My latest online addiction – Gmarket

No, it’s not a game or forum nor is it a blogshop but it’s an online shopping platform. So Christmas is barely a week away while Chinese New Year is around a month and a week plus away. If you don’t know where to do your shopping, why not do it online? Let me share with you my latest obsession.

I’ve been spending every single day logged onto Gmarket. It’s like this infectious bug that just won’t go away. And since it’s the festive season, I’m constantly reminded through their daily newsletter of the promotions they’re having. All these just make it even harder to tear myself away from the computer screen.

I’ve spent around SGD$200++ over a span of 3-4 days and I have close to 10 parcels I’m expecting. I’ve bought my new year clothing; this year I’ve decided to go with a cheongsum. They’re traditional chinese outfits and the modern ones have quite a few trendy designs. Check out the ones on sale at Gmarket –

Or party dresses for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? They have several sellers with a variety of korean and taiwan fashion apparels. And pretty accessories from korea/china/singapore sellers to complete your outfits:

However, do be careful, what you pay for is what you get. Recently, I bought a pair of pants and a dress for a total of approximately S$25. The quality was so sucky as the material was thin and translucent. I think I’m better off with a Bugis Village S$10 item than my loot. It was disappointing.

But fret not, since Gmarket has this review system, you can check out and see if anyone bought the particular item you’re eyeing and see what they have to say about it. There’s the normal review and the premium review which usually includes an additional feature – photos of the items in reality.

Apart from that, you can also participate in the daily draw for G-stamps which can be used to exchange for discount coupons. You could also try your luck to draw coupons too. I must say, this is one really effective marketing strategy as the discount Gcoupons have expiry dates and I often find myself searching for something to purchase so that I won’t let the discount coupons go to waste. Urgh, I know I’m hopeless…

Anyway, what I love most about is the efficient customer service Gmarket has. They take all feedback/enquiries/complaints very seriously and are prompt in replies. The Korean CS are so helpful and has helped me get back my refund when I didn’t receive my item from the seller. So yeah, thumbs up to the CS team.

Meanwhile, here’s a few personal picks for Xmas stocking stuffers:

Iphone casing, these are real cute:

Cute notepads??

How ’bout some cute hand cream from The Face Shop?

Honestly, the list is never-ending. They have a search function available so you can check if anyone’s selling what you have in mind. Now, can you see why I’m soooo addicted to ?

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