Aesthetics… Would you change the way you look?

Anyone recalls the movie ‘200 pound beauty’ where this overweight girl went through a major plastic surgery operation to emerge as a beautiful, hot lady? The lead is played by Korea actress Kim Ah-jung who is super pretty and even though she has undergone the knife to enhance her looks, it still appears so natural! Thumbs up for her surgeon.

So now it’s the golden question, what would you change about yourself physically if you could?

In the past, I was crazy over Ayumi Hamasaki and would die for her eyes but after seeing a certain famous blogger D*wn Y*ng’s blotched job where you can see the reds of the fleshy part inside her eyes…. Eeeew. No way!

I think I would love to slim down my jaw line as it’s very defined and square. I have tried botox which was sponsored by Neuglow. You can read about it HERE. Unfortunately, this procedure is not permanent. In fact, for a much slimmer jaw line, it’s recommended that you return every 6 months for another session. I just don’t have that kind of money… boohoo :(

The next thing I would like to try is probably to sharpen my nose. Maybe try fillers since they are non-invasive and temporary; lasting only 6-8 months. I’m still fine with my nose and find my jaw more of an issue. So this is probably a procedure I would like to try out for fun.

So how about you? Anyway, My Fat Pocket have started an Ask Doc discussion in our community. In this discussion, you can ask Dr Karen Soh (Prive clinic) about anything  related to aesthetics.

Dr Karen Soh is a friendly and nice lady whom I met recently for my Vitamin C & Glutathione Drip at Privé Clinic. You may read about my experience HERE

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