Presenting Ultimate Colla-Gen!

Just to share the new collagen powder supplement in the market now! If you have been following my blog, you would know that I’m a big collagen fan. I started taking collagen supplements a few years back. Collagen keeps my skin looking pumped up even though I had a rough night.

Today, I would like to share about Ultimate Colla-Gen which is from Korea. It has the lowest sized Nano-moleculre structure in Collagen, this means easier & faster absorption by the body. When compared to other collagen products currently found in the market, Ultimate Colla-gen’s Nano-molecular collagen was found to be 50% smaller!

Why take collagen supplements?

Because as we age we start to lose collagen rapidly. From the age of 25 years old, your collagen level drops by 1.5% a year. So by the time you hit 45, the collagen level in your body is down by an alarming 30%. Daily pollutants such as UVA, UVB rays, smoke and sources of free radicals contribue top disintegrating collagen.

Ultimate Colla-gen will help to supplement natural collagen loss along with your regular skin care regime, exercise and a balanced diet.

So what makes Ultimate Colla-gen stand out from the rest?

#1- It goes through an extremely thorough & expensive method of synthesis which ensures the core biocompatible integrity of the collagen.

#2 – It has obtained the stringent Korean Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) certification which is under the US Food & Drug Administration’s regulations. GMP ensures that proper controls are in place for dietary supplements.

#3 – It is halal-certified and contains real blue berry extract with no fishy or ooily after-taste at all.

#4 – Each sachet is light weight in size and the calorie count is opnly 38cal. It combines multi nutrients such as Acai berry extract, Chrondritin, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), Probiotics, Real Blueberry Extract, Silica & Vitamin C.

#5 – It contains no preservatives, no trace metals and no sugar!

There are 2 formulaes available:

Ultimate Colla-gen Plus is for those in their 20s to 40s which nutures skin, hair & nails. Whereas the Ultimate Colla-gen Gold is better suited for those in their golden years as it contains glucosamine which nutures the joints, bones and skin.

Each box contains 30 satchets and cost S$88.00. You can consume it on its own mixed with water or any other beverage you like. Because its properties does not change despite various temperature, you can have it hot, cold or even at room temperature.

Currently, you can find these products at Nishino Pharmacy at Shaw House. Come June 2012, you can find them at the other Nishino Pharmacies, Robinsons at Centrepoint, Pharmex Healthcare at Kembangan Plaza and Kaki Bukit.

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