You voted & I’ve won :) Thank you!

Remember my blog post on the Liese 100 bloggers challenge where I’d appealed for votes??
CLICK HERE to recap your memory.
CLICK HERE to read about my positive experience with the Liese products.
Well, guess what? The results are out today and I’m in top 20! Woohoo! I’m #5!
Thank you for all your votes. *MUAHS*
I hope that my voters do get lucky and be one of the 10 to win a Liese product.
Do also keep your eyes peeled wide open because there will be a giveaway post up tomorrow!
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6 thoughts on “You voted & I’ve won :) Thank you!

  1. Nice knowing you. I stumbled upon your site through freshlook illuminate on facebook. Glad to know you have the same love for beauty and illuminate lens:)

    Ambassadors FTW!

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