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I’ll be honest with you about this, it’s kinda embarrassing but I used to think that you only use feminine care products when you had a smelly issue down south or if you had an nasty infection. So I’m really clueless when it comes to such products. I also thought that using your normal body shower gel or water would suffice but boy was I so wrong!

So thanks to LACTACYD the world’s No. 1 brand for feminine care, I received a goodie pack containing their products and some other intimate items to try out!

Check out the Daily Feminine Wipes & Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash below.

My concerns about using a feminine wash included upsetting the delicate pH balance of the area below and as a result irritating it or causing any sort of discomfort.

However, this little info booklet that came along with the products explained that this new Lactacdy Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene wash contains the same pH level that is similar to your intimate areas due to one of its main ingredients; the Lactic Acid. This lactic acid also helps in maintaining the natural acidic protection and prevents itches and odor. The other key ingredient present is Lactoserum which helps lock in the lactic acid into the skin.

It also contains Natural Milk extract for that moisturizing effect. No wonder, it smells and feels so good, I almost used it as a shower cream for the entire body!

Like most women, I just use normal shower gel for that area or just water alone. Apparently, this is not sufficient for cleaning and protecting the intimate region. Because our shower or bath products contain higher pH levels then our intimate areas, they destroy the natural acidic protection of the area and may cause discomfort or abnormal discharge. How many times you felt an unpleasant, stinging sensation down south when you happen to get too much soap over there? Hands up? Well, now you know the reason.

So what is this Lactic Acid all about? Well, I’ve learnt from the very same little booklet Lactacyd had provided that our vaginal ecosystem consists of Lactic Acid and this is a fundamental element that maintains the acidic pH which allows our intimate region to have natural acidic protection. So it was more about protection and not just hygiene when it comes to using a feminine wash.

After trying out the LACTACYD Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash for a few weeks, I’ve decided that I like it. Firstly, the scent reminds me of milk and it’s no surprise. In fact, it’s creamy like milk and I must say, I was tempted to use this as a shower gel. So yes, it’s a great feminine wash. I did not experience any discomfort or stinging sensation while washing. It also kept the nether regions below feeling very clean.

Lactacyd is an essential on the bathroom shelf and there should be no excuse why you should not use it.


Now, what about if you’re outdoors or going on a trip and you don’t wish to luge your full sized bottle of feminine wash around. Well, fret not, as they do come in wipes form. The LACTACYD Daily Feminine Wipes are like wet tissue wipes but these are specially made for the intimate area. However, unlike normal wet tissues, the Daily Feminine Wipes also contains Lactic Acid & Milk Extract like the daily wash.

I really like the wipes because they were so convenient to bring out and keep the below region fresh and clean at all times. It fits nicely into my handbag so I can bring it to the office or shopping malls – practically anywhere!

And because it comes in pocket-sized packs like the one you see above so it’s real handy. Even when I eat out for lunch, it fits nicely in my lunch wristlet and I need not worry about inconvenience when I use the public toilets.


Tempted to try it out? Check out the details below!

If you are interested in trying out the Lactacyd products for yourself, you can now redeem the trial-sized LACTACYD Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash at the Lactacyd Facebook Page HERE

(photo just for illustration purpose, contents are not confirmed yet but you’ll get lots of goodies I assure you!)

AND you could try to win one of the 3 LACTACYD Goodie Packs which I will give out on my Facebook Page! Please support A BEAUTY AFFAIR AT FACEBOOK!

Giveaway details will be posted up on the Facebook page so do stay tuned!

Below are the other product offerings from Lactacyd you can find in stores:

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