[Review] CandyDoll Base Makeup

This is part 3 and my final post on the CandyDoll makeup I’ve received. If you missed out my other blog entries on the lip glosses and blushers, do check it out HERE.

From left to right, the CandyDoll foundation, Makeup base, Liquid Foundation and last but not least, the Face Powder.

The CandyDoll Foundation is a very fine-powdered one but the shade 01 is too light for me, hence, I did not try it out on my face.

The CandyDoll Makeup Base is lovely, it goes on smoothly and spreads out evenly upon application. Best of all, contains SPF 3o so I could skip the additional step of using a sunscreen. I like this slight pearly sheen it gives out.

Even though this was a shade 01, it did not leave any white cast on me as it’s pretty translucent.

Next, I got to try out the CandyDoll Liquid Foundation and thankfully, this was a shade 02. I think my skin tone is more suited for CandyDoll shade 02 as I have slightly tanned medium skin color.

I noticed that its also more of a yellow-based tone which would suit me very well. The texture is rich and creamy and I find the coverage really great. I skipped concealer totally with this liquid foundation as it was able to conceal my dark eye rings perfectly.

Do not mind the difference in shade as the undersides of my arms are naturally fairer than my face.

Once, I’m done with the liquid foundation, I can now set my makeup with the CandyDoll Face Powder.

What I love about this especially is the size of the powder case. Most face powders in the market currently come in much bigger tubs which might not fit into your makeup pouch or just too big to bring out.

But the CandyDoll Face Powder has a compact casing which fits so well in my palm.

A few puffs set the whole base makeup in place, skin tone is even out and flaws concealed.

CandyDoll products are exclusively found at Watsons. Do check them out :)

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