My Picks on Gadgets & Love+Sex Articles from MFP!

If you have been browsing the My Fat Pocket Portal, you would find loads of interesting articles. Today, I’ll share with you my Top 5 Gadgets Articles:

#1 – Geeky Tattoos are for not Geeks only

How ’bout angry birds tattoo, anyone? Folks are getting more inspired by the IT world when it comes to their body art.


#2 – How to Jailbreak Your IPhone

Because everyone should be educated with such useful information. And everyone who has an iphone should know how to jail-break it. With never-ending free apps to download. How can you say no?

#3 – 8 Entertaining Twitter Accounts You Should Follow!

With Twitter Users such as Fake_PMLee, you can count on for some laughs on a bad day… Check out the article for the other 7 entertaining Twitter Users to follow.

#4 – The Realistic Female Robot!

This is kinda eerie and reminds me of the Movie AI: Artificial Intelligence. But holey smokes, modern science has enabled us to create such a realistic robot!

#5 – Slim Down with Photoshop Magic!

If you always wanted to appear picture perfect then you should start exploring with the tools of Photoshop. This fascinating tool could turn Humpty Dumpty into a hot, gorgeous model in minutes.

And the now for the Top 5  articles from Love & Sex:

#1 – 10 Most Bizarre Sex Toys

From life-like dolls to Hello Kitty sex toys, this article provides some interesting, eye-popping finds that simply amuse! You would be wondering to yourself, do people really buy such stuff?!

# 2 – The Man who has Sex with a Doll

Just when you thought things couldn’t get anymore bizarre. Now comes a guy who treats his sex doll as a living thing, splurging on cosmetics & clothes for her. He even brings her out to the diners to have meals. Someone say WACKO?

#3 – How to Play Adult Monopoly

Now, how about a refreshing, new twist to the game we grew up with. Adult monopoly doesn’t require a special type of monopoly board. The one you currently have stashed away with all of your other childhood toys would suffice. Just bring along your guts & a broad imagination.

#4 – What Men Really Want – Sexually, That is

So you thought you knew your man well enough? Think again, perhaps this article could provide some new viewpoints. Maybe he’s too shy to tell you what he really wants. Then why not take charge and surprise him instead?

#5 – From Party to Bedroom. Top 10 Couple Halloween Costumes

Because I love Halloween & costumes! Check out the interesting photos that come along in this article for great dress up ideas. As well as other naughty things you can do to each other after you’re done shopping for the costumes together.

Hope you enjoyed my MFP picks as much as I did :)

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