Don’t let the summer heat get to you & your makeup

It is summer all year round in Singapore, with the humid heat constantly suffocating us. So my makeup regime has stayed the same for a long time or perhaps just blame it on my laziness and the lack of willingness to experiment.

Anyway, there’s often one big question on everyone’s mind when it comes to summer makeup. Just how do you go about ensuring that your makeup stays? Basically, I’m no expert in the area of makeup but a few basic steps could be followed to avoid unsightly streaking of your makeup as you go about your business under the summer sun.

Let’s check out these simple steps….

#1 – Go Minimal

If you are worried of clogged pores, makeup streaking due to perspiration then try a clean, simple look instead of layering on the powder and eyeshadows.

You could use loose powder instead of foundation. Just define your brows and add a little dash of bronzer or blusher. Leave the eyes bare or use clear mascara if you need to. Dab on some gloss and you’re done! Less is more.


#2 – Use a makeup base

Regardless of whether you’re gonna do the whole works or just a nude, minimalistic look. A makeup base ensures that your makeup would stay and last longer. It also conceals the appearence of large pores as well as other blemishes. I would recommend the L’oreal Base Magique and you can read my review over HERE.

#3 – Keep a mist

Facial mists or sprays cool down the skin, helps keep makeup intact and makes one feels refreshed. You could try SANA’s Uroitaishi facial mist, check out my review HERE

There’s also a range of purified facial sprays in the markets too like the Evian one:

Or you could DIY your own, like make your own rose water facial spray. Do check out this link for the instructions. When the summer heat gets unbearable, just a spritz would help your skin feel hydrated. Don’t not wipe off the liquid on your face after spraying but just pat off lightly with a piece of tissue. You could also use it to set your makeup or even as a toner. Facial mists are very versatile and these handy little bottles can be kept in a handbag, to be brought around practically just anywhere.

The hot & humid weather would also promote the growth of pimples. So always remember to remove your makeup daily. Also cleanse your face to remove dirts and oils that could clog your pores.

And so with these simple steps, you could go on to enjoy the beautiful summer. Don’t forget your sunscreen too!



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