[Review] Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer Glue

My Ardell eyelash glue was running low and they didn’t carry that in Watsons so I got a Heroine Make one. A little about Heroine Make’s Eyelash Fixer Glue:

Quick-drying eyelash adhesive keeps false lashes securely in place to give it a boost in volume and length for a more dramatic and unforgettable gaze. Long-wearing adhesive dries clear without any whitish marks, for natural looking lashes. Built in flat angled brush allows for the even and convenient application of lash glue. 

Unlike most eyelash adhesive which comes in a tube that you squeeze out, this one is in a tube with a brush. This is the first time I’m using one with a brush and so I found it quite troublesome initially. However, it also meant less mess from overzealous squeezing and a more even application of glue on the false eyelash. So I guess it has it is a trade off! This way, I’ll never be wasting any eyelash adhesive glue unless I accidentally topple the bottle.

Removal of it is also pretty hassle-free with the cleansing oil I’m currently using. It does not leave much residue as my previous latex-based glue. My false lashes stayed on for hours today even through a short nap.

However, I must admit it is not as sticky as the other lash glues I had prior to this. Hence, sometimes more than 1 layer of glue is required. So application becomes a chore. But I guess this is a trade off, you want lash glue that cleans off easily then you got to live with it not being that sticky.

So far so good, though the price is a little on the high side. It’s S$14.90 for 5ml while I think Ardell’s one is slightly cheaper. But who knows? I might just be a convert, just got to finish it before I can conclude if I will repurchase it again.

But it’s still worth checking out 😛

Overall Rating: 

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