How BP – Benzoyl Peroxide Saved My Face

Where to buy?: Guardian
How much? RP $13.60

How I used it: Applied a thin layer over the affected areas.
As it can be drying, I would apply moisturiser over it.
But sometimes I don’t.
You just use it whenever you deem fit to.(Referring to BP)


Back then mid last year, I got a major breakout due to exam stress.
I was unhappy and never felt so ugly in my entire life before.
Everyone who saw me asked me what went wrong…
And I had to use such thick makeup in bid to conceal my horrible,
awful marks but in vain.

Life seemed meaningless. I tried everything and anything except BP
(Benzoyl Peroxide) because I read about how harsh it was and the brown
stains it would leave on your face.

I piled on sacrylic acid gel, even tried drinking and applying
organic apple cider vinegar!!! But nothing worked! Or at least I tried
to fool myself into thinking that it did.

Then, I kept going back to to read about the BP regime.
I was skeptical but at my wits’ ends. So I got myself a tube of
Benzac BP 2.5%.

And life was never the same again….

Let’s look at how it flattened my acne within 3 days!!!

One month later, the scars could barely be seen and I never felt so
relieved in my life. The whole ordeal was over….
I gained back my confidence but I never really took a proper closeup of my face
to do a comparision.

So a few days back, I did it as my skin has cleared up so well til now.



It could be the Bio-essence Tanaka White range at work too.
I love it and I love the way my skin looks now!


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9 thoughts on “How BP – Benzoyl Peroxide Saved My Face

  1. Hi..may I know where you get the BP 2.5%?
    Can get in watson or guardian?

    • Initially I applied whole face cus as you can see from my photos, it was that bad.
      After tt, i applied on affected areas only.

  2. Hi, I bought 5% instead of 2.5%. After applyinh overnight, I have redness all over my face. Is it because its too strong or Im allergic to it?

    • It could be too strong for you. 5% is quite high… should just try 2.5%. Maybe you can check with the staff if you can’t find it at Guardian. NTUC Utility also carries it.

  3. hello, do you still continue applying this after ur acne subsides to the prone areas?

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