Hello! I’m back from paradise :)

Ok so this entry was delayed but anyway, last week was marked as one of the best of 2011 thus far (I hope there’s more to come though!).
I was in beautiful, picturesque Maldives for my honeymoon.
And I had so much fun with the fishes, the clear waters or just lazing around in my water villa.
Though it’s not a pocket-friendly destination, I felt that this is a paradise worth splurging on.
Besides, it might just disappear in a decade.
Did you know that most islands were no more than just mere 70cm above sea level?
Yeah, blame it on global warming.
It was an eye-opening experience to feed the stingrays every evening.
These docile & delightful creatures would come by the shore punctually around 4pm.
Feeding begins at 5pm and after that, they would take a swim round the entire island before heading home.

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