Love is in the air….

Honestly, I am not someone who’s all that into Valentine’s Day. I’ve found it too commercialized and overrated. Though of course, it would be sweet if the other half did something lovely like whip up a meal or maybe bought a small gift. It doesn’t have to be something that costs a lot because it’s really the thought that counts.

However, Vday can be a great excuse to do some shopping for yourself and even him. You get to pick out a new outfit, how about a nice bag and heels to pair with it? A pretty manicure and pedicure to pamper yourself before the big date. And My Fat Pocket has all these great articles you can refer to while prepping yourself for Vday!

My Fat Pocket has all the tips and ideas you can check out from where to go for that romantic dinner to makeup ideas that would mesmerize your date. And if you are single, there’s nothing to dread because there’s this article on the 10 best places you can meet someone new. If all else fails, remember that Vday is not just for couples but friends too! So go on, plan something fun with the girl pals or even your pet.

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