, this is the only yogurt drink in Singapore that contains Inulin (fibre) and Live Cultures. With the combination of Inulin and Live Cultures, probiotics help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

What’s that?

Inulin, a prebiotic, is a type of soluble dietary fibre that is non-digestible. This allows it to reach the large intestines completely intact where fermentation takes place. Inulin helps support growth of beneficial bacteria/good intestinal flora in the gut.

Live Cultures or Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis & Streptococcus thermophillus) are good bacteria. Probiotics helps to suppress harmful bacteria in the digestive system, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.

I love Mixed Berries alot and look forward to trying out Strawberries. I’m not sure if its really due to all these yogurt drinks I’ve been taking and frozen yogurt snacks… but I am one pregnant lady without any constipation issues at all. So I guess no harm trying? 😉

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