[Review] The Nature Lab HydroGel Masks – the future of facial masks??

Unlike traditional sheet masks, HydroGel mask does not have any holding medium. It is made directly from pure nutrients and essence into a soft water-gel mask, just like how ice is formed from water. Hydrogel is soft and gentle on skin. Upon applying Hydrogel, it is said that it will melt onto face creating an entire new masking experience. What an interesting & new concept this is, so is HydroGel the next big thing for facial masks?

I was excited to be given 5 pieces to try:

If you have tried gel masks, then this is how the HydroGel Mask feels like. Soft and slightly rubbery. Unlike other normal facial sheet masks, this one comes in 2 parts.
The upper layer would cover from the forehead to the nose, whereas the lower layer is for the area starting from the mouth.
There’s a light, refreshing scent for each mask and even if not left chilled in the fridge, it gives the user a soothing, cooling feeling when used.
You have to leave it on for 30-40minutes before removing and then patting any excess mask essence onto the skin. It seems like the waiting time for this is slightly longer than the usual facial masks. However, it would come in handy when you’re watching your Korean drama shows. 30 minutes would just fly by without much thought.
I like how my skin feels totally moisturized after masking and still looking pumped up the morning after.

If you want to try out these HydroGel masks, you can redeem your TheNatureLab Slim V Mask at The Sample Store today, click here to redeem:

TheNatureLab masks are available at WATSONS.

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