[REVIEW] Korean skincare from Serenity Allure [Leaders Clinic included!]

It’s time to rejoice because Leaders Clinic, a highly popular Korean brand for beauty products is now available in Singapore. And you can get them from Serenity Allure, a new online store in town! They bring in Korean brands such as Leader Clinic & Bidanpo.

The lovely folks at Serenity Allure were nice enough to let me try out some of the products. I got this parcel from them last week:

So what’s in there?

From your left to right, you can see there’s the #1 – IPL Whitelux Ampoule Mask, #2 – Collagen Infusion Essential Mask & #3-Leaders Clinic Sulphur Blackhead Sunction Nose Pack.

Just a brief intro to Leaders Clinic – It’s a clinic range developed by top clinical experts in Korea. And they are the best-selling range of masks in Korea with many hot Korean celebrities as their users. These masks are different from other brands especially due to its ultra thin silk cellulose material; so that it fits on your face like a second skin. Allowing the mask’s essence to be effectively absorbed by your skin during the treatment.

There are 2 ranges in the masks series; The Ampoule & The Essential Masks. The Ampoule Masks contains the equivalent of one ampoule content. So it saves you the hassle of having to buy individual ampoule bottles and messing up if you have a broken glass ampoule bottle. While the Essential Masks contains highly concentrated essence.

They also carry special care products which target specific problems such as blackheads and sun care products as well.

Read on for my review…

#1 – IPL Whitelux Ampoule Mask

I.P.L  Whitelux  Ampoule Mask

Ingredients Vitamin C-AA2G, Arbutin, Mulberry bark

Effect Lightening of pigmentation, brighten, moisturize, revitalize the skin

Cf. “I.P.L”

– Intense perfection light
– Dermatologist use to brighten the skin

What I think? The ingredients used in this masks are all those that promote the brightening of the skin. I think it is great mask to brighten up the skin if you need that quick perk me up. Just after removing the mask 20 minutes later, you can see your complexion glowing.

Overall Rating:

#2 – Collagen Infusion Essential Mask

Ingredients Marine Collagen, Marine Elastine, Vitamin.E

Effect Rejuvenate, improve elasticity and firmness effectively

Cf. “ marine collagen”

– Collagen extracted from the ocean, effective for skin

– Improving elasticity, plumped up the skin, looking younger

What I think? It had a mild scent and the essence wasn’t runny or dripping from the mask which is good because I didn’t wanna have a mess while doing something that’s supposed to be relaxing. As usual, the thin cellulose material wraps my face like a second skin and this is what I truly like about these Leaders Clinic masks. They fit so well unlike some other brands which have thicker or stiffer sheets. After removing the mask, skin feels slightly pumped up and kind of sticky though still within the bearable range. I went to bed without moisturizer and just let the essence get absorbed into my skin.

Overall Rating: .5

#3-Leaders Clinic Sulphur Blackhead Sunction Nose Pack

Nose Mask Ingredients Sulfur and Charcoal

Effect Containing Sulfur & Charcoal that is excellent for exfoliating, refining pores, and controlling excess oil by sulfur clinic Suction system

Pore Serum Ingredients Pore tightening filler and Intense Pore Minimizing Concentrate

Effect Tightens pore and reducing blackheads through excess sebum control Non-greasy, soothes and keeps skin fresh Refines pores for maximum benefits

What I think? This product is heaven sent because I have a blackhead problem. So this is 2 way system to help you rid your blackheads each time they start appearing a tad bit too obvious.

Step 1: Use it like a normal pore strip. You wet your nose with a little bit of water then apply the black pore strip and wait for around 15 minutes while it dries up.

Once you’re done removing it, you can then apply step 2: the Pore Stamping Serum which helps to minimize the appearence of pores. Regular usage of this product like once a week will help reduce the number of spots on your nose.

Check out the gunk on my nose!

After this step, you apply the Pore Stamping Serum which is a white, light-weight cream that is easily absorbed by the skin. It does not leave any sticky residue and has no strong scent either.

Overall Rating:

If you are keen in purchasing these products, check out their website at http://www.serenityallure.com/ & their Facebook Page at Serenity-Allure

Leaders Clinic Facebook Page at Leaders-Clinic Psst… they will be doing a giveaway soon! So do support!

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