Make Me Up

I’m a total klutz when it comes to makeup and I kid you not. I hardly ever experiment with colors and I’m always seen in the usual do.

I also do not have any experience with makeup schools or beauty counters. The closest would probably be beauty makeup workshops I have attended for cosmetic launches. Take for example, the recent KATE cosmetic event where I got to try out almost the entire range of cosmetics they carried.

I also got to see their makeup guru perform his magic live.

Got him to help me out with my eye makeup too!

Overall, it was a great experience with KATE! To read about it, please CLICK HERE

I also tried out some real cool cosmetics over at SANA’s office. Being another Japanese brand, they have all these latest, trendy makeup items. And best of all, I got to try them out!

You should check out SANA’s eyebrow mascara & lip concealers. Paired together, they allow you to achieve that sweet gyaru look which is so popular in Japan right now. For a peek at SANA’s cosmetic offerings, do check out my previous entry HERE

Meanwhile, I guess I probably would be interested in makeup workshops that can teach me on how to apply different types of eye makeup; especially the smokey eye look without appearing like a Kungfu Panda.

My Fat Pocket has their very own make-up  academy, Blush2Brushes. And there will be new classes rolling in, so for those of you who are keen, do check it out here:

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