[Review] Prenatal Massage at Knead Holland Village

So recently, I have been experiencing quite a bit of aches due to all the shopping for the little one. And I decided to just give Knead a shot for my first prenatal massage. My therapist was Doris and according to the receptionist, an experienced lady with prenatal massages.

Anyway, this is my first visit to Knead, as well as my first prenatal massage. I’ve long wanted to get a massage because of all the aches I had been getting. Pre-natal massage relieves muscle aches on the back, neck, shoulders, and abdomen, it can also significantly reduce anxiety and stress. It also helps to reduce water retention especially for mommies in the third trimester.

Knead does not have individual rooms for the massages but curtains which separates you from the other patron. The room which I was in had three beds in there, I was a little disappointed initially. However, my session went on without much disturbance because the other patron & her therapist in the same room were pretty quiet. Some places have individual rooms but you still can hear the conversation going on and it can mess up with your relaxation.

The massage started off with a foot massage, followed by the arm massage. My therapist mentioned that the foot rub would mean a good night’s sleep later on. After the arm massage, Doris proceeded to give me a shoulder and neck massage. I have very knotty and tensed neck muscles due to facing a computer most of the time. She also gave me a facial massage before proceeding to doing my back. So it was a whole full body massage which I had received, toes, feet, thighs, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and back. Just no massage on the tummy obviously and the boobs.

All these for 90 minutes at S$100 nett. It’s really worth it and affordable. I also slept well that night cause usually I have trouble sleeping at night ever since my tummy grew. My body no longer ached after the massage session and I definitely felt more relaxed. You could also opt for the 60 minutes at S$70.

Knead HV is located conveniently in Holland Village, just opposite Wala Wala. Not many places offer pre-natal massages, but there are a few in Holland Village which I’ve just found out. For example, you can check out QiMantra and Afond Spa too.

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