[REVIEW] Holika Holika Goodies from I♥KoreanBeauty

I Heart Korean Beauty was so kind to send me some Holika Holika makeup products to try out. Holika Holika is a popular Korean brand and one of the many brands which you can find on this online store. They not only sell Korean beauty products but also accessories and stationery with a new product range of clothing and K-pop merchandise coming soon.

Holika Holika means ‘Beauty-HOLIC’. It has this mysterious, magical theme behind it’s packaging and brand image.

And this is evident from it’s introduction:

Holika Holika has MAGICAL COSMETICS which will reveal your attractiveness.
Holika Holika has BEAUTY MAGICIANS who will make your dream to be beautiful come true.
If you wanna be pretty, SPELL HOLIKA HOLIKA!!

Interesting, yeah? Read on to find out more…

I have not tried Holika Holika products before though I’ve read a lot of raves about them. So I’m pretty hyped up to try these stuff out. First, we have the makeup primer and base – the Holika Holika Face2Change Cream Starter.

It contains marine collagen and vegetable collagen gel, deep sea water, flower acids, seaweed extract and argan oil. This makeup base comes in the form of a white creamy lotion that though looks rich but is actually pretty light-weight. It goes on easily and does not feel sticky. You are recommended to spread it all over your face and tap till its fully absorbed before you move on to your next step in your makeup routine. In fact, it feels like you are applying moisturizer on your face.

Field trip trial

I applied this in the morning followed by full makeup (concealer, foundation, blusher & eyeliner). Makeup went on smoothly after that and let me count… It stayed on for at least 8 hours already. My face did not feel oily or required any touch up during the day. I’m very satisfied with this makeup primer and it did not break out on me too.

Overall Rating: 

And like most Korean products, Holika Holika’s eye-catching packaging does not pale out in comparison. Check out this Cream Shadow & Petite Liner in all it’s full glory!

Undo the golden cap to reveal the cream shadow in shimmery copper, pop out the pencil to reveal a liner.

Check out this rich brown liner with subtle shimmer.

You are supposed to apply the cream shadow first then line your eyes with the liner after that. The shade I got to try out was No. 5.

Here’s how both look like on my eyes when applied together.

To be honest, I am not much of a beige/ brown person but these shades were so natural-looking. And being an eye makeup noob, I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. But it seems like application was a breeze and I rather happy with the outcome. The photo does not do it much justice but it looks much more earth-tone & natural in reality. My only grouse is that the liner tends to smudge a lil after a couple of hours later. So my suggestion would be to line the eyes then apply the cream eyeshadow and top up on the liner again! This worked and I had the eye makeup stay on despite the humid weather.

Overall Rating: .5

I also received a bunch of other Korean beauty samples which I have not gotten the time to try yet though. But anyway, do check out I Heart Korean Beautys store.

Like them on FACEBOOK and get free shipping when you purchase from their store. Just remember to quote that you’ve gotten to know about this promotion from my blog :)

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