Gingy – I love you!

This photo was taken sometime back and that’s not Gingy but heck, it’s a gingerbread man. And boy do I adore Gingerbreadmen. So when Shrek the movie came on, my attention automatically turned to Gingy, the feisty little gingerbread man.

It’s a pity that they don’t have much on Gingy merchandise in the market because I really wish there were more I could collect. Anyway, my Gingy collection is really small and I hope to grow it someday. I got my chance when I visited Universal Studios Singapore during the weekend.

Obviously, my favorite stop over was Far Far Away and my favorite entertainment was the 4D Shrek Movie.

If I could, I would want to live in such a fairytale land and perhaps bunk in with Gingy in his gingerbread house.

I scored a Gingy face cushion & Gingy keychain.

Then got Gingy face to meet up with the residen Gingy of my home…

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