[GIVEAWAY] Japanese Beauty Event! Bifesta & Kiss Me Heroine Make ♥♥♥

June & I attended this beauty event at Mandom Corp. a week ago & we are back to share about what we’ve learnt. :) Do you recall the Cleaning Express Makeup Removers? I’d blogged about it sometime back & strongly recommended it… Yeah, you can read all about it HERE

So now, they will be renamed as BIFESTA and enhanced with Plus-ion Hyaluronic Acid!

This is Japan’s first water based makeup remover and has been largely popular all over Asia. It’s unique water base technology has quick floating functions that wraps and seals around impurities; lifting it off the skin as you clean your face.

As you can see from the left, there’s the 4 NON-RINSE makeup removers with a new packaging while the 3 from the right are the RINSE OFF types.

Product Line-up

Lotion Moist (S$16.90): contains Soy Extract for deep moisturisation and is suitable for Normal to Dry skin.

Lotion Sebum (S$16.90): contains green tea extract for pore tightening and is suitable for Combi to Oily skin.

Lotion Bright Up (S$18.90): removes dead skin cells and inhibits melanin production (saxifrage extract)

Lotion Agecare (S$18.90): contains Q10 & soy isoflavone for deep nourishment & hydration

Gel (S$15.90): good for those who like to remove their makeup in the shower, it is powerful enough to remove waterproof makeup & excess sebum

Liquid (S$17.90): This is the liquid version that is also great for using the shower

Eye Makeup Remover (S$12.90): A specialized makeup remover purely for the eyes to target stubborn eye makeup that is usually difficult to remove but not with this product

We got the sample sized bottles to try out the makeup removers, however, I’ve tried the Lotion Moist when it was still known as Cleansing Express so do check out my REVIEW HERE.



 with the password


Next, we were introduced to their cosmetic brand – KISS ME HEROINE MAKE by these 2 lovely Japanese ladies. I have seen this product in Watsons and the Japanese anime lady who is the Heroine has always been what that catches my attention in the stores.

This is how she looks like…

….on a cupcake!

Really beautiful cupcakes… too bad I missed this as I did not stay for the buffet.

We were each given their Heroine Make products to try. In the photo above, from the left, we have the ever famous KISS ME HEROINE MAKE LONG & CURL MASCARA (S$21.90)!

It is the No. 1 Mascara in Japan as awarded by @Cosme’s prestigious Best Cosme Awards 2009. This mascara comes with polymer fibre coating that lengthens by 120%. It is lightweight, curl-maintaining polymer makes lasing, water-proof curls. The curved brush provides extra light and easy application.

Igarashi San recommends that when you are applying your mascara, use a mirror slanted downwards. Do not try to apply it while looking straight into a wall mirror. It’s easier if you look down as she demonstrates.

Next, we have the KISS ME HEROINE MAKE Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N (S$18.90) which is a jet-black eyeliner that adds further definition to the eyes. It is waterproof and highly resistant to tears, sweat,water & sebum. But yet so easily removed with lukewarm water. Amazing, right?

(Psst… this will be the giveaway item)

And on the far right, there is the KISS ME HEROINE MAKE Eyelash Serum (S$18.90) which is what I’m real excited to try out. It’s a new concentrated oil-rich formula that makes eyelashes grow fuller and prettier. The oil-rich essence with a thick texture wraps around your eyelashes and adds a rich fitness and luster to them.

Then we have the lovely false lashes which will no longer be retailing here. But they were given to us as a gift to try out. I love the lower lashes but have yet to master the art of applying them. Like seriously >.< I think I need to practice more.

I also got some Lucidol hair product samples too. These are treatment products for straight hair :)

Ok, what everyone has been waiting for. GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

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