[REVIEW] Scholl Party Feet Ballet Flats

I first spotted these in Glow Magazine and knew that I had to get a pair.



Designed specifically for party emergencies when you just cant stand to wear heels any more!

  • Compact resealable pouch
  • Elastic trim and stretchable upper for good fit
  • Padded full length insole for superior comfort
  • Slip resistant sole


Watsons brings in these 3 sizes:





I’ve tried 6-7, fits well though a little bit tight.

So I went to buy 7.5-8.5 which is a little long in length but more comfortable.

I’m a Charles &  Keith 37 or 38.

My usual size is a 6.5

I wear 245 for covered shoes (Korean sizes)

I think these are real handy for those times you have to walk long distances or when your feet are just aching from all the dancing in the club. Also perfect when you have to stand in the MRT for many stops!

They are fold-able, so its very convenient to carry around. Just pack them into the plastic holder they come with. I’ve recommended this to my mom who bought a pair and finds it real useful.

You can find these at Watsons stores at S$12.90;  they only come in one color – black & the 3 sizes mentioned above.



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5 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Scholl Party Feet Ballet Flats

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  2. hi, i have found quite a lot of watson store but i can’t find. any recommendation where can i get this?

    • Hmmm but i bought it from watsons, i think they are the only store carrying it. Maybe you can check with them before going down, sometimes these go out of stock very fast or they are placed in an area not so easily found.

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