Help Floral Garage Singapore to save shelter dogs!

Calling all dog lovers! If you’ve always got a soft spot for flowers and dogs, join me in doing our part to support shelter dogs. Flower Garage Singapore has collaborated with OSCAS, an animal welfare shelter in Singapore to launch Doggy2 ($49.90). Part of the proceeds from this product will be donated to OSCAS to help support their shelter dogs.

Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS) is a charity and non-profit dog shelter that has been in existence since 2006. All the dogs in the shelter are mongrels rescued from the streets or from being culled.

A total of more than 110 mongrels currently call this shelter home and needless to say, it can only be sustained with help from trusty volunteers and kind donations or sponsorships.

Look at those puppy eyes! They are definitely calling out to me. This is the perfect gift for a dog lover!

Do note that the flowers used in each arrangement may be slightly different. As you can see, I received one with pink roses but the pictures on their website used a mix of orange and yellow roses. Nonetheless, both look equally pretty and cheery.

Help these shelter dogs and give them a second chance! Lend a hand, save a paw :’)

Thank you Floral Garage Singapore for sending this flower arrangement over!

Floral Garage Singapore

One of the best florists in Singapore, they find joy in helping you pursue happiness.

With their excellent operations system developed, tried, and tested by our dedicated and talented team, you can be sure that they deliver on time. Do contact them for same day flower deliveries and urgent orders if needed!

The Floral Garage also has subscription plans and party supplies so do check them out on their website!

To find out more about The Floral Garage, check out my previous blog post on them here.

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Little Flower Hut: NEW Vase Flower Arrangements

little flower hut

Hey everyone, I’m finally back to writing on this space! Had to take a break for a while as I finally *gasp* graduated and landed my first job! It hasn’t been easy, trying to assimilate and learn the ropes along the way but I’m glad to finally be productive and contribute to a larger cause. Hopefully through my work, I can make lotsa of tourists happy and help them to better enjoy Singapore as a tourist destination!

Since I’ve started working, I’ve developed a new love for plants. It can get really stressful at the workplace and I believe that having desk plants would perk me up a ‘lil. Looking at the green parts also offer a much-needed respite for my eyes.

Therefore, I was delighted to know that Little Flower Hut was pushing out new vase flower arrangements! Absolutely love that they incorporated succulents, anyone else thinks succulents are so cute and fat and adorbz???

I gifted it to my mom cause it was her birthday week! I think as much as ladies say that flowers are so unpractical and a waste of money, no one can deny the happiness that it brings when looking at fresh blooms and greens.

w Mom (LFH)

Would like to make special mention to their Birthday Cake Flower arrangements (which literally look like cakes) and their Happy Hour Flowers that are arranged in martini glasses for your alcoholic friend! Really innovative ways to arrange flowers and it will definitely be a pleasant surprise for your recipient.

Send love with Little Flower Hut today!

Not only do they offer 24/7 customer service, Little Flower Hut even throws in FREE same day flower delivery as long as you order before 4pm! If you’re looking for a bargain, check out their weekly picks for $50 nett. They do have a few designs below $50 as well so that you can show your love without breaking the bank!

To date, Little Flower Hut has served over 5,000 customers and their deliveries are 99% on time so you can definitely trust them.

Have fun flower shopping and have a great weekend ahead!

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Show Your Love With Floral Garage!

Floral Garage

Flowers – do we really need a special occasion before we can gift them?

Although often deemed as a waste of money by those who are more “realistic”, it is no doubt that they put a smile on the receiver’s face. Blooms never fail to brighten up someone’s day and can effortlessly transform a space. From dull to full of life, from boring to artistic.

I love how flowers are used to show how much the sender is thinking about you. The sender spent that money, just to see the smile on your face. And I think that moment, that thought, that love, is priceless.

Although fresh flowers will probably always be popular, I am really welcoming the trend of dried flowers or preserved flowers because they can last for a much longer time! This makes dried / preserved flowers not only ideal for decorating spaces, they can also be used and reused constantly as photography props (hehehe). The Enchanted Rose is a preserved red rose in a jar, resembling the one in Beauty and the Beast! It can last for up to 1 year and if kept in its casing, up to 10 years; making your every penny worth!

Other specialities include the veggie bouquet ( that can be eaten later (perf for the practical mummy), as well as one of the lowest priced freestyle bouquets at $34.90 only! (

Get your flowers from Floral Garage today!

Although there are many florists in Singapore to choose from, it is important to purchase from a florist that is reliable, provides great customer service and maintains high quality in their floral products.

I’m sure that many of you are aware of florist boo-boos whereby Valentine’s Day was messed up due to late deliveries, or mix-ups in the orders. Here’s the article by Mothership, summarizing that unfortunate event.

Entrust Floral Garage’s dedicated and talented team that will provide efficient flowers delivery service! You may contact them for same day floral delivery and urgent bouquets as well.

They even offer floral subscription services, allowing you to pre-plan your orders within the next few months. This can be done on a regular schedule (eg. once a week, once a month) or based on occasions (like anniversaries and birthdays). Never forget a special date again! Floral Garage even calls you one week beforehand as a reminder of the special day and also to check if you’d like any changes to be made. Feel free to customize your bouquet to add that personal touch. A 3 month subscription plan would cost $200, with free delivery on the first order. You’d also receive credits which can be used to offset future purchases.

More than just flowers

Floral Garage also sells party supplies like banners and buntings, helium balloons, party ware and more, making them a one-stop solution for all your party needs.

Check out their flower gift baskets and hampers as well! You’d be happy to know that there is free delivery for all hamper purchases.

They also sell a range of soft toys and terrariums. Terrariums are minimalistic and space-efficient, allowing you to decorate your room or desk without taking up too much room. Terrariums are also really easy to care for, making them ideal for the busy Singaporean in you.

Giving back to society

Last but not least, what I like the most about Floral Garage is that they make it a point to give back to society. Their most recent give-back was held on International Womens’ Day (8 March) where they held a non-profit floral arrangement workshop for low-income women and mummies.

Over the years, Floral Garage has also raised funds for animal shelters and donated materials for flag days.

It is always nice to support a socially-conscious brand, especially local ones! #supportlocal

With this I say, show them you love them with Floral Garage.


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