Happy 2011! What’s your beauty(or non-beauty) new year resolution?

A Beauty Affair will be 2 years old in around a weeks’ time.
Oh how time passes…
I hope all’s well with all of you, dear lovely readers.
Sure, 2010 was a smashin’ great year with lots of lovely product launches & events.
But I’m looking forward to more exciting stuff in this new year.
And of cus, I hope to bring more giveaways to you fellow beauty junkies :)
So I was just thinking about new year resolutions and the irony behind it.
People are often more enthusiastic in coming up with new year resolutions than keeping them.
I always wonder what’s the use of doing up a list when it’s just for the sake of coming up with one or because my friends are also doing up theirs and posting them on socia media sites like facebook & blogs.

Oh well, and now, it’s the time of the year again.
Have you fulfilled your resolutions for 2010?
Did you even come up with a list during the end of 2009? I just realized that I didn’t so I don’t have anything to check against.
Most importantly, am I happier now than before? 
Is my health still in good shape?
Ahhh… questions to ponder on.
Ok, I should not ramble on aimlessly, let’s just get down to business.
Because of this blog, I shall list down my 2011 new year resolutions.
Beauty New Year Resolutions
1. Stop resting my hand on any part of my face, it’s comfortable & therapeutic but all it’ll do is promote more pimples

2. Protect my neck, it has been neglected and still is. 
I should remember to apply sunblock & moisturizer on my neck

3. Take better care of my legs, its ridden with bruises, cuts & nicks which I have no idea where I’d gotten them from.

4. Start moisturizing head to toe

5. Stop hoarding beauty products & buying more on impulse
I guess five resolutions will do, in fact, it’s rather ambitious for me.
Ok, I guess I shall end now & here’s wishing one & all….
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