How do you tame that lion’s mane?

Do you have unruly, messy hair that’s untamed each morning you wake? Then fret not, for you are not alone!

I used to wish for sleek, straight hair and thus, the numerous rebonding sessions I have made my hair put up with. However, now, I actually prefer a slight wave in my hairstyle so that it looks more natural instead of ruler-straight.

If there’s one thing I could change about my hair, it would be to have really soft and luscious locks.  You see I have really thick hair so it’s much more difficult to maintain. And it is badly damaged too due to the chemical treatments it has undergone. So if I could have hair like those in the shampoo ads, it would be a dream come true!

Anyway, just thought I shared some tips on solving some hairy woes.

So let’s get to the root of all hair issues – maintaining a healthy scalp & hair is essential. I wash my hair daily so selecting the correct type of shampoo and conditioner is really important for me. And if you have dry, damaged hair like mine due to all the dyeing, highlighting and rebonding. You should be using a shampoo & conditioner that not only repairs your damaged locks but also strengthens it.

Here are 2 brands I would recommend, you may click on the links below for their individual reviews:

Dove Intense Repair

Click here for review

Or try Shiseido’s Tsubaki Damage Care range

Click here for review

You could also check out their shining range if you want to have a luscious, glowy mane.

Next, maintenance – something I prefer to be convenient and hassle-free for the busy (aka lazy) me. I kinda dig Essential’s hair serums which are handy-sized so you can bring them around in your handbag. And they really do wonders for your hair too!

I’m a super huge fan of the NUANCE AIRY range which is the one in pink. Essential products care for even up to the last 15cm of your hair. The Anti-frizz serum really tames my frizzy ends and makes them smoother and softer to touch.

Check out my frizzy, badly-damaged ends:

Amazing, isn’t it? This is one product you should really get if you have dry ends. And if you happen to have an oily scalp but no time to shampoo just yet. Say, maybe you’re out for a meeting or a party and you noticed your scalp glowing in an unattractive manner. Do not panic, sprinkle some baby powder on the affected area and pat to let it absorb the excess oil. Your scalp would then appear more matt and less shiny.

For more hair tips, do pop by My Fat Pocket’s Hair Article

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