I survived my first Brazilian waxing!

I was really anxious about this appointment and of all times, I had to schedule it one day prior to my expected menses due date. You know how they say your skin down south is more sensitive just before your period and you should always schedule your Brazilian waxing appointment the week after that. Oh well, what’s done is done so off I went to Holland Village’s branch.

So what was I doing there and after SO MANY YEARS OF CONTEMPLATION, what was I thinking? Fancy making an appointment for something I feared so much off…

Now in conjunction with PETA’s Anti Fur Movement, Strip is holding an UNFURGIVABLE ANTI FUR Campaign. This is all for a good cause! With every Brazilian wax done from now till 31st December, Strip donates S$1 to PETA. The animal fur industry is a cruel and bloody one. So let’s do our part to assist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), you can go to their WEBSITE to make a donation or do more.

My Field Report

My therapist was Audrey, a really nice lady who chatted with me and entertained my numerous questions. I was told to remove my bottoms and undies then wrap myself up in a towel after cleaning my intimate parts with a wet tissue. Next, I lay on the treatment bed and awaited her… the pillow was really comfy but amidst my nervousness I had forgotten about snapping any photos in the treatment room.

My eyes wandered across the colorful typography that decorated the room. There were some quotes by Eva Longoria and how she never regretted getting a Brazilian. If you have heard horror stories about waxing, you are not alone. But I was comforted by the fact that Strip never reused their waxing sticks and hygiene was always a top priority.

Prior to the big waxing experience I was about to face, Audrey applied some lotion over the area so that the wax would not stick to my skin but just adhere to the nasty hairs. She told me that the inner labia would hurt the most,followed by the top area of your vajaja and yes, it did hurt (not like a muthafarker) but it was bearable. She told me to relax and BREATHE the moment she rips the wax off. Strip even had the word BREATHE painted on the top of the ceiling to remind their customers to stop holding their breaths. *chuckles*

Within 15-20minutes, I was done. Audrey did a few touch ups and tweezing before she applied a serum onto the whole waxed area. This serum is chargeable at an additional S$10, you could also buy a box from them and store it at your designated treatment branch for future waxing usage. She explained that the serum would calm the skin and also prevented ingrown hair.

I was glad that the whole ordeal was over and am VERY satisfied with the end result. In fact, the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Though yes, the inner labia did hurt but I didn’t scream out loud and that was good enough for me.

Audrey was a great therapist, she was quick and nimble. I felt that I was in good hands and would request for her again for my next session.

Overall Rating: 

What other goodies are available at STRIP?

This special Havaianas set!

The slim purple kit is going for S$45 while the top ruby red kit is going for S$40. I wanted the purple flip flops cuz I had red ones already but my size was sold out :( It sucks being the most common sized feet in Singapore.

Anyway, you get a pair of Havaianas & this pretty gem that will be fixed onto your slippers. A tube of Strip’s strawberry body butter and body scrub. On top of that, you also receive a S$5 Havaianas voucher. Sweet, right?

For more information on STRIP, check out their website at http://www.strip.com.sg

Support the UNFURGIVABLE Campaign, please visit http://www.antifur.sg

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