HiP HiP Hurray for L’oreal – Hip Cosmetics Preview

Thank you L’oreal for the invite to preview the latest cosmetic range – HiP (Highly Intensity Pigments).
As the name suggests, be prepared to be wow over by bright and trendy colors in this collection.
The eye shadows are richly pigmented for a more intense and long-lasting look.











The range is imported from US and Singapore’s fortunate enough to be the FIRST in Asia to have it in stores!

Currently, there’s a total of eight gorgeous colors in the range as you can see from the photo to your left. The ones with a heart are my favorite :)

You’re not limited to using the duo colors in each tub but encouraged to mix and match the shades from more then one.

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Desire Aesthetics @ The Central – Special Promotion

Double Chin, Meso, Vit C, IPL & Acne treatments all going at a special rate.

If you quote “beauty affair”, 
you get to enjoy additional 10% off!

Double Chin Treatment

Do you have double chin problem no matter how slim or small your face is?  With our 3G-RF double chin treatment, you can see visible results in a few sessions (results vary with individuals).

Meso Glow Facial Theraphy

This is another of our Signature Facial Theraphy that Desire @ Central is proud to brag about. It helps to simulate new skin growth, improves the skin radiance and your skin will feel supple.

This treatment starts with cleansing of the face and follow by microdermabrasion. It helps to remove black & white heads and outer layer of the skin. It helps to stimulate new skin growth and improve blood circulations.

Meso Glow Serum is then applied onto the face with the help of Meso hand piece. You will feel the warm while the Meso hand piece is moving round your face, this motion is to better penetrated deep into the skin.

Too good to stop here..it is follow by a face maaage that let you relax with our soothing music playing in the background. We put on hydrating mask your skin further.

Desire @ Central is having a 20% off A-la-carte price in September.

Duration : 90 minutes
Cost : $200

Best for : Dull skin, Anti-aging 

Vitamin C Supreme Facial

This is our one of our Signature Facial Theraphy that Desire @ Central is proud to gossip about.   It helps to fight harmful radicals, improves the skin radiance and overall flow.

This treatment starts with cleansing of the face and follow by microdermabrasion.  It helps to remove black & white heads and outer layer of the skin.  It helps to stimulate new skin growth and improve blood circulations.

This treatment force feeds the skin with pure Vitamin C.  100% pure Vitamin C crystals are dissolved and fed into the skin via Iontopherosis (gentle vibration movement). The benefits of Vitamin C treatments on the face includes:

  • Diminishing the Effects of Photo Aging.
  • Radiant and Smoother skin.
  • Lightens Pigmentation, Acne Scars and Discolorations.
  • Deeply repairs damage from Ultra Violet rays.

Too good to stop here..it is follow by a face massge that let you relax with our soothing music playing in the background.   We put on whitening cold mask to rehydrate and whiten your skin further.

Desire @ Central is having a 20% off A-la-carte price in September.
Duration : 90 minutes
Cost : $200 

Most Popular Treatment – IPL Hair Removal
Don’t be embarrassed of your unsightly hair and/or dark pigmentation around it.  IPL can safely remove those unwanted hairs, lighten the dark pigmentation around the areas.    Desire @ Central is having a 20% off A-la-carte price in September.
  • upper lips,
  • armpits,
  • upper arms – front or back (excl elbow)
  • lower arms – front or back (excl elbow, hands & fingers)
  • bikini lines
  • brazilian
  • upper thighs – front or back (excl knee caps)
  • lower legs – front or back (excl knee caps & toes)

How many sessions do I need?   It all depends on your hormones in your body, some can see results in 6 to 7 sessions, others may take more than 10 sessions.  

Acne Treatment Facial is now available

It is rather common that not only teenagers suffer from acne problem, many adults do.  Many adults are caught by surprise..”Hey what is wrong with me? I never have pimples or acne when young”.  Work stress, changing environment, hormones, not enough sleep, smoking are some of the conditions that can lead to acne development.

Desire @ Central is now offering Acne Treatment Facial at $120/session with our formulated acne solution.  Please quote “CENTRAL” to enjoy 30% off in the month of September PLUS a free Microdermabrasion session which cost $100/session.  What a saving !!

Firstly, we cleanse the skin toughly and understand your skin type and problem area.  The next procedure is the microdermabrasion.    Micodermabrasion is like a magic wand which help to remove black and white heads and top layer of the outer skin…giving you a instant clear and smooth, even tone, fairness result.  See it to believe it.

The next step is to apply our formulated Acne Solution and using machine that stimulating waves to help your skin to fully abosrb the solution quickly.  Your face is later calm down with cold treatment gel and is spread with our Meso Cold Handle.  We then put on the Acne cold mask and you can relax with the background music.

Duration : 90 min
Cost per session : $240 ($120 Acne treatment facial + $100 microdermabrasion)
September 1st time trial :  only $84.00 (1st time customer only)

Aesthetic treatment is also available : IPL or Chemical Peel Acne Treatment program .
Call 6225-8180 now for your consultation or enquiry.
VISIT desireatcentral.blogspot.com

If you quote “beauty affair”, 
you get to enjoy additional 10% off!

Korea HOT Beauty Brand in Singapore – TONY MOLY

I was at the Preview 2 days ago & I’m sooooo excited to share!
There’s a new Korean store in town that’s gonna rock ya socks heels off!!
Presenting …..

Tony Moly is a popular Korea beauty brand that has a strong following from all around the world. They currently have more than 150 shops outside South Korea. You can find them in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and finally, now Singapore too. I’m really excited as I am new to this brand and what they have to offer are really intriguing.

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This is utterly embarassing but heck, the video’s up for ALL to see.
And I know I look fat and like crap in there but still, please help me fulfill my dream to visit Japan.
Yes, poor cheapo me, no money for tickets to beautiful Japan :(

Plus, I love Aqualabel, I wanna win more products. I promise that if I do win this contest, I’ll share some products with my faithful readers! You may quote me on this now.

Hahaha, anyway, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!

How to vote?

You’ll need a FACEBOOK account first.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/aqualabelsg  & click on the LIKE button.
This is a VERY IMPORTANT step, you must LIKE the Aqualabel page first.

Next, go to http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=500803809&ref=mf and click on LIKE to help vote for me.

If you’re feeling stressed at work, emotional, bored during lectures and need to laugh at someone silly but who is making some sense as the Aqualabel enhancer is My HOLY GRAIL product.
Watch my video & vote for me.


Part III of Aqualabel Blogger’s Challenge Journey : Video Round

Firstly, I am really glad that I have made it to this round. However, this was also one of my most dreaded stage. Unlike the other seasoned bloggers who often did vlogs (video blogging), I was a complete newbie at this.

I have never ever taken any video of myself, much less presenting a product in one. And I was really self-conscious of how I would appear in the video. Would I make a fool of myself? Was I gonna screw up my lines? Was I gonna look so fat in it?

On top of that, I was busy with work and the days went past with a twinkle of the eye, I did not even have time to prepare a proper script for the video.

I was reduced to a state of jello on the day of the shooting. But it was really nice meeting the rest of the bloggers at the Shiseido office again, as we cheered each one on.

We were given a short briefing on how to take a home video. Tips such as proper lighting source and angles were dished out by the Panasonic dude.
To be honest, I was a bundle of nerves to be even paying attention to him.

And then THE moment came, where we were given our numbers for the video shoot slots. I happened to be lucky #4 while the others took the last few turns such as #17 onwards.

Great, I thought to myself, here I was without a script and I was going to be the fourth in line.

My mind was racing and searching for the right words seemed so difficult. However, I survived the shoot! Yes, I did make a fool of myself but luckily, there was only the Panasonic guy and Yanny present. Fortunately, we were also given maximum three takes and we got to bring back all 3 video clips to edit.

Now, the nightmare started… As much as I was a noob in taking videos, I was also one in video editing. Hence, it made this round even more challenging for me.

This is utterly embarrassing I know. And what’s worst was that I was stuck with Windows Movie Maker, which I found it to be a decent basic editor but a really boring one. Nevertheless, I managed to do up a simple video, edited the silly, embarrassing parts out and combined the ones that mattered.

I’m really excited and nervous about the release of this video. I really hope that if you have been following my blog and /or am a reader of mine who has benefited from any of my posts, you could just vote for me in time to come. I would really appreciate that.

Just for laughs, do view static “behind the scenes” shots below which I had converted into a mini comic strip:

[REVIEW] Award-winning ZA Cosmetics – ZA Ever Brow Eyebrow Liner

Before I go on, have you visited ZA’s revamped website?
It’s so hip, cool and PINK now in comparison to the boring old static page it used to be. I’m totally awed the moment I visited it though I must admit the background jingle is driving me nuts.

Anyway, previously I’d blogged about ZA winning the Watsons award for Best-selling Eyebrow Pencil in 2010. I’ve received the ZA Ever Brow in BR21 which is like a deep black-brownish shade and I’m loving this product! *Muacks*

It’s simple to use for an amateur eyebrow drawer like me as it comes with a twist and draw auto pencil. This is a great fuss-free applicator which eliminates the need for a sharpener.

ZA’s website even teaches you the right way to draw your brows:

Here’s how it looks when applied:

I think it gives a more natural feel and I find that it lasts on me for more than 8 hours. I’m sorry that I do not have a better photo to show and don’t mind my brows as they are pretty thick.


Thumbs up for the ZA Ever Brow!
I guess it is no surprise as to why it is rated 5.0 out of 5 even on MakeupAlley.com

Dolly Wink Fake Lashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka *** KAWAII ***

Since we’re still on the topic of false lashes, I must really blog about this.
You might have already seen or heard of this brand.
Apparently, some lashes were brought in to Singapore and sold at Watsons but they’re all currently SOLD OUT!!!

Well, it certainly is no surprise as these LASHES are HOT,HOT,HOT!!!

Dolly Wink is a cosmetic line by 25 year old top gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka.
She is absolutely adorable and pretty.

I wish I could carry off her big eyed dolly look too.

Maybe if I get my hands on those lashes, I could possibly make a feeble attempt to emulate her makeup look.
Anyway, what the hell is gyaru? It took me abit of googling before I found out that the direct translation of “gyaru” is “girl”. And that the gyaru fashion is really HOT not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world like even Spain & Russia!?
It’s more of a cutsey aka Kawaii dressing where the girls usually sport brown, blonde or some other light-colored hair and shimmering dolly makeup. Some are tanned to give that bronzed sun-kissed look. They like to wear girly, feminine cutsey outfits and finish off the look with a pair of ridiculously high platform shoes.

Example of Gyaru girls and their fashion

Anyway, just to share more pictures of the lashes design from Dolly Wink!
Stop drooling!! 😛

They cost ¥1,260 in Japan, I wonder how much would they retail over here.
That’s like freaking SGD20+ per pair of lashes!!!
Check out their website HERE

Dolly Wink Products can be bought from SASA Hong Kong Online!

***All images shown in this blog entry are taken from Goodle Images & the Dolly Wink Official Website***

From SASA, False Eyelashes aka Falsies Review

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I just simply can’t live without my falsies.

Why wear falsies? Because they open up the eyes and we all know that the EYES are windows to the soul. Don’t you wanna have dazzling eyes??
With falsies and the right eye makeup, you can smoother anyone with your glaze.

This is a bargain gem! I never knew SASA stocked such cheap affordable fake lashes.

These cost S$4.90 for 6 pairs, yes, you didn’t read it wrong. That’s like S$0.82/pair!! Really worth it but personally, I still prefer my Model21 lashes because they are softer and more naturally.

The lashes and lash bone of this Korean (I see Korean words on the packaging) falsies are stiffer but still decent enough and can be compared to The Face Shop’s lashes too; which are kind of stiff too in my opinion.

Here’s how the above lashes in model no. 703 look like when worn.

Do note that I had layered 2 pairs; one on top of the other to create a more volume look.

What brand of falsies do you go for?

Do you have dry, damaged hair but oily scalp? [ Shampoo + Hair Mask Review ]

I’m cursed with dry, damaged hair but with an oily scalp. So most products I use will conflict with each other. Previously, I was trying out L’Oreal’s Elseve Damage Care shampoo for colored and damaged hair but it was too rich and ended up giving me flaky scalp or what’s more commonly known as dandruff.

The culprit – too nourishing for my scalp?

Rated: .5

I guess this would have worked well for those plauged with just dry and damaged hair.
Unfortunately, it did not work for me but still kudos for its effort, as it really moisturizes the hair tips and roots.
Just alittle too much for me though…

So I stopped using that and bought the Head & Shoulders Anti-dandruff shampoo targeted at getting rid of all the flakiness.


But it was too drying for my headful of ‘already close to resembling hay’ hair.
However, I must really give credit to the product for it worked in getting rid of the flakes though the dryness was causing my hair to tangle badly.

But I was not ready to give it up yet. Hence, instead of using a conditioner with it, I used the Sunsilk damaged hair reconstruction hair mask instead. And this is REALLY GOOD!!!


After washing my hair and letting it dry naturally on its own without using the hair mask would only result in what would resemble an abandoned bird nest after a volcanic eruption. Hair becomes so poofy aka “pong pong” and I totally hate it.

But with the hair mask, my hair is softer and more manageable. It settles down without much effort after drying naturally. Best of all, I saw it going for S$5.50 only at CK Department Store. I bet Ocean or those stores that sell cheaper toiletries at Chinatown are selling around that price too.

And the tub is gonna last you for a long while since a little really goes a long way.
I don’t know what I would be doing without it!

Liese new hair colors – Looks good!

Looks good, especially the Platinum Beige one.
I love the ash blond look but can never seem to achieve that color without bleaching my hair. So I’m wondering if using a DIY hair color dye will be able to ensure such end results?

Maybe I should try once my highlights grow out BUT I’m seriously way too lazy to DIY :(

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