My IKEA Shopping Spree

I’m a fan of Ikea because of its trendy, chic and yet very affordable furniture & fittings. Previously, I had blogged about my top 5 purchases from Ikea, you can read my blog entry HERE. Even though I have done most of the furnishing, I still get my Ikea fix whenever required.

IKEA Gift Cards are re-loadable and can be used multiple times. They make great gifts for house-warming, wedding or holiday gift-giving occasions, especially when you are clueless on what to get for the recipient.  IKEA Gift Cards are available in any amount from $20 – $1,000 and is accepted at the IKEA store, Restaurant and the Swedish Food Market.

I was given a S$100 IKEA Gift Card. Let’s see what I got my hands on…

After browsing through IKEA Tampines for close to an hour with a brief idea of what I’d wanted to get. I finally settled for these items.

#1 – Bolmen Stool S$7.90

I had gotten the lower version of this to use in the shower. As my expecting belly grows, standing in the shower has started becoming quite a chore.

However, the first stool I’d gotten from IKEA was too low (bottom of pic). So it’s time to upgrade to something with more height.

#2 – Rigga Clothes Rack S$25.00

Initially, I had wanted to get the Mulig clothes rack at S$19.00 the last time I was at IKEA but it was sold out. However, there were more choices on display today and I had decided to go for the Rigga instead. It is more sturdy & comes with wheels.

Though most items at IKEA requires you to DIY and fix it yourself so as to keep the prices low, it’s really manageable even for ladies like me.

I did this all by myself in less than 30minutes! Now I can do my steam ironing with ease because I have the RIGGA clothes rack. Plus, it’s easy to shift this around because it has roller wheels.

#3 – Tallvik table lamp S$49 , bulb sold separately (S$8.90 for 2)

It’s unique design caught my eye and so I decided to replace my current LAMPAN table lamp S$5.90 (also from IKEA) with this gorgeous Anne Nilson designer lamp.

I keep this bedside lamp on when I’m using my macbook air on the bed or just watching my favorite comedies on SCV. It saves energy and power because I do not need the main light on for such activities.

#4 Haren Bath Sheet S$5.90 & Bath Towel S$9.90

The bath towel S$9.90 in blue measures 100 x 150cm while the purple one S$5.90 measures 70 x 140cm. The difference in pricing is due to the difference in width. We were supposed to get both in 100 x 150cm but never mind, the hubby can make do with the smaller towel. Heehee… I bought these before from IKEA, we have the ones in white & green. These are decent towels that are priced very reasonably.

And that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed my mini review on each item. It’s a pity that I didn’t bring down my new IKEA card so I wasn’t able to earn points :(

But anyway, we are eyeing a few more items and probably would be back to purchase them soon.

You can check out the products available at IKEA via their website online.

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