YOTEL Singapore


Last month, I finally checked out YOTEL Singapore and I was pleasantly surprised by my experience there! Definitely one of the better staycations I’ve been to, I love how YOTEL is aeroplane/spaceship themed. Not only does it mean futuristic vibes, expect space efficiency like their reclining beds! Although the cabin may look small at first, the high ceilings make up for it so that you don’t feel claustrophobic. And of course, there’s that gorgeous city view that you can look out at while you’re showering.

Here’s a closer look at the Premium Queen View Cabin!

YOTEL - Queen with View Cabin

Notice how the bottom of the bed has a gap large enough for your luggage.

The bed is YOTEL’s Signature SmartBed™ with Serta cool action gel memory foam mattress (sounds cheem) but just know that it is SUPER comfortable and perfect for watching shows on the 40″ tv and sleeping (of course).

As you can see, you can shower whilst looking out towards the city! Definitely a new and interesting experience. I was on one of the highest floors so I wasn’t really worried that anyone would see me.


YOTEL provides quality shower amenities by Urban Skincare so you don’t have to fret about using your own! Some hotels provide really low quality ones that make your hair dry as grass, but I assure you that you will experience no such thing at YOTEL.

Other great things about the cabin include

  • Free super-fast WiFi and free calls within Singapore (perfect for business travellers and for contacting loved ones back home)
  • Hairdryer, iron and ironing board
  • Technowall with mood lighting (If you scroll back up, you’d notice those purple lights along the bed)
  • Electronic laptop safe
  • 63 channels to watch the latest movies, premium TV shows and the best sports action in full HD

There are many other hidden secret compartments in the room that I’d leave you guys to find, no fun if I spill all the beans yeah?

Let’s go for a tour in the rest of the hotel!

YOTEL - Lobby

This is the lobby, otherwise referred to as Mission Control. All the desktops you see on the left, allow hotel guests to do self check in and check out. This really reduces your waiting time as you do not need to see a counter staff (unless you’re facing some issues). The standard check-in time is any time after 2pm and check-out is any time before 12pm.

YOTEL - Robots

Almost definitely my favourite feature of the hotel, YOTEL has their own robots, Yoshi and Yolanda! If you want them to visit you at your room and see them in action, simply call Mission Control and ask the robots to send up an extra towel or other amenities.

Yolanda sings while she’s leaving your room, super cute for a IG video! The kids love them too.

YOTEL - Pool

Find some time to chill beside the pool or go for a swim!

YOTEL - Pool Dusk

I swear it looks even prettier at night.

Grains & Hops - Entrance

The pool is located just beside Grains and Hops, YOTEL’s restaurant and bar. Breakfast is served here too!

YOTEL - Breakfast Setup Close Up

As YOTEL is located right in the heart of the city, along Orchard Road; there are plenty of food options down the street. However, if you’re looking to eat in YOTEL, try the Angus Beef at Grains and Hops.

Grains & Hops - Roasted Angus Beef

For the adrenaline junkies and hardcore gym fanatics, YOTEL also has a smashing gym! You’d find the gym opposite the restaurant.

The wall decor is great for a post-workout photo too!

YOTEL - Gym Angle

Basic but sufficient to keep your body pumped up.


Well that’s the end of my tour for you!

If you’re really enticed and wanna book a YOTEL stay for yourself, stay 3 nights or more and enjoy 15% off!

As they always say, the early bird catches the worm. Book early and enjoy attractive discounts too.

Sign up as a member and enjoy exclusive perks! The membership is free, with instantaneous benefits.

  • Unlock an extra 15% off your room bookings with YOTEL membership, available on no other booking sites.
  • Complimentary high speed WiFi
  • Free local calls
  • 20% discount at Grains & Hops
  • Best rate promise

I can’t wait to be back already!

YOTEL Singapore
366 Orchard Road
Singapore 238904
Google Map Link

By phone: +65 6866 8000
By email: singapore.contact@yotel.com

By email: singapore.contact@yotel.com

PRecious Communications 
By phone: +65 3151 4760
By email: yotel@preciouscomms.com

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Show Your Love With Floral Garage!

Floral Garage

Flowers – do we really need a special occasion before we can gift them?

Although often deemed as a waste of money by those who are more “realistic”, it is no doubt that they put a smile on the receiver’s face. Blooms never fail to brighten up someone’s day and can effortlessly transform a space. From dull to full of life, from boring to artistic.

I love how flowers are used to show how much the sender is thinking about you. The sender spent that money, just to see the smile on your face. And I think that moment, that thought, that love, is priceless.

Although fresh flowers will probably always be popular, I am really welcoming the trend of dried flowers or preserved flowers because they can last for a much longer time! This makes dried / preserved flowers not only ideal for decorating spaces, they can also be used and reused constantly as photography props (hehehe). The Enchanted Rose is a preserved red rose in a jar, resembling the one in Beauty and the Beast! It can last for up to 1 year and if kept in its casing, up to 10 years; making your every penny worth!

Other specialities include the veggie bouquet (https://floralgaragesg.com/product/delightful-vegetables/) that can be eaten later (perf for the practical mummy), as well as one of the lowest priced freestyle bouquets at $34.90 only! (https://floralgaragesg.com/product/r00-freestyle-bouquet/).

Get your flowers from Floral Garage today!

Although there are many florists in Singapore to choose from, it is important to purchase from a florist that is reliable, provides great customer service and maintains high quality in their floral products.

I’m sure that many of you are aware of florist boo-boos whereby Valentine’s Day was messed up due to late deliveries, or mix-ups in the orders. Here’s the article by Mothership, summarizing that unfortunate event.

Entrust Floral Garage’s dedicated and talented team that will provide efficient flowers delivery service! You may contact them for same day floral delivery and urgent bouquets as well.

They even offer floral subscription services, allowing you to pre-plan your orders within the next few months. This can be done on a regular schedule (eg. once a week, once a month) or based on occasions (like anniversaries and birthdays). Never forget a special date again! Floral Garage even calls you one week beforehand as a reminder of the special day and also to check if you’d like any changes to be made. Feel free to customize your bouquet to add that personal touch. A 3 month subscription plan would cost $200, with free delivery on the first order. You’d also receive credits which can be used to offset future purchases.

More than just flowers

Floral Garage also sells party supplies like banners and buntings, helium balloons, party ware and more, making them a one-stop solution for all your party needs.

Check out their flower gift baskets and hampers as well! You’d be happy to know that there is free delivery for all hamper purchases.

They also sell a range of soft toys and terrariums. Terrariums are minimalistic and space-efficient, allowing you to decorate your room or desk without taking up too much room. Terrariums are also really easy to care for, making them ideal for the busy Singaporean in you.

Giving back to society

Last but not least, what I like the most about Floral Garage is that they make it a point to give back to society. Their most recent give-back was held on International Womens’ Day (8 March) where they held a non-profit floral arrangement workshop for low-income women and mummies.

Over the years, Floral Garage has also raised funds for animal shelters and donated materials for flag days.

It is always nice to support a socially-conscious brand, especially local ones! #supportlocal

With this I say, show them you love them with Floral Garage.


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Achieve the perfect body with Shiro Aesthetics and Venus Legacy


I am no stranger to the Venus Legacy and I’ve reviewed it in 2016 here. Was already impressed by what in can do back then and my stance remains unchanged!

The Venus Legacy treatment provides a non-surgical alternative for skin tightening and body contouring, including cellulite, wrinkle and circumferential reductions. It is the first of its kind to harness a 4D technology, which combines:

(1) Multi-Polar RF – this enables painless and speedy homogenous heating that reaches multiple tissue depths.

(2) Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields – a technology that has established itself in decades worth of traditional medicine for its regenerative benefits.

(3) Vari-Pulse – this feature allows for flexible pulsed suction used in the treatment’s deep energy penetration, lymphatic drainage and stimulating circulation.

(4) RealTime Thermal Feedback – incorporating a hands-free thermometer and an on-screen visual feedback graph, this feature allows for constant tissue contact.

Together, they enable the Venus Legacy to effectively perform safe and reliable treatments that generate instantaneous results.

This time, I handed my body to Shiro Aesthetics, located at the heart of town at Mandarin Gallery. Shiro Aesthetics is a medi-spa, located just beside Shiro Aesthetic Clinic. This makes it super convenient for you to pop by the Shiro Aesthetic Clinic and consult Medical Director Dr Zhang Yijun, who’s probably the most candid, funny and personable doctor I’ve ever met. Dr Zhang can provide consultations for your skin with regards to botox and fillers; as well as for weight management and body contouring.

Dr Zhang posseses a medical degree and post graduate Family Medicine qualification at the National University of Singapore. He obtained his postgraduate Diploima in Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. If you’d like to stalk him, visit his Instagram @offdutydr. You’re welcome (;


After saying hi to Doctor Zhang, I popped over to Shiro Aesthetics, the medi-spa to try out the Venus Legacy treatment. I chose to target my tummy area which has a ugly bulge that I’ve been wanting to get rid of for a long time.

The female beautician at Shiro Aesthetics explained that the Venus Legacy treatment is completely painless and basically involves running the machine over the targeted area for 30 mins. It just feels a bit hot and repeatedly vibrates over the area.

<Inserting my ugly before photo here> Notice my tummy bulge.

You’d be provided with a tube to change into, preventing your clothes from getting wet.

The Glide helps the applicator to glide smoothly over the targeted area during the treatment process (get it? hahahah)

Throughout the process, all you feel is a warm sensation on the targeted area. If it gets too hot, let the beautician know and she will reduce the temperature.

But no pain, no gain right? Tahan the heat until you really can’t take it.

Here’s how the machine looks like.

You’re done in about 30 mins! However, I advise you to come either before you eat lunch or like mid-afternoon, after your lunch is digested.

After the session, your tummy will look red like a lobster (as seen in the above pic). This is a good sign as it means that there’s blood circulation and the Venus Legacy is working its magic on your body!

Another benefit of the Venus Legacy is that it reduces bloating and tummy gas.

You’re also advised to drink more water after the session as your body loses water in the process.

SO, does it really work?

Here is my chance to include a super sexy photo of me!!

TADAHHHH. So you see, Venus Legacy works wonders!!!

Hahahaha but say real though, here’s a picture of me 1 day after my first session.

Feels like I’m sharing my baby bump photo but #ShiroAesthetics #VenusLegacy #notpregnant

You can still see that I have a slight bulge, but the therapist said that it’ll take a few sessions. I’m not really worried though, that’s how much I trust the Venus Legacy.


There are no free miracles in this world. Which means, you still need to do moderate exercise and diet! Don’t expect to binge like mad and then use Venus Legacy to get your dream body ok.

For instant results, try liposuction.

Indulge yourself in clinical grade beauty services as Shiro Aesthetics adopts a scientific and clinical approach in their plethora of treatments, targeting the face, skin and body.

I only tried one of the many services at Shiro Aesthetics, so if you have any other concerns; feel free to check out all they have to offer at http://www.shiroaesthetics.com.sg/!

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Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate.Me Haircare Line is THE shampoo you gotta try!

Kevin murphy

Don’t ever forget pamper your crown of glory!

This time, I’m treating my hair to Kevin Murphy’s HYDRATE-ME range.

But wait! Who is this Kevin Murphy?

Kevin is a super zai hair stylist from Australia and is best known in the industry for creating the ‘beach hair’ look. He has worked with many models for fashion shoots and shows but struggled to find quality styling products that fulfilled his needs as an editorial stylist.

So what does the man do? He creates his own professional haircare line that not only filled a void in the world of session styling, but also super easy for consumers like me and you to use. With advanced skincare technology, he managed to create products with weightless texture and gentle formulas using natural ingredients.

Everyone throws “natural ingredients” around like free, so let me be a lil more specific. His products feature vitamins and amino acids that work to repair and thicken your hair. You can also indulge your hair with weightless moisturizers that smoothen and soften your hair. Antioxidants from fruits and flowers are added to reduce hair breakage and chemical damage.

Kevin murphy
All KEVIN.MURPHY products are sulphate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free (yay!!)
You’d be happy to know that all packaging is 100% recyclable! I especially love the packaging cause it’s sleek but also makes it really easy to squeeze the product out!

Perfectly in line with the new reduce plastic movement. As mentioned, the haircare products are created using gentle formulas and natural ingredients to repair your hair.
The HYDRATE.ME range is especially suitable for people who live in dry climates or has naturally
dry hair. My hair is dry beyond measure due to constant colouring and bleaching so I really need some help.


As you can see, my hair is really wispy, dry and coloured.

Not to mention damaged and bleached and beyond the brink of saving.

So no harm trying out and praying this new range saves my hair!


The HYDRATE-ME.WASH is a Kakadu Plum infused moisture delivery shampoo.

Key features and benefits

 Sulphate and Paraben free, smoothing of hair, adds shine and moisture, creates silky feel, pH 6.3 to 7.0

 Contains Kakadu Plum, native to the Australian Northern Territory. This fruit has the highest concentration on Vitamin C of any known plant
 Contains Bergamot Essential Oil, a natural source of Vitamin C
 Contains Hydrolysed Silk Extracts, smoothing the surface of the hair to lock-in moisture
 Contains Vitamin A, an antioxidant and cellular renewal ingredient that smoothes the appearance of the hair shaft and increases elasticity derived from palm oil
 Contains Vitamin C, which stimulates production of Elastin and Collagen, maintaining hair’s lustre and elasticity. It also maintains colour whilst preventing the loss of hair and premature greying. Vitamin C is a natural detoxifier and aids in improving scalp circulation
 Contains Jojoba Esters, adds moisture to the hair, makes hair more resilient to tangles, and avoids damage and split ends
 Contains Shea Butter, delivery moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips. Protecting against weather damage, dryness and brittleness. Absorbs quickly and completely into hair and scalp without clogging the cuticle. It is particularly beneficial for heat-treated hair (straightened/curled)
 Contains Evening Primrose Oil, which is high in Omega 6, hydrates and softens the hair. Contains Phospholipids that are hydrophilic, sucking moisture from the air around and draw it to the hair

HYDRATE-ME.RINSE is a Kakadu Plum infused moisture delivery conditioner.
Key features and benefits

 Sulphate and Paraben free, smoothing, adds shine and moisture, creates silky feel, pH 4.5 – 5.5
 Similar to HYDRATE-ME.WASH, it contains Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Esters, Shea Butter and Evening Primrose Oil
 Also contains Micro Algae, a stress manager for the hair to supply the cells with energy. It makes the hair more radiant and adds luminosity
 Contains Vitamin B7 which is beneficial for hair growth and overall hair health. It strengthens both the hair follicles and the hair shaft
 Contains Sunflower Oil, a natural sunscreen for the hair. It is also high in Omega 6. Sunflower Oil contains Tocopherals (oil soluble antioxidants) and Cinnmic Acid (natural UV protector)


First, apply HYDRATE-ME.WASH to wet hair then rinse it. Then, apply HYDRATE-ME.RINSE to freshly washed hair, leave for 1 to 2 mins then rinse.
Overall, I really like the texture and smell of the HYDRATE-ME range! Gives me an extra reason to look forward to my shower at the end of the day.
To find out more information and redeem free samples from Sample Store, visit these sites:
o http://bit.ly/SSKMHMWash
o http://bit.ly/SSKMHMRinse


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STAR 360 Flagship Store opens at Suntec City!

It is impossible that you would have never heard of STAR 360.

STAR 360 is a multi-label lifestyle concept store that curates cutting-edge international street brands. Today, STAR 360 continues to expand their retail presence with the recent opening of its flagship store at Suntec City, #01-376/377 (West Wing).

With a space of 2,730 sqf, the new store is the sixth store and by far the largest space, featuring a brand new interior concept. The new space stocks both adults and kids’ sneakers, as well as apparels and accessories from international street brands such as adidas, NIKE, and PUMA (definitely crowd favourites!).

In addition, STAR 360 carries a wide range of Japanese labels such as Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS Tiger. However, the pride of the store is having two premium Japanese labels – Patrick and Spingle that retail exclusively at STAR 360.


I specially picked out 2 pairs of shoes!

The Puma Basket Heart Hyper Sneaker below, retails at $169.

Below, I’m wearing the SPM-385 ($269) that I got from Spingle! Love that it’s leather so I don’t need to fear when I walk in the rain.


STAR360 Flagship Store Location: Suntec City, #01-376/377 (West Wing, near Convention Center)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/star360global/?ref=br_rs

Instagram: @star360global

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Hydrafacial & Q-Switch Laser Treatment at Clifford Aesthetics

Disappointed with the results of your regular facial parlour?

Although more expensive, facial treatments at aesthetic clinics such as The Clifford Aesthetics use high tech machines and high quality products to pamper your skin!

My first time doing a facial at an aesthetic clinic, I tried out The Clifford Aesthetic’s Hydrafacial. This was coupled with the Q-Switch Laser treatment which helps to target pimples, pigmentation and pores without any downtime!

Let’s go into the Hydrafacial first!

The Hydrafacial is perfect for you if your skin has the following isuses:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor skin tone
  • Loss of elasticity and firmness
  • Hyperpgimentatation
  • Oil and congestion
  • Advanced signs of aging


The Hydrafacial integrates cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration simultaneously, cleaning and revitalizing your skin thoroughly.

There are 5 main steps for this facial:

  1. Cleansing and Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells
  2. Acid Peel: To loosen dirt and soften black and white heads
  3. Extraction using vortex suction
  4. Hydration: Antioxidants and Hyaluronic are Vortex-Fused to nourish and protect your skin + Application of Anti-wrinkle to lower eye
  5. Protection: HydraFacial daily essentials will be used to protect your skin and maintain results


The therapist uses this nozzle to apply the products onto your face and you basically just experience a light suction feeling on your skin.

Say bye to painful squeezing of pimples and black heads! Those usually also leave marks and have downtime for up to 2 days. With the Hydrafacial, there’s no redness and downtime at all!

The treatment takes only 30 minutes so its a perfect lunch time treatment. Pop into the clinic and be out showing your colleagues your new smooth skin.


Q switch

(Machine used for Q-Switch laser)

If you have stubborn pigmentation that requires more attention, couple the Hydrafacial with the Q-Switch Laser.

Q-switch laser is the ideal lunchtime laser for common pigmentation and aging problems.  Melasma, freckles and acne scars are common types of hyperpigmentation that can occur even with good lifestyle and skincare habits. I know many people tend to think freckles look cute. However, they can grow into large brown spots as you age!

The Q-switch laser has been proven to erase hyper-pigmentation with low downtime.

How does Q-switched laser treatment work?

The Q-Switch Laser treatment works by generating a high-energy laser on the affected area. The laser energy pulse breaks down the pigments into mini-pigments, which is absorbed by the skin, and then destroyed by the body’s lymphatic system.

How many treatments are needed?

This is a common question as many of you are concerned about the cost required and time needed to see results.

The answer to this question depends on the type of pigmentation you have. Some pigments can be effectively removed in one or two sessions, whereas some pigments may need several repeated sessions of the laser. A single treatment can result in the removal of 75-100% of an individual brown spot. The friendly doctor Gerard Ee will advise you on how many sessions you will require to achieve your desired skin.

Some added bonuses of the treatment is the reduction of damage caused by harmful sun exposure, and the increased collagen and elastin levels which maintain both elasticity and firmness in your skin.

Is it safe?

The Q-Switch Laser treatment is FDA approved and clinically proven for the removal of both superficial and deep hyperpigmented lesions. The procedure is 100% safe and comes without side effects.

Is it painful?

You will be surprised how comfortable the 15-minute laser procedure actually is, with it being comparable to a rubber band snapping on your skin. You basically feel a zapping sensation, but nothing you can’t bear. However, you can request using a numbing cream if you really very scared of pain.

(P.s I was strong so I didn’t use any numbing cream. hahhahahha)

Is there any down time?

There is almost no downtime for Q switch laser and you can expect to return to your daily activities and work without interruptions.
Erythema (skin redness) is expected after Q switch laser and this usually fades in a maximum of 1 hour. You can choose to apply makeup after laser
Urticaria (hives) can occur occasionally and this can be reversed with medications.


So this is me face immediately after the Q-Switch. As you can tell, there are some red marks on my face.

The pigmented area on my skin was destroyed by the Q-switch laser which results in the area turning red. A scab (a dry, rough protective crust that forms over a cut or wound during healing) will form and fall off in a few days.



This is me face again on the next day, aka D+1.

Day 5

5 days later…


Make an appointment now and find out how you can achieve your dream skin!

The Clifford Clinic

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
(Exit A from Raffles MRT)

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10 am to 5pm
Sun: Closed
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Call: +65 65322400
Whatsapp: +65 83186332
to schedule your consultation today.

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5 things you never knew about Amanda Yong



When Sample Store approached me to share 5 Secrets about myself, I took up the challenge and said why not!!!

  1. How I started my blogging journey

Many of you always wonder how I started my blogging journey. Truth to be told, Sample Store played a huge part in it! I started writing beauty reviews on my blog after requesting for my free samples from Sample Store. I really enjoyed the process and never stopped ever since!

I also leveraged on OOTD sites and community platforms such as Stylexstyle.com and Clozette to share my fashion photos and lifestyle shots.


2. Do you really like ALL the products that you promote for? 

I haven’t openly said this before online, but I think it’s impossible to like every single product and experience that I have been asked to review.

Nonetheless, I do not wish to shame the brand as I believe that they should be given a chance to improve. Therefore, I tend to feedback and give suggestions to the marketing rep directly.

However, if you wish to find out my honest opinion, read between the lines!

eg. If I did not mention that the food tastes good in any way, and simply use phrases like ‘the food was fresh, the decor was nice, etc”, you know what to expect la k ahhahhaha. Don’t need to spell out so clearly.


3. What are some products/services that you continue to rave about?

a. SHAMANUTI Activated Charcoal Cleanser (https://livingnaturallyco.com/products/shamanuti-activated-charcoal-cleanser

  • This amazing cleanser even removes makeup! It’s unique formula utilises the properties of activated charcoal to neutralise acidity and absorb impurities as well as to gently exfoliate the skin with maple extract.
  • Beneficial for all skin types including sensitive or problem skin and is very effective as a treatment for reducing acne, rosacea and eczema. It works as an excellent shaving cream and deodorizing body wash as well!

b. Blush Wax (http://blush-wax.com/)

After trying out the Brazillian Waxing, I was really impressed by their service! Just when I endured the pain to go through the waxing session, they moved on to use a tweezer to pluck out all the tiny hairs, which helps slow down subsequent hair growth. After which, they also applied a smoothing mask which helped soothe the pain.

Will be going back to try their DPL services, so stay tuned for my review!

c. Eyeliner: Heroine Make Smooth Eyeliner is super pigmented and smooth! Easy to draw 

d. BB Cream: Stellar K Beauty FAU BB Solution (https://stellarkbeauty.com/collections/best-sellers/products/skin-solution-fau-bb-stick-30g), wo zhen de hen xi huan!! Love the in-built puff that makes it soooo easy to use. It also leaves a really natural glow.

e. Contact Lenshttps://honeycolor.com/ cause they have a wide range of coloured contacts at affordable prices, and they deliver directly to your doorstep!

f. Nails: The Nails Work Nails Boutique (https://www.facebook.com/thenailworks.nailboutique/) never fails to disappoint! Their nail artist is super professional and capable of pretty nail art!

g. Padeve (https://www.padeve.com/) is a local pad brand. Their herbal pads not only keep the stink away during that time of the month, they also help to reduce cramps! Ladies, you’d never regret trying these.


4. Have you done any changes to your face/body?

Well, for those who have been following me for a long time should know the answer to this question.

Nonetheless, I’ve done nose and cheek fillers At Kowayo Aesthetic by Dr Wong and breast implants by Dr Martin Huang from MH Plastic Surgery.

Refer to my previous posts to find out more about these treatments! Feel free to DM/email me questions too and I’d be happy to share my experience.


5. What are your long term goals as a blogger?

Well, I do not plan to go into blogging full time. I really enjoy it as a past time, being able to help brands increase their reach and to also expand my network by getting to know more entrepreneurs and business types! I aspire to open my own social enterprise one day and provide meaningful employment to adults with autism in Singapore. When that time comes, I’d be sure to tap the reach I currently have to spread word about my cause! Things are already in the pipeline, I’m excited!


If you enjoyed reading this and wish to ask me some questions or find out more about me, comment below and I will answer them!

In the mean time, go forth and be beautiful!

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Chilling your way to your dream figure with Zimmer Aesthetics!

I’ve always struggled with a heavy bottom.

Yeah, I know I always complain and don’t really exercise to get rid of it. Sometimes people call me thunder thighs or huge hips and I get upset, but forget about it pretty soon.

If you’re like me, too busy/lazy to exercise and yet looking to tone your body; be it love handles, belly tummy or thighs, you’ve got to try the 2nd generation of Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Aesthetics!

The German Engineered technology combines the Z Lipo and Z Wave (Cyro-Lipolysis & US FDA Approved Shockwave) to tone, tighten and eliminate stubborn fats!

What is this Cyro-Lipolysis word that is so hard to pronounce???

Well it’s basically a fat-freezing procedure that causes minimal pain and no serious long-lasting side effects. The Z Lipo works to target your fat cells and eliminate them permanently by 20% after the first session while the Z Wave system uses radial shockwave to tighten the connective tissues, thereby improving skin firmness, elasticity and encourages collagen regeneration on the abdomen, upper arm and cellulite on the legs and buttocks!

This treatment allows you to see visible results, check out mine at the bottom of this post!

The whole treatment takes about 60-75 mins, costs SGD $500 per area treatment of Z Lipo and Z Wave.

I entrusted myself to David Loh Surgery, located at Wheelock Place, #05-16.


Took a “Before” photo to show you guys.

As you can see, my thigh gap is almost non-existent. The cellulite problem is real.


As you can see, the device sucks on the area that you want to be treated. You basically have to deal with this suction feeling for one hour. Minimal pain, but expect some bruising after the treatment!


After the 60 mins of Z-Lipo, the Z-Wave helps to improve the elasticity of your skin and maximize your results. The machine produces a noisy zapping sound but I assure you, it’s not painful at all.




Try it for yourself today and make your appointment at David Loh Surgery (http://davidloh.sg/)!

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Kowayo Aesthetic’s Clarity Dual Long-Pulsed Laser Treatment


3 days after Clarity

Have you always struggled with pigmentation problems or felt annoyed at the sight of your facial veins?

Well, Kowayo Aesthetic is here to help with their Clarity Dual Long-Pulsed Laser Treatment!

The versatile dual long-pulsed laser treats small dilated blood vessels and vascular lesions such as birthmarks, rosacea, spider veins and varicose veins. It is called ‘long-pulsed’ because of its relatively long incidence of laser energy on the skin, giving it ample time to stimulate collagen while destroying targeted pigmentation and broken small blood vessels.

The Clarity dual laser consists of two laser wavelengths:

  • NdYag 1064nm laser: used for rejuvenation, lifting and firming of the skin; stimulation of collagen as well as pore reduction
  • Alexandrite 755nm laser: treatment of facial redness, hair removal, uneven skin tone and pigmentation


How does Clarity actually work?

The Clarity laser works by going deep beneath the skin to treat visible veins and pigmentation, eliminating them permanently. The laser beam travels through the skin and is converted to heat energy. When absorbed by the blood vessel or pigmentation, the problem area shrinks and eliminates it in the process. At the same time, the heat energy provided by the laser can stimulate collagen and reduce the size of your pores, resulting in a firmer and tighter face.


What conditions can be treated by Clarity?

  • Rosacea/acne redness
  • Facial veins/broken capillaries
  • Facial hair
  • Pigmentation & freckles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Saggy face & dull skin
  • Large pores & black heads

Clarity also removes unwanted facial hair by targeting the melanin within the hair follicle and destroying the hair at the root.


Doctor Wong will do a consultation with you to first assess your skincare needs!

Is the treatment painful?

Not at all! The Clarity is designed for maximum comfort with its built-in ‘Intelligent Cooling’ system, to make the treatment comfortable without having to use any anesthesia. With little-to-no pain, side effects or post care required, the doctor will work with you to select a treatment regimen that best meet your individual needs and to ensure that treatment is comfortable.

Personally, I experienced no pain at all, so it’s definitely a treatment that I would recommend for fast yet effective results!


Which laser wavelength should I choose? Can I choose just one of the two lasers?

The NdYag laser penetrates deeper than the Alexandrite laser and helps in firming, tightening, rejuvenation and collagen stimulation while the Alexandrite laser targets more superficial pigmentation, fixes uneven skin tones, facial hair and broken blood vessels. It is recommended to combine both laser wavelengths to achieve the best results. However, you can always opt for just one of the two lasers.


Is there any downtime or post laser care?

Clarity is designed to have no down-time. The redness and warm sensation after laser treatment is expected, which will only last for 15-30 minutes. After the procedure, you may continue with your normal skin care routine and makeup application. Some veins and pigmentation may take time to be broken down and removed by your body naturally.

This makes it perfect for a lunch time treatment, the quickie you always wanted.

29060830_428383374285587_1323367773828912596_o (1)

1 day after Clarity Dual Long-Pulsed Laser 

How long is the procedure? How frequent do I need to repeat it?

A single laser treatment takes around 5 minutes while a dual laser treatment takes around 10-15 minutes.

Depending on how your skin reacts to the laser treatment, you can repeat the laser once every 2-4 weeks. After a few sessions, you can afford a longer duration of 1-2 months gap for maintenance phase.



To see how the procedure is performed, check out my treatment video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhT-BxlBvhG/!

There’s also a 1-for-1 deal available now so ☎ 6884 4280 for enquiries.

Thank you Kowayo Aesthetics and Doctor KS Wong for always helping me look pretty!


25 days after Clarity

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Honest Ingredients by PURITO


In an effort to follow through my switch to using more natural products, I chanced upon korean brand PURITO.

As their name implies, PURITO stands for safe and purified natural ingredients that come from clean soil. Their aim is to create safe and honest cosmetics that everyone has faith to apply and use.

PURITO also promises to:

  1. Keep the environment in mind by using minimal packaging and eco-friendly materials
  2. Never conduct animal testing!
  3. Only make mild, non-allergic products by using natural and EWG Green Level Ingredients

I decided to put their products to the test!


PURITO Centella Green Level All In One Mild Pad ($22)

This is one of their best sellers and I can totally see why!

A few steps up from your normal cleansing pads, these not only strengthen your skin barrier, they also remove excess sebum and dead skin cells, remove make-up residue while moisturizing and calming your face.


If you’re wondering what EWG stands for, it refers to the Environmental Working Group , an American environmental organization that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies, public lands, and corporate accountability.

Basically, it conducts testing and research on over 74,000 products worldwide and provides information on personal care product ingredients from the published scientific literature, to supplement incomplete data available from companies and the government.

So, you’re definitely in safe hands with PURITO!

centella_pad_full (1)

I love all products with tea tree oil!

Also, if you don’t know what cica care means, it refers to scar treatments. Therefore, using products like these actually help you to lighten scar marks.

There are 2 sides to the pad (DUH), whereby both sides can be used for different purposes!



centella_pad_full (2)

Remember to wash your face first. These pads should be step 2 in your cleansing regime.

You can even use these to exfoliate your lips!

centella_pad_full (3)

Overall, 10/10 will purchase!


PURITO Centella Green Level Recovery Cream ($17.30)

I was interested to try this product because I do have minor pimple breakouts once in a while and wanted to see how effective this cream would be in treating my trouble areas!

Even if you are super lucky and do not have pimples, this product also doubles up as a moisturizer.


The key ingredient in this product is the Centella Asiatica which helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and helps to soothe inflamed skin. This wonder ingredient also helps reduce pigmentation!


centella_recovery_cream (1)

They also passed the Skin irritation tests (;

centella_recovery_cream (2)

Was really glad to find out that the Recovery Cream has a non-sticky texture, definitely a plus point over other treatment creams in the market.


PURITO Snail All In One BB Cleanser ($14.36)

If you’re a lover and avid user of BB Creams, then you gotta make sure you cleanse your skin well!

This product is made specially for you.

Although it might sound a bit gross, snail extracts have been found to be really good for your skin.



purito_bbcleanser (1)

Look at how well it removes eye makeup as well!

purito_bbcleanser (2)

It is important to make sure that we cleanse our skin everyday. But it is even more important to use natural cleansers while we are at it!

If we avoid eating food with harmful ingredients, why do we continue to use products that could harm our skin?

Make the switch to natural skincare today and start with PURITO!

Purchase PURITO items from eopenmarket.com, eBay and Amazon. Here’s a 10% coupon code (only for eopenmarket): WL3C13Z4VS.

Happy shopping!

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