Halloween Costumes 2011

Halloween is exactly a week away and I’m all hyped up! Since a little girl, I’ve always anticipated this time of the year. I guess I’ve grown up watching too much of Channel 5 & westernized kids show such as “Are you afraid of the dark” and “Sesame Street”.

Halloween, which falls on 31st October, is not so much celebrated by the local kids in Singapore. I think only those expats hold private parties in their lush mansions down district 10.

So I grew up lacking the dressing up and Halloween culture in my childhood. This made me determined to relive the ‘lost childhood’ in my teen years. But alas, none of my friends were into this whole dress up idea. It was not until 3 years ago that I finally got to attend my VERY FIRST HALLOWEEN party at Zouk. It’s pathetic I know. And now that I’m nearing the big 30 in a couple of years… I don’t know if the tradition should go on.


But anyway, here’s some ideas which I thought are pretty cute  cool. I personally think you should dress as a character and not a celeb. I saw an article on how to dress up as Kim Kardashian. Like seriously? How do you even try to look like this?

That was one dumbf**k article in my opinion.  I mean, noone is gonna be able to tell with all that heavy eye makeup and push up bra that you’re dressed up as Kim. You might even come off as dressing up as a hooker instead.

It just takes the fun out of it if you dress as celebrity UNLESS … Yes, I do think it’s reasonable if it’s a STAR whose appearance is ICONIC enough. Example, Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson. And you could take it a notch up by doing the ghoulish versions of them.

Check out what this creative lady did with the Marilyn look:

Or you could try this for the MJ look:

SMURFS are all the rage this season due to the movie, so it would be cute to get a bunch of people and go all BLUE.

Or get more creative with it, do a zombified or ghostly version of the Smurfs. That should be fun. I think you could do the same with the MUPPETS look too. I mean, muppets are cute and you would have hot chicks coming up to you and pawing you all over while trying to get a photo with you.


Ok, enough of the cuteness, now let’s check out the movies of 2011. Because if you recall, in year 2008, many turned up as the Joker due to the Batman film.

This year, we had several action flicks with prominent leads. I think these would be cool…

#1 – Green Hornet

This is easy and cheap to do with your best bro. Just grab those masks and suits.

#2 – Green Lantern

#3- Red riding hood

The guys would love you in this lolita-like costume. It also takes them back to their childhood days and they probably wish they were dressed as the BIG BAD WOLF so they could do naughty things to you.

#4 – Sucker Punch

I think it would be super cool if you could gather all of your girlfriends and go as the hot chicks above.

#5 – Black Swan

Once you get the makeup fixed then the rest are just.. the rest. This is on my favorite list of Halloween costumes.

#6 – Thor

I just thought that it would be fun to DIY that giant hammer to go with the costume.

#7 – KUNFU PANDA!!!!

ADORABLE! Need i say more???

#8 –  X Men

Pls go as Mystique! Cuz she’s so cool and not to mention how ultra sexy this whole body fitting costume is!

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