Did you know that Kinohimitsu has 14 different supplement drinks?

June & I attended Kinohimitsu’s first media event at this bar that’s just round the corner of Boat Quay.

And we surprised to find out that there’s 14 different types of supplement drinks available by this brand. Just to show a few of the drinks…

Of cus, the more well known ones are the Collagen drink –

I did a review for the collagen drink (on the left) previously, CLICK HERE TO READ! And now they have come out with a new range for the Collagen drinks – a DIAMOND series. This range is more suited for ladies above 30s as it contains more collagen – 5300mg as compared to the first one that only contains less than half at 2500mg.

 It was recommended that you performed a detox prior to going on any of the supplement drink programs, I’ve tried the plum juice based D’tox drink, and you can CHECK OUT MY REVIEW HERE.

Of cus, June & I were distracted by the choices of beauty drinks available. Here below we have the UV Bright Drink which protects you from the harmful free radicals of the sun and the BB drink which is a supplement for skin. It’s like we’ve always heard of BB creams but not a BB drink so this was something new for us too.

Due to the wide range of drinks available, there’s always something to meet the needs of everyone!
Like stressed out workaholics could try the Mindrelax drink ….

They even have stamina enhancers for both men & women!!!

The goodie bag we each received! I was fooled by the packaging cus I was so excited to try out the Diamond series…
But it turned out to be a sampling of each drink they have available….
You can find out more info on the supplement ranges at their main WEBSITE.
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  1. Lolx… when I got the press kit, I was so excited about trying the Diamond collagen drinks.. and like you, my sis was laughing at me when she saw my expression when I opened up the box!

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