2B Alternative Skirt Ready – The initial trial

If you have been shopping in Guardian, you might have noticed a new range of slimming products – 2B slimming products!

They are very popular in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China with many famous celebrities, beauty editors and bloggers as their users. Such as the famous Ms. Yeung Yi from TVB, Ms. Lily Ho (Ms. Hong Kong) who is also the face of their products.

The product which I chose to try out is the 2B Skirt Ready:

This product is amazing because it not only helps slim down the legs to ensure that it’s skirt ready; it also smoothens the skin and reduces hair growth! Now, that’s such a wonderful 2 in 1 product 😀


To be honest, I’ve only started using it for the first few days so there is no significant results yet. However, just let me share what I think about it. This is how the product looks like; kinda like kaya bread spread. It doesn’t have much scent and goes on easily.



I use this after my shower every night and apply on my entire leg area – from the thigh downwards to the ankles. There is a slight cool sensation after application and the product is absorbed pretty quickly. It does not leave any sticky residue or uncomfortable feeling after using it. In fact, I noticed lesser hair growth on my legs too lately and it could possibly be due to this 2b skirt ready cream!

It has 4-5 stars ratings on the SASA website so I have faith this product to give me the slim thighs and legs I long for without exercising. I will continue to use it and monitor the results… Once, I’m done with both tubs, I will be posting up my final review with more photos too. So do stay tuned for it.

Do check out their website: www.2blife.com

Their products are currently available at Guardian outlets in Singapore.

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