[Review] Grace Masks – Pearl Collagen

Recently, I got a lovely package from Sweet Beauty Secrets containing Grace Masks:

Sheet masks are a favorite as they are convenient & fuss-free. There’s no paste to mix or messy tube to wrestle with. And I like mine right out of the fridge, I find it cool & refreshing in hot tropical Singapore.

Introduction to Grace Masks:

Grace Beauty Product are designed, researched and developed to meet the needs from teenages to the elderly. We manufacture a range of mask to suit different types of skin and even a NEW series, JUST  FOR MEN.  We have a Wide range of Facial Mask make from Natural extract and essence to cater to most skin types. We are continuously improving ourselves to research and develop more series of Mask enhance, able to fulfill your requirements, important of all, it is affordable for all to use.

I’ve decided to try out the PEARL COLLAGEN mask as I felt that my skin needed some calming & soothing.

The Pearl Collagen mask –

  1. heals & repairs skin tissues
  2. corrects skin discolouration
  3. reduce skin ageing process
  4. leaves skin soft and supple

How to use the mask?

Simple, just wash face with warm water to prep it. Then remove mask from packaging and apply tightly onto face. Leave it on for approximately 20-30 minutes before removing and wipe off excess liquid with a tissue. It’s recommended that one use it daily for best results.

My review?

I find the sheet mask alittle big for my face especiarally around the eye area. However, they have these flaps which I used to cover up the bare areas around the eyes.

The mask has a cooling, mint-like feeling which I found refreshing and it did not contain any strong scent too which I was grateful for.  Skin felt moisturized and really supple after usage.

Rating: .5

Prices range from S$35.00 to 38.00 for a box of 10.

Check out their website at: http://sweetbeautysecrets.com


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