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This was my first Mary Kay event and it was an interesting one. I’ve heard of Mary Kay products but have not tried any. This is because Mary Kay is exclusively available through direct selling only; so you won’t see these in stores or at the beauty counters. Mary Kay is a US company but its products can be bought worldwide in more than 35 countries. This includes both Malaysia and Singapore.

The motto behind the new skincare range which was being introduced to us was ‘Make your skin smile’ and so we actually got to indulge in some laughing exercises before the presentation begin. You know, they say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and some people actually practice this to keep themselves healthy and fit.

It was kind of awkward but a rather eye-opening experience for me. I think I do laugh enough since people around me are always making me LOL.

Presenting the new Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care, this range has 3 types specifically customized for each skin type; dry, normal and oily. What’s so special about this new range is that it contains a special botanical complex of 2 highly effective ingredients:

Silymarin Рaka milk thistle is a powerful antioxidant that has been traditionally used as a remedy. This herb is known to calm skin down and help defend against environmental damage.

Luo Han Guomore commonly known as the longevity fruit by the chinese, contains antioxidants and gives one healthy skin.

So how to decide which range is perfect for you? We did a skin quiz to get the answers.

I barely made it to the Happy skin mark. And I got mostly Cs so that meant that I have normal skin. I would think it’s more of combination to normal since I do experience some oiliness along the T-zone. Though as of late, my skin has gotten so sensitive due to the imbalanced¬†hormones, I couldn’t really apply much without causing redness.

Those who have dry skin, can check out the Formula 1 range:

This range consists of products that contain Flax Seed Extract which is a good source of omega 3-fatty acids that moisturizes and keeps dry skin hydrated. It also contains Sea Kelp which is an edible type of seaweed that is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to aid moisturization.

Those with normal skin like me can check out formula 2:

It contains Frangipani Flower Extract which is a known antioxidant for protecting against environmental stressors and has beneficial calming effects for the skin. Another floral extract found in this range would be the Water Lily Extract which also contain antioxidant benefits for good, healthy skin.

And last but not least, if you have oily skin, then formula 3 is suitable for you:

This range contains Kanuka Extract which is more commonly known as White Tea Tree, a beneficial antioxidant which has anti-clogging properties. It also contains Guava which is an excellent source of salicylic acid that is an exfoliant known to rid dead skin and unclog pores, this can significantly reduce the amount of surface oil.

Each range contains 4 products:

From left to right, there’s a 3-in-1 Cleanse (cleanser), a Freshen (toner), a Mask & a Hydrate (Moisturizer).

You can either use the¬†3-in-1 Cleanse & Freshen followed by the Hydrate for daily usage if you’re a busy (or lazy) person. And if you wish to pamper your skin, you could do a weekly mask.

The NEW Botanical Effects 3-in-1 Cleanse & Freshen retails at SGD34, Hydrate & Mask are at SGD40 each, you can find out more info on the Mary Kay SG website or go through your independent beauty consultant.

Other than skincare, we also got to check out their makeup range. I love the Mary Kay Compact most because of its uniqueness. It has a magnetic base and you get to fill it up with whatever you want.

There were also a lipstick, mascara and mascara primer and liquid foundation to play around with.

The lipstick has a pretty shade:

And this is the liquid foundation which I tried on my hand, it’s a shade called BEIGE 3, the most common shade for us Asians. I tried it on my jawline too and it fits just right.

After blending:

It gives quite a bit of coverage so I could skip concealer when using this one. Else you can just mix a little of this with your sunscreen for light, minimalist look. I have been using the liquid foundation for a few days and I pretty much like it despite more of a powder fan.

After the event, we were each given a generous goodie pack in an environmentally-friendly bag:

I can’t wait to try out the products and write about them. Still letting my skin rest for the moment since it’s still tad bit sensitive.

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