Love your greens, they can prevent cancer.

Honestly speaking, I’m not much of a fan of greens. Or greenish stuff for the matter except for perhaps the green pigs in the ever-popular game; Angry Birds.

But this article by Her World caught my eye while I was surfing Facebook. Because it featured my favourite green; the Broccoli. You see, though I’m no fan of vegetables but I do happen to have a favourite among my least favourites. And yes, it’s the BROCCOLI because they look like tiny trees…

They are crunchy, taste good stir-fried with oyster sauce and do not leave any gross, bitter after taste.

The HW article states that researchers from Oregon State University had showed that a phytochemical called sulforaphane, that is found in the broccoli was a potent antibiotic which could fight cancer cells.

Sulforaphane could fight off against Helicobacter pylori which is a bacterium form that causes health problems such as gastritis, ulcers and even the much dreaded stomach cancer.

Furthermore, it could selectively target cancer cells in prostate patients while leaving the healthy cells alone. This is much unlike the usual traditional chemotherapy which cancer patients have to undergo, where even the normal cells were eliminated in during treatment.

Other medical research have also shown positive findings on this green, with a publication in the journal Cancer Prevention Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine stating that broccoli if eaten regularly, could also help prevent a bunch of health problems; including stomach cancer.

Another study from The University of Michigan in 2010 on breast cancer stem cells and published in the Clinical Cancer Research demonstrated that sulforaphane not only targeted but eliminated the cancer stem cells in animals but also prevented the new tumors from growing.

A University of Illinois study from 2007 showed that broccoli and tomatoes work efficiently together. When eaten together, their cancer-fighting abilities are more effective than when it is eaten separately.

Here’s the recommended intake:
Eating ¼ pound or 2 ounces of baby broccoli or ½ cup of broccoli daily for two months may protect against a common stomach bug that is linked to gastritis, ulcers and stomach cancer. The broccoli sprouts were found to be more potent then the mature broccoli.

So time to fill up your plate with those greens for the next meal you have 😉


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