Caring for your lashes

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Here comes the question I dread. Do you care of your lashes? Honestly-speaking, I don’t, in fact, if they could speak, they would be protesting about the neglect. So I remember my sunscreen, moisturizer and even at times my eye cream but yet, I just forget about my eyelashes. Short & rather sparse, I was never proud of them anyway.

I’m a fan of false lashes and use them regularly. So the constant tugging at my lash line and lashes whenever I remove them will cause a strain and possibly droopy lids in future. That is why I have to more careful.

And because I use a lot of eyeliner & false eyelashes. This means that removal is really important, when removing the false eyelashes. Do not tug at the lashes but use an oil-based makeup remover such as the ones below by Maybelline or Biore.

Dab a little of the remover on a piece of cotton wool and slowly remove the eye makeup and false lashes by rubbing gently in an upward motion. The glue from the false eye lash would naturally break down and loosen from your lash line. As the area around the eyes are delicate, do not pull at it or you might end up with droopy eye lids like a bull dog.

And for added care, use a lash tonic like DHC’s Eyelash Tonic. This conditioning gel nourishes lashes prone to breakage and encourages a more robust lash line. Aloe, watercress, and comfrey seal in moisture for greater elasticity. The curved applicator brush helps you distribute the gel evenly from lash root to tip. Use it under mascara during the day and as a bedtime treatment.

I have read so many positive reviews for this lash tonic so you could give it a try. Previously, I have gotten one from an unknown brand through a spree and it worked wonders too.

You can really notice the difference after several usage – Longer, stronger lashes but of course, this is not for the lazy. Like they say, there ain’t any ugly women, only lazy ones. I gave up shortly and therefore, my lashes are back to their miserable, neglected state.

So I guess I have to buck up and treat my lashes with the proper care they deserve. Afterall, the eyes are the windows to the soul 😉

Check out tips on how to grow healthier lashes here:

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