[ADVERTORIAL] AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto brings sexy back!

Chinese new year is still on, how many of you have been pigging out and feasting on sinful delicious goodies?

I, for one, am as guilty as charged.

Deep fried food, spicy food stuff, CNY goodies such as Kueh Lapis & Pineapple tarts.
Oh bring it on!

And if you are like me than you will know that this is just an excuse to indulge because I do not watch what I eat.
Sounds familiar?

Fried kway tiao, carrot cake with lots of chilli, KFC fried chicken, cheese fries and the list could go on and on!!!

So perhaps your pants are alittle too tight now and oh dear, Valentine’s day is approaching.
You are fretting and wondering if you should just starve yourself for the next 3 days straight and hopefully morph into an aneroxic-looking Lindsay Lohan?

Well, probably not…
So instead of doing things the difficult way and causing more misery to yourself.
Why not try out the AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto?
I know some diet foods taste boring and bland, simply making dieting less tolerable for one.
But not AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto which offers a range of 5 delectable flavours to pick from.

Check out the 5 flavours available….

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