[Review] The Face Shop Make Up Tool Eyelash Glue

This wasn’t a planned purchase but because I had absent-mindedly forgotten to pack my makeup pouch with me on my trip to Cebu. And apparently, the Pinoys are so blessed with long lashes, they do not need false eyelashes like me. So it was really difficult to find eyelash adhesive over there until I chanced upon The Face Shop. My first few false eyelashes were from TFS as they were pretty and rather reasonably-priced.

Anyway, let’s get back to the eyelash glue. It was very very cheap in Cebu though I’m not sure how much it retails for in Singapore. And I think a little goes a long way for this nifty tube, its nozzle isn’t that big like Ardell’s so it won’t spill and cause a mess. So it’s very worth the money spent!

What I liked best was that it was super sticky, so if you did not apply your lashes properly and there’s a slight gap between the lash bone and your eyelid. All you needed to do was to press gently and it would just stick on like as though you just applied fresh glue. I know certain brands can’t do this trick at all. You would need to apply a new coat of glue just to get it to stick but not for the TFS eyelash glue.

However, it’s pro turns into its only con too as being that sticky meant removal wasn’t going to be a breeze. I would still say this is a decent eyelash glue but it certainly doesn’t top my list. I mean, I won’t mind using it if I did not have any other options.

Overall Rating: 

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