[REVIEW] Gelish Nails Manicure at Pink Parlour

At PINK PARLOUR, it’s all about leading the trends. Take for example, the latest and hottest Gelish Nails Manicure that’s reached the shores of Singapore. And I was lucky enough to experience this last week at the Orchard Central branch. The cozy black & pink themed interiors of the place with its velvety sofas makes one feel like a Princess.

I’ve fallen in love with gel nails because they last much longer than normal manicures. To me, gel nails are like an answered prayer especially for those of us who are always typing away on the keyboard. Normal nail polish can only last up to a week and would usually chip by then.

As per all normal nail sessions, we start off with a classic manicure where the nails are trimmed, filed, buffed and cuticles trimmed to prep it for the paint job.

After that, a special gel base coat is applied prior to the colored polish. My selected shade is #7, its kind of like a plum-pink mixture shade. After the nail color was applied, a gel top coat follows suit. Next, a special solution is used to ‘polish’ the nails and then you’re done. In between each coat of polish, my nails were left to dry under the special nail drying machine for a few minutes.

It’s really quick and takes approximately 1 hour for the entire manicure. Gel nails dry up much faster than normal nail polish and you need not add on a quick dry solution. So I personally find gel nails more convenient and bang for buck.

Experience the shine and brilliance as you paint the town red, or choose from over 28 colours when you get your Gelish Nails Manicure done at PINK PARLOUR.

More info can be found: www.pinkparlour.com.sg

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