Survive Vday 101

And so it’s the day after Vday, some probably had their dreams crushed, some got wasted, some got lucky while some are just glad it’s damn well over. And you know what, I feel you, because it’s so overrated and plasticky superficial, I’m glad it’s over.
Trust me, if you’re in love, everyday’s gonna be paradise for the both of you till the magic dies off and of cause that’s gonna happen because this is reality. It’s ain’t a fairy tale where people live happily ever after. There’s still gonna be them ‘evil witches and villains’ trying to tear you guys apart. But it’s with these experiences that you learn and grow along with.
So if you didn’t score well last night then please bookmark these articles from My Fat Pocket. It’s like a Vday guide for dummies.
Not sure where to dine? Here are some pocket-friendly places which have been specially selected for you at Valentine’s Day Dinner According Man’s Pocket.
Now that you’ve booked the venue, it’s time to do some shopping. Whether it’s for gifts or a new dress for that hot date, you can rely on these iPhone Apps in 5 Apps to Shop till your iPhone Drop. And if he’s clueless about what to get you, perhaps you could drop him a hint. Clinique’s Kiss & Be Happy is looking tempting. But these 5 iPhone apps could come in handy to save the day too in 5 iPhone Apps to Survive Valentines Day.

Sexy Assemble for that Vday After Party in Bed is good for you if you intend to sizzle things up in the bedroom after that dinner.

However, if you are single and looking, fret not, we have just the article for you on what a good boyfriend is supposed to be like in What’s your Definition of a Good Boyfriend? Once you have it all figured out, you can then try to hunt your man down in 10 Best Places to Meet Someone. But if all else fails, don’t worry, there’s, i log onto it whenever I need my daily dose of amusement before dozing off.

How was Vday for me and my dog? Well, it went on pretty well given that he didn’t throw any tantrums just because I didn’t get him any flowers.

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