Let’s talk university

Hey guys!
I know it’s been a while; 
so sorryyyy.
I’ve been busy with internship (boo that stuff) and whizzing around everywhere tryna keep up a bit of social life.
Although I’m not done sharing about Chiangmai, 
I’ll like to give some updates about the stuff I’ve been up to & of course to offer some new perspectives as well. 

There are seriously tons of lifestyle bloggers in SG alrd, 
who’d share with you prolly better fashion/beauty tips/eating places etc.
So I won’t call myself a lifestyle blogger 
but I’d do my best to share some opinions and a piece of my mind with you (literally)

So this afternoon, 
I headed to Suntec City Convention Centre to attend the NTU talks. 

Was hoping to find out more about the courses but honestly the talks were really disappointing.
Barely found out much and the lecturers were just promoting NTU as a school in general?
So I decided to just grab some brochures and direct my queries to the staff at the respective booths. 

As you may or may not know, 
I’m currently pursuing a diploma in Accountancy at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
I really don’t like the course and what I’m studying. 
It’s super NOT me, I’m insensitive to numbers, I don’t understand or know what I’m learning. Been blindly trying to memorise to get by. 
It barely allows me to use my communication skills which I am more comfortable with :/
So I am opening up my options to look at other courses. 
My mum being protective of me and my future, is afraid that some courses may not offer good career prospects. 
And so I decided that I may just differ slightly from Accountancy to Business. 

Thus, I went to enquire at the Nanyang Business School booth, to find out more about the Degree in Business. 
TO MY HORROR, (actually I already found this out on the website, so I was reminded of the horror)
That is equivalent to telling me: “I’m sorry but your diploma is useless and we don’t recognise your 3 years of study at the poly.”
Like I already spent an extra year studying in the poly compared to the JC kid and now I only get saved from 4 hours of school for one sem? 
That. is. bullshit.
What your JC kids know: Science, English, Math, Project work, prolly econs and some humans
What I know: Business Management,  Business Law, Corporate Law and Secretarial Practice, IT in Business, Macro and Micro Economics along with my Accounting modules and my valuable audit internship. 
And you dare to tell me that despite all this background from the best business school among the polys, I’m only exempted one pathetic module.

My background means that I can be a more effective and efficient learner cause you can build upon a sturdy foundation. 
I’ve done project work that is actually practical and relevant and requires me to think about building my own business idea. 
I really don’t know why I should be treated any less,
Why my studies at NP are so undervalued. 

Let me put this in perspective for you: 

I am interesting in Marketing and I want to be a Marketing Executive in future because I believe in the art of selling.
Often, its not about the product or the idea but rather, the way you sell it to the consumers. 
It’s challenging, interesting and vibrant. 

I decide to pursue a degree with NBS and then specialize in Marketing. 

In year 1, I take mostly GENERAL modules that are synonymous with the whole cohort. 
I have to COMPETE & FIGHT & CUT-THROAT to get the specialization I want.
If not, I may end up taking a specialization I don’t like or may not score well in like Actural Science(If I wanted to be an insurance agent, I wouldn’t waste my money on uni fees dude) or something.

Is this the same for other schools like SMU too?
If it is, SG education system really needs to change. 
For God’s sake just let us pursue our passions without guilt, strip us from the fear of trying and the fear of failure and I swear we’d all be much happier people who contributed shit tons more to the society than we currently do. 

Planning for university

1) MAKE A MATRIX (using excel preferably)

– List down the schools you are interested in. 
– Categorise them: Local/Overseas/Private
-World rankings, (if that matters to you)
-Location (travelling is a bitch, I know cause I stay in a freaking ULU part of SG)
-Degree programme
-Duration of the programme (time is of essence, my loves)
– Indicative Cut-off points (which are ridiculously high)
-No. of seats (to gauge your likelihood of getting a place)
-Tuition fees
-Number of exemptions (SG has proven to be really stingy with exemptions)
-Application periods/deadlines
Scholarships/Financial Assistance/Overseas trips/Internships/School life(which doesn’t exist they are lying to you)

? For Poly grads, the score you apply for uni is 80% GPA and 20% O Levels? 

This is quite relieving for me cause I did relatively well with raw scores of 8 and 6 for O’s.
But my GPA is like 3.57 so schools like NTU and NUS would prolly cut me off before they even look at my application. 
Nonetheless, I’d send my application in. (just to see if they offer me an interview of some sort)

I feel the most hopeful in SMU because the cut-off is slightly lower and I have a fair amount of confidence in my communication skills, should I go for the interview. 
I’m also planning to take the SATs so that I can open my options to SMU Law.
I need to get 1400 points for the reading and writing components; I really hope its achievable. 
Really enjoyed law in poly!
But well, I’d fret about all these on a higher level in Feb once intern ends.

Saturday Munchies


This ice cream sandwich is most heavenly thing I’ve ever eaten. 
You can find it at The Providore at the Mandarin Gallery for $6.90

They have amazing flavours, 
I took the Vanilla Chocolate and my date tried the mochacinno.



Had a Churros craving and TADAHHHH, 
we drove to HV and got some Churrosity goodness. 

Something about me: 
I go about my daily meals either just eating whatever is cooked/chosen
or I go by my cravings. (yes I’m pregnant like that, problem? HAHAH)

Can I just say I love my hair colour like that? damn.


How can someone not fall in love with this?
Took some OOTDs hehehe


Then, went to Westlake Restaurant for dinner and they serve really good “Kung Bak Pau”!

We also had: 
Fried Squid, 
Hotplate Tofu
Sweet and Sour Fish
and some beans. ^^

Havent been here in a while!

People are like, 
OMG Amanda you really know how to live life up don’t you?
But well, I’d say:
What else would I live for, if not for food?


Tried Poulet for the very first time on Friday.

Now I know why everyone’s raving about it

The chicken meat is tender
and the sauce is sweet and has my favourite MUSHROOMS in it. 

Tried the french onion soup as well, 
which was good, 
just not very hot :/
Soup should be taken hot.

(This pic was liked by Pouletsg and I am so happy teehee)

I’m like going backwards but whatever hahahahha

On Thurs, went back to school to reshoot a scene for my school’s graduation video.
It delayed awfully long, 
because the crew was inexperienced (FMS year 1 students sighpie)
Nonetheless, we tried to entertain ourselves by talking bout celebrity gossips and more.

I feel like a star with them.


BA represent.


Previously bought some masks from The Face Shop in JB.
I’ve used it once and did not experience any discomfort 
but I tried one on Tuesday night again
and omg to my horror
I woke up to my face being itchy and red and stingy and swollen.
Not sure if it’s because of the mask or because I put it on too long I really don’t know.
Been trying to save it with my 3 step Avene cleansing process:
1) Avene gentle cleanser
2) Avene Spring water mist
3) Avene Skin Recovery Cream


btw, Avene products are going at 20% off at Guardian till this weekend!
Their products are awesome, go try! Esp the skin recovery cream, my mum has been using it for ages (rashes, itches and all)

The wake-up call

On Thursday, 
was talking to my babe and got a HUGE WAKE-UP CALL. 

I finally understand what it means to OPEN your eyes bigger and see people for who they are and their intentions,. 
She scolded me for wanting to waste my time to entertain people that don’t matter and obviously just wanna play with me. 
It’s really not worth it. 
Some guys just want to get into your pants. 
there, I said it, 

I think my perceptive skills of people are improving slightly?
Can sniff out flirts and jerks better now. 

hahah, really don’t wanna spoil my mood and think about “love” now. 
goodnight, XX.

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Chiang Mai Adventures (Pt. I)

I know this is super late, 
considering that I came back from Chiangmai (otherwise known as the Rose of the North) last year (30/12/2013)
BUT I still wanna share all the fun I had there!

it was an anticipated trip,
to getaway from SG and intern and all the bullshit;
to be with family 
and to return to CM to meet up with my friends again!

“WHY do you have friends in CM?”
Well, last year in March, I went for YEP Chiangmai (Youth Expedition Program) where we had city homestay, village homestay and helped build an extension for the children’s school. 
It was an amazing experience and we made thai friends too^^

Since Bangkok is rioting, CM is a good alternative place to travel to in Thailand(:
It’s more artsy and laid back.

Without further ado, LET’S GO TO CHIANGMAIIIII
Ps. I look kinda horrid in some photos due to the lack of makeup, please forgive me?


Guess who is the mother and who are the daughters?

Took a really small plane with only one aisle. :/

And we’re off into the cloudsss

My sumptuous breakfast on the plane; the start of my eating frenzyy while on holiday!
After a 3 hour flight; we arrive in Chiangmai!

The whole tour group was made up of my family; except one elderly couple.
Even though we were still full from the breakfast;
we went for a buffet lunch at some hotel which was pretty but (the food kinda sucked honestly)

The only good dish! Loved the soup^^
With the kids; me being the eldest cous mehhhhhh

Me and my gramps; I put extra effort to take photos with them (while I still can)

Our only itinerary for day 1; was to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep 
Other wise known as “The Golden Temple In the Sky”

We took our version of the “Red truck” which is like a bus form of transportation in CM to the temple. 


The roads were honestly bumpy and winding as we made our way up the mountain!
When we arrived, 
we were told that we had two choices: 

1) Climb 300 steps to the temple
2) Pay for the cable car lift ride. 


Photos of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai
This photo of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This tree cheers me up; could just sit here and read a book all day.

Look at all that delicate intricate work.
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The Rosie Project

As most of my friends would know, I am the “hopeless romantic” in the group.
My life theme song, as quoted by them is “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion in Titanic and “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston.
Sometimes I share about the love stories I read and I squirm a little,
and they’d dismiss me as being dreamy or young.

What I don’t understand is,
Shouldn’t love be this way?
Fill your insides with sweetness,
have the power to break you at the same time?
Love is  no doubt the greatest mystery of mankind; it is a strong word (that is now thrown around carelessly)
It is a force by itself and gives us hope, (another source of undying strength)

In recent times, I realise that people forgot/misunderstand the meaning of love.
Yes, I am young and I still don’t know what love really means but I think I know what it should not be.

In reading The Rosie Project (TRP), I’ve had several insights on this topic called love and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.


Picked this up from Kinokuniya at random; so glad I did! Finished this in 5 days(:
Before I start, let me introduce you to the book.
Professor Don Tillman is 39 and single.
He is a geneticist and thus is like a total geek who knows nothing about dating or social skills.
He is very precise about time, has every small detail scheduled to the minute.
He even has a Standardised Meal System so he does not need to think of what to eat. (eg. Every tuesday  he eats the same thing)
All his attempts with women have failed previously, but he wants to find a wife now.
So one day, he came up with this ingenious idea.

He creates a 16-PAGE questionnaire, to sieve out potential candidates: THE WIFE PROJECT
He puts general questions such as “Do you smoke?”/ “How often are you late?” and would immediately reject any girl who puts yes/sometimes etc
Other questions are based on his past bad experiences. Once, he dated a vegetarian, and he feels that it’s difficult to have to deal with their dietary needs, so he has a question to ask if his respondent is vegetarian!

HONESTLY, I thought this was a brilliant idea.
You already know what you want,
so you can save time dating all the wrong people. 
I even thought, this would be an awesome concept for a dating site.

You create an account with my dating site.
You set up your profile.
You craft up your  questionnaire, with MCQ and open ended questions. 
And you wait for responses. 
Respondents can leave their contact details, so if you are interested, you can chat them up!
BUT I REALISED, there would be many liars. 
which will render the whole system USELESS. 
So I guess, no choice, we just have to use extra time to sieve out the people around us by asking the correct questions in subtle ways and observing their lifestyles and hearing what they say.

Prof Don finds it difficult to find women that meet his criteria.
His best friend, sends a lady his way;
a lady that obviously does not meet Don’s criteria.
She has a tendency of being late, she smokes, she has a sustainable seafood/vegetarian diet and she drinks.
She brings chaos to his schedule, and of course his life and eventually his heart. <3

One day, Don actually meets someone of his criteria but finds himself rejecting her.
He has fallen for Rosie!
it is completely illogical, but love is illogical.
You fall for people you never thought you would.
You do things for them that you normally wouldn’t do; break your habits, try new things, feel totally different.

it is still always good to have a guideline, to know what is important to you and what you seek for in a partner.
And if it happens that you grow into someone, despite them not being what you were originally looking for;
means you really like them (I suppose)

If you ask me what I would include in my questionnaire, 
these would be some of the questions:

– Race (my mum has a strong preference for Chinese, not that I wanna be racist :/)

– Nationality (If I marry a Malaysian, I have to spend a large part of my life travelling to and fro across the border, my dad is already Malaysian)

-Age (Although maturity and age does not always run in tandem; but I don’t think I can date a guy too young(more than 2 years younger) Or a guy that’s too old (more than 5 years older)

-Height (okay, I have dated not so tall guys before and I realised, I cannot live without heels because I am short myself -161cm. Besides tall guys give nice hugs?)


– How often do you spend time with your family? (I think a guy with a healthy family is more whole as a person. I wouldn’t want him grumbling when I spend time with mine!)

– What dreams do you have?  What is your future ambition/plans for the future? (When guys talk about their passions/dreams, their eyes light up in the most magical way)

-Do you smoke? (I have my own perceptions towards smokers, which I shall not go into here)

-How much do you care about your image? (I personally put in effort to dress up, but I don’t think I can date someone vainer than me, hahahhaha)

-What do you spend your money on? (Just for fun haaha, I spend on food, clothes, WATCHES)

-Do you believe in horoscopes? (I really don’t. Why let star signs dictate your life?)

-Do you have a cause you care about? (I have an autistic brother, so naturally I’d care for them. I fight for the family cause too)

HAHAH, will add more to this list when I think of more. 

“In a relationship”

Another thought that I got while reading the book, 
is how “In a relationship” is MERELY A STATUS and not indicative of love. 
These days, people throw the word “relationship” and “love” around very loosely. 
Many relationships these days are out of: 

1) Habit “I don’t remember a time without him anymore.” 
2) Practicality, for companionship(in the sense of merely just to relieve loneliness/boredom), sex, money
3)Everyone else is in a relationship
4)Because he/she likes me and I don’t mind. 

1) You lived for years and you were okay without him. What do you mean you can’t live without him now? 
Since there are no more feelings to speak of, why hold on? 
Aren’t you afraid that by doing so, you’d miss out on someone you’d really feel for?
“You think you may never get over it. But you also thought it’ll last forever.”
If it’s just purely out of habit, please just stop. 
End things, take time to readjust your life, find yourself again. 

2) People are not tools. For you to use for a certain purpose. 
Respect the person.
Earn your own money god. It’s much more satisfactory than living off another person.

3) Yes, I know sometimes it sucks to be the single one and everyone is like “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”
But seriously, there is nothing wrong with being single.
I’d be single than be with the wrong person. 
I think we should all have an ideal person in mind, and spend some time;
to see if we can meet someone of our ideal.
It’s always nice to daydream about an idea. 
Take this time to discover and develop yourself
These days, people all list what they want in others.
If this person of all your wants come along; WOULD THEY CHOOSE YOU?
If the answer is no, then you jolly well become the person your ideal would want.
(well, I’m thinking the standard you set for your ideal should be the standard you set for yourself as well?)

Don’t tell me “We accept the love we think we deserve.”
EVERYONE deserves someone who wants to be with us as well. 
Don’t ever sell yourself short because you are a beautiful person. 
You should not be judged by your pasts.
You should be loved because you are you.
To avoid settling, you need to love yourself first.
Know your worth, know what you deserve.
Find someone who’s really sincere, who would stick it through, who would put down their ego for you. 
Don’t give yourself away too easily.

Just sharing my thoughts (:
If you have any relationship problems and you need a ear, chat me up!

my Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/AmandaYong
or you can drop me an email as welll! (;

People dismiss me as young or dreamy, but I would like to consider myself hopeful. 


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Shih Lin x Boxing Day

I’m back, 
to talk about foodddddd (& shopping hehehe)!
On Boxing day, my sissy and I went out to shop the Boxing day Sales!
I spent quite a bit, 4 tops!

“Chase” crop top from Zara for $25.90; thought it’ll look cute paired with leather shorts (to match the leather-ish lettering)
White baseball patterned crop top from Forever 21 for $11 only, can you believe it? Perf for casual days. 
Maroon red suede top from The Editor’s Market, colour looks purple because of lighting. (Reserving this for CNY)
Black cut-in peplum top from TEM as well, absolutely loveee the cutting. 

First time purchasing from TEM as previous trips have always been disappointing upon trying the clothes on.
On a side note, I really need more bottoms. HAHAH

For our brunch/lunch, 
my sister and I made use of the Shih Lin vouchers I won from The Urbanwire, which is an entertainment and lifestyle E-zine started by NP FMS students since 2002, yay Ngee Ann Pride!
(Ps. The Urbanwire has tons of contests all the time, so like them on FB by clicking the link above and YOU could get lucky^^

For easy identification of their FB Page^^
I love to join contests, 
because the thrill of winning something without expecting myself to, is really satisfying. 
Makes me really happy that I was so fortunate.
(Call me auntie, I don’t care hahhaah at least I’m a happy one.)
Besides, who doesn’t like freebies??

One day, I stumbled upon this while scrolling through FB. 


The natural reaction/instinct of me (a big glutton) was to JOIN THE CONTEST. 

All I had to do was: 

1. FOLLOW @theurbanwire on Twitter

2. LIKE this photo

3. SHARE this photo

4. LIKE The UrbanWire‘s page

Then, I had to pick my FAVOURITE SHIHLIN SNACK and leave my EMAIL in the comment section below.

& I stood a chance of winning: 

1 x Crispy Salt Pepper Mushroom
1 x Sweet Plum Potato Fries
1 x XXL Crispy Chicken
1 x Handmade Oyster Mee Sua
1 x Seafood Tempura
1 x Crispy Floss Egg Crepe
1 x Limited Edition Pencil Umbrella

That’s essentially going to Shih Lin and saying “Give me one of everything.”

On 15th Nov, 
I was pleased to receive an email from The Urban Wire, with the good news that I have won myself a set of vouchers, HURRAY!
(I noted that the person writing the email shared the same surname as me, maybe that’s why I won kekekeke)

I am very thankful that my sister helped to collect the vouchers from WOM’s office, if not they would have been voided. :/
Hence, I was pleased to share the vouchers with her. 
I had used the XXL crispy chicken one without her, but it saved my life as I was starving while working my weekend job on one of the weekends,

We ordered one Crispy Salt Pepper Mushroom, one Sweet Plum Potato Fries and one Crispy Floss Egg Crepe.
It proved too much for both of us but I really enjoyed the mushrooms. 
They were crispy and made a great snack.
My sister on the other hand, prefered the crepe as it was the least oily out of the three. 

is that Shih lin cooks/prepares the food upon order and hence would require you to wait.
(for a substantial amount of time)
If you are in a rush, I highly advise you not to purchase from them (: 

Cheers to more good food this year in 2014!
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A noodle story

Glutton Amanda is back with another food writeup!

This time, I’m featuring A Noodle Story!
I stumbled upon it’s humble store while looking for lunch at Amoy Food Centre (which is a place where many working adults in the CBD area frequent, Amoy is teeming with good eats honestly).
Its display attracted me, as it was starkly different from the other traditional hawker stalls. 


Here you can see the two young owners, in front of their stall. (Photo credits to A Noodle Story’s FB)

What’s so special?

As someone who places a lot of emphasis on food, I look forward to my meals all the time. 
I hate to be disappointed by food.
Esp when I’m looking forward to eating a dish and it turns out really bad, my mood gets really super ruined and I’ll try to make up for it with a drink or dessert. 

A Noodle Story is here to save the day, 
by offering a genius fusion of Asian food using English techniques to come up with a Singaporean-styled Ramen! (I love when people challenge the “impossible” and refuse to force themselves to choose/settle but rather find a way to achieve the best of both worlds – BUT NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO RELATIONSHIPS, NO CHEATING UH GUYS)

GOING BACK TO NOODLES, I bet you’re going like


Cannot be lah! Where got such thing?? What are you talking bout??
Hehehe, let me show you
Looks good right!!
Got this bowl of goodness for $5.50, which is a ‘small’ bowl. (They offer it in medium and big portions too)

Let’s look at the breakdown of the items in the bowl, (as well as their promises to you)
note that the prices have thus increased by $0.50 due to higher rental and ingredients costs.
NEVERTHELESS, very worth your money as a bowl of Japanese Ramen can easily cost you $13 or more.

Going in a clockwise manner, 
1) The egg is really the softest egg I have ever eaten. Know that I normally don’t eat these ramen eggs because I don’t quite like them but this is so soft it’s like some sort of beancurd looking egg.
2) The cha-su is REALLY SUPER TENDER (They lived up to their promise, *weeps*)
3) I must say the prawn is very innovative. If you STARE at my second picture above, there is even a soft paste filling encapsulating the prawn.
4) PRAWN FILLED wantons, not low-grade minced meat but PRAWNNNN.
5) nothing much to say about scallions? Just garnishing hahah
6) The noodles look like a thinner anorexic verson of our wanton mee but springgy QQ.

Figured that you might have thought my photos suck, 
sorry pardon me cause I’m using a really sucky spare phone now. 
Thus, I’ve attached their photos for your viewing:
Bet you’re hungry again heheheh, 
check them out at 

  • Amoy Street Food Centre #01-39

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Bad news for you guys on New Year’s day, 
how much meaner can I get hahhaha.

But the biggest bitch is not me,
its my phone.
I’m using an S2 and it decided to die on me by loosening the charger port such that I can’t charge my phone. :/
I’ve sent it for repair even tho the warranty is up.
Wonder how much it will cost me.

So yeah, I needa rearrange and collate pics that I took from Chiangmai through the family cam and sis phone,
before I can update you guys.

May you and all your loved ones be in the pink of health, always in abundance and filled with happiness^^

How did you celebrate NYE?
I got invited to a hotel party teehee.
First time countdown outside!
Although I only knew like 3 people AT FIRST, it’s always nice to get to know and be with fun and nice people.
(But at first I was like, why am I celebrating with people who don’t matter? Then I realised, no one treats me like I matter enough to ask me out to celebrate with them anyway, and Aaroson was kind enough to extend the offer so WHY NOT?)

It was a reallllly small room at Traders’ Hotel 
but we made do.
Drank and played games, laughed a lot and everyone was shouting and high

Cheers to a good year ahead!

Found a really good link with meaningful New Year resolutions, check the whole list here.
I’m just gonna highlight some and add some personal perspectives.

1. Don’t neglect yourself. You are the one person you can neither leave nor escape, so invest in your relationship with yourself. Take yourself out for coffee, sit yourself down and get to know yourself.

This has got to be the number 1 on my list, 
and it should be on yours too!
Many a times, we focus too much on other people that we forget our own needs. 
I struggle with this a lot, and too much, I take on others’ problems as mine. 
I fight hard to build and mend and maintain relationships with people, but barely have time for myself,
always envisioning how my me time would be like, but never fulfilling.
Personal time alone is important. 
If we don’t know ourselves, how can we live our life? How do we treat others, or know how to react to life circumstances?
Our decisions are based largely on our experiences, what we know and our emotions. 
Getting to know ourselves would make us feel less lost and realise that life can be simple.

2. Stop being so mean to yourself. We say some terrible things to ourselves we would never say to others. Learn to be kind to yourself.


These are just some of the things I’ve heard myself say to myself.
We are all, no doubt, our worst critic. 
Words have power, words kill.
The things that you say to yourself, you grow to believe. 
You hold on to them like a sutra, 
you short change yourself, 
you feel undeserving.
But darling, you should know better than anyone else;
that we all hurt, we’ve made mistakes, we bent and almost broke.
Instead of harping on all the negativity, on things that we cannot change, 
look forward.
You are beautiful, and by that I mean that you are human. 
A breathing bleeding hurting fragile yet strong human being,

3. Leave the country or go somewhere you’ve never been before. If you don’t have money, look into doing charity work abroad, some programs will sponsor you, otherwise you would be surprised where you can get with a bus ticket.

I think I can link this back to my blog title: Adventures for the weakhearted
Most of the time when we hear the word “Adventure”, 
we think of something bold, difficult to accomplish, for the brave only to attempt.
I won’t say my life is that exciting and I’m not all that courageous, 
but I’d like to have my own good time with life too, 
I think it’s important to live, not just exist.

Going overseas always gives new perspectives, 
makes you feel new things, 
meet new people.
You also feel accomplished, 
ticking other country off the globe or list of must-visit places.
A lot of times, you discover new things about yourself too and get some time to reflect on your life.

I just came back from Chiangmai so the feelings and memories are still fresh from the oven.
The trip brought the family closer, 
and allowed me to meetup with my Chiangmai family again.
It’s the most amazing, to have friends in a different country.
You just feel warm and fuzzy inside,
to meet people you thought you’d nvr see again.

To address the second part, I totally agree with just hopping on a random bus and see where it takes you to.
Just wander and go on a lil adventure.
Check out a cafe you nvr knew existed,
sit at a park that isn’t in your neighbourhood.
Trust me, it feels more than good.

7. Cut bad people out of your life. These are the people that are always taking from you, whether emotionally or physically. You deserve reciprocity. You need to surround yourself with people that make you feel awesome, so you can be awesome. Every person around you is someone that you chose to keep around in your life, and it will always be your decision to keep them away. Letting go is difficult, but you can always find people that lift you up.

Don’t whine.
I know this is difficult,
trust me, I’ve been here/there more than a couple of times.
But this is essential. Necessary. Of utmost importance 
because it goes back to Number 1.
Think of yourself first.
Why keep those who are always hurting you around?
They aren’t helping you grow, they are pulling you down. 
Know what you deserve.
You deserve the best, you deserve what you need.
You’d find that letting the wrong ones go, frees a space for the right people to come in and make your life so much better than before.
Set yourself free. 

Hahah, okay.
Enough philosophy for the night,
Going back to work tmr, (holding my sigh in)

My resolution: To apply lessons learnt in 2013 to 2014 and make 2014 the best year yet.

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The Get-Fat Season

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
-George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950) — an Irish playwright who is the only person to be awarded both a Nobel Prize for Literature and an Oscar

My tummy has been very happy,
but my weighing scale hasn’t been so smiley.
I honestly don’t even dare to weigh myself but who cares.
Christmas is the get-fat season.
If you do not get fat, you’re not celebrating hard enough. 

Christmas, a time for catching up

It’s the best season, 
to rally round your friends.
Have a meal, a good laugh, photos taken, more memories made and to just catch up with each others’ lives.

That’s exactly why I met up with my clique on Monday night. 
One thing you must know is that, 
I had a heck of a dramatic school life back in school 
and these were the peeps that stuck with me since year one day one through it all.
Through all my changes, they saw me grow, saw me fall, saw try and hit the wall. 
But they nvr failed to back me up and loved me for who I am. 
They saw me for me, knew who I was. 
Love love so much love for you guys. 


Nandos for four!
She brings out the brightest smile in me. #bestie #bff #malaychinesecombi #prettz #babesofacc #selfiespam

The clique meet-up was short because the babe wanted to go home to watch Running Man with her fam, 
(we’re National Family Celebrations Youth Committee members, have to advocate family time)
and because we were missing Mr Brand.

I went ahead to meet my blogshop partner to discuss our revamp!
Currently, we’re running Kissmybones, so you can go ahead and grab up our remaining items ^^
However, it’s time to spice things up,
new name, new website, new supplier (say YAY!)
We’re dedicated to bring you the latest (female) fashion at pocket-friendly prices, promising good service and tips for matching^^
Do let us know how we can serve YOU better!

the Eve,

It was such a good day to sleep in.
I don’t know why I bothered to drag myself to “work” for half day. 
Seriously, no one worked anyway. 
I got to work, haven’t even sat for long, then left in search for a good breakfast with the girls. 

One thing I absolutely love doing in Singapore, is walking around the streets spontaneously;
and then stumbling upon gems. 
By gems, I really mean new places to eat/shop. HAHAH
That’s exactly what happened that morning.

We found: The Loft Cafe
Waffles have been a big craze lately, and when we saw that the place served waffles, 
we went right through the door.
It’s a pretty quaint place, had soothing music playing and the windows overlooked the streets of Chinatown. 
I can imagine the place flooded on the weekends, 
with sore-footed people from Chinatown. 


Eggs Benedict with toast. (Not particularly fantastic tho)


Waffle Fondue, (the tealight was too far away from the Chocolate Saucer so the sauce wasn’t hot at all. The waffle was kinda thin and too crispy.)


Good lighting calls for a selfie^^

After work, 
I went to check out Vivafit, which is a ladies gym. 
They had a pretty enticing package going on, but I realised it wasn’t for me.
One, it’s kinda out of budget.
Two, I won’t really be in Raffles Place much, so the location is inconvenient. 
Three, I really don’t think there’s time during the peak period to gym. 

So well, I’d kick start my own regime, after intern HAHAH.

I also headed down to find a new supplier and we were really happy with what we found^^ (I foresee my own cupboard bursting too)

A family that eats together, stays together. 

The foodie-ism runs in the blood,
we all love love to eat!
Esp love it when we all come together to eat, everything tastes better and we get to have more variety^^
This year’s Xmas dinner was held at my place (boring, means I can’t dress up)
But well, the table was filled with tasty dishes so I didn’t complain much.
I know I keep eating okay, I get it that my tummy is growing but well,
I promise I’d exercise, (next year hahahah)


Taken with the lil Canadian girl, sigh why won’t you take me with you?



Christmas day,

The weather was so bad for sleeping in >:(      Christmas whyyyyy.
It was a very family affair. 
Spent the day with the lil kids, 
we went for some water play at the Bukit Batok Civil Service Club!
Had lovely sunny swimming weather
For those who don’t know how the place looks, 
you can take reference from below. 
They also have one huge-ass slide. 


My family friendly swimsuit hehehe.
It was kinda fun,
pushes away all your troubles for a bit. 

After we showered,
went to have lunch at bukit gombak’s Alif Restaurant!
Settled lunch for 6 with only $26^^ #budgetmeal #lovepratas #sgeats

that curry + sugar makes the most wonderful mixture ever?


Milo dino; Banana Prata and my fav Cheese Mushroom prata!

Sogurt, sogood!

We then travelled to Jem,
just to try Sogurt’s new Banana Milk flavour!
For the Christmas season, they were even having 1-for-1! yaynesss

that you can take photos of your sogurt, instagram it, show them to a Sogirl, and get a surprise!
The next time I visit, I get an extra stamp on my loyalty card, (teehee)

My sissy and I shopped at Westgate too!
It seriously boasts of a lot of big brands, 
and I pretty like the concept of having half of an indoor and half of an outdoor mall!
I got a top from Temt which carries Valleygirl (a brand from the Down Under- Aussie- Australia)
Sorry I didn’t snap a pic of that. 

Went to Topshop too
and was thrilled to find a piece of treasure in the Sales section!
Honestly, their non-sales items are so overpriced.
But check this out:


Black furry top for $29 only!
Can’t express my love for this loot because it’s gonna be such a breeze to match, 
covers my tummy after food 
and it’ll be classy I’m sure. ^^

This pretty much sums up my day 
because after this,
I went home to have leftovers for dinner. (which was still an amazing spread)

We also opened up our prezzies!
You’re supposed to wait till Boxing day,
but well, 
we couldn’t wait. HAHAHAH.
Realised that all of my presents are things that make me pretty ^^
Got a new name from my annoying Aussie cousin: “Ai-Mei-Da” 爱美达
can’t deny I’m vain right?

Got new nail polish sets, 
perfumes from my momsie 
and Lancome Eyebrow pencil from my aunt!


Navy Blue spag top from my momsie! Been eyeing this for soooo long, so so happy to receive it^^
Merry Christmas everyone!
It’s boxing day already, 
I can’t wait to go watch Frozen and do more shopping with my sister. 

I thought I’d talk a abit about love before I sleep tho. 
1) Know what you want. 
2) Don’t settle, don’t give yourself away too fast. 
3) If someone really wants you, they’d fight for you. They won’t just give up, they’d do all it takes because nothing else would matter.
4) Don’t make homes out of human beings. Build yourself, have lots of experiences and things to share. You’re perfectly fine alone.
5) I know we always want company, miss a touch/a feeling. But those wonderful things are worth waiting for, to be spent with the right one.

This Christmas, 
you might be alone.
But you’d nvr know, next Christmas might be different.


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Christmas, just another excuse for feasting and shopping

Don’t you just agree with me?
Christmas is such a jolly season, 
because we get to shop and eat!

Woke up on Saturday morning with my mum beside me.
We had a lil chat while I rolled around for a bit before I got up. 
Momsie and I were on a mission, to head to town and gather Xmas gifts for everyone! 

We headed to Takashimaya where we bought:
a Blue silk tie for my cousin (Pierre Cardin)
Versace perfumes for my aunts
& A tee for my lil bro.

because breakfast was kinda rushed and miserable.
So, my mum and I went to Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant for dimsum!

I didn’t buy anything for myself because well, I know I’d be shopping again on Boxing Day hahahhaha.
So I headed back home to rest and prepare for the night!

Girls’ night out

Was really looking forward to this because well, 
I seldom get to spend time with girls. 
Hailing from a girls’ school (Crescent Girls’ School),
one would think that I would have a group of really close gfs to be with all the time and stuff. 
But I guess my straightforward personality has made it such that I have more guy friends than girls.
That’s not wrong, but well, girl company is always nice. 

some of my CGS girls decided to have a Xmas dinner + gift exchange.
It was supposed to be at Bel’s house at first, but we had to change to Timbre, which was fine too honestly.

I seriously like the colour of my sephora lip lacquer in photos butttttt it wears off really fast after I eat/drink etc.
Anw, these are my last surviving photos of my gun tat (cause I had to erase it the next day for filming)

Everyone was super late wth hahahhaha.
Was starving by the time we ate!


Truffle fries, buffalo wings, half half pizza (Roasted Duck and seafood!)

My drink for the night: Mango Mojito

Should have put my arms around Agnes cause the whole photo is damn pretty but awkz. HAHAH
After Timbre, 
we went to Zouk’s roadside to HTHT and do our silly gift exchange. 
We had an amazing rollercoaster ride in Sparky
& drunk me was talking loudly as usual.
God I needa shut up. HAHHAA

Got home at 1am, my mum walked over to me like a cute angry bird hahahaha.


Shall end my Sat post with a lil selfie.

Graduation Video filming

Had such a hard time waking up on Sunday morning. 
Mostly because I had such a hard time the night before battling my cramps (why am I a girl sigh)
But I pulled myself out of bed at 10.30 to start prepping cause I had to get my ass to school.

For graduation video filming!
It’s really quite an honour to be on cast, 
to represent my course in the video (not sure if everyone is happy that I’m representing them but oh wells)
which everyone will watch on screen at grad ceremony
and which everyone would have a copy to bring home.
Can’t wait to have a look at the resulting video, 
hope the edits are good and all 
because the video was filmed and edited by Y1 NP Mass Comm students. 

When I walked into school,
felt like I haven’t been here in a long while.
I realised a school is only a nice place to come back to when there’s life and people. 
I took some snapshots of the campus, for memory.

the whole filming was kinda ill-prepared for, badly planned.
We re-did a lot of scenes because instructions weren’t clear and stuff. 
But well, we tried our best to have fun along the way. 

We had a really early dinner at 5+ because we were gonna have a night shoot. 
Thankfully Sandy drove and we went to The Grandstand for food!
After a bit of walking, we decided on  Casallena Tapas Wine Bar Bistro.
There wasn’t a very wide selection of main courses and I really didn’t want anymore pizza, 
so I chose a pasta instead.

The meatballs were soft but it was really just an average taste. 
And costed about $14.


Arrabiata penne with Wagyu meatballs (nonspicy)
We went back to sch and waited for the sun to set.
We then hurriedly finished our scene,
it was quite funny cause some people were forgetting their lines and we were cracking jokes. 
So thankful to have met these girls for grad video filming!

Although this photo is damn grainy but we all look so happy and pretty^^ (BA girls still the prettiest)
Felt bad that I had to rush off to meet my family for second dinner. (yeah la fatdieme whatever)


At Junction 10 Level 1!

This is not my picture (TBH) It’s a korean restaurant in korea but the one I went to had all these too. HAHHAHA does that work for you guys?
Ended the night with a really happy surprise in my mail.
My scheduler haz arrived from Korea!!
Got it off Qoo10.sg at this link!
I cannot live without physical paper schedulers, I’d feel so super ultra lost. 

Urgfh kill me it’s so pretty.
Can’t start a new year without a scheduler.
2013 has been the most crazy ride I’ve ever been on.
Too many tears, frowns, falling downs 
but that also meant a lot of picking up, friends who stuck by, lessons and self-discovery. 

Really need to close everything well this year and prep up for a new 2014!

Can’t wait for Xmas break!


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Frustrating Friday;

I know my beautician said I have to change my temper,
but seriously it’s impossible when there’s just so many annoyances around that increase your blood temperature. 
It’s known far and wide that “Amanda is straightforward, don’t get too offended cause bitch is just her middle name.”
So yeah, you’ve been warned,
this is a power-packed bitch post. 

So I wake up all snuggly and unwilling to get up for work on a cool Friday morning. (yay tgif right? So not)
Got to sleep in slightly later cause a fellow intern offered to pick me up in his cab the night before. 
Everything was good till I got last minute notice from him asking me to meet at his area instead to take the cab.
Like what???? 
You’re in the cab, it makes more sense for you to come to me right? Plus you offered. 
And if you wanted to make this arrangement, you should have told me the night before so I can plan my time accordingly. 
But well I was generally appeased since he did come to me in the end anyways. 

It was quite a rushed morning as our internship teacher came to return us our interim reports.
She came despite catching the Influenza B, (hopefully it didn’t pass on to me)
I was satisfied with my grade tbh and it could have all ended nicely.
If not for someone who tried to kick up an argument on why the person who lends his report to someone should get punished in the event that the someone plagiarises his work.
His argument being, “You won’t know if that person has the intention to copy. You can just be providing guidance with your paper”
Wait, hold on for one second.
Sure, the person may be super lost in his direction while writing his report.
But that’s what the rubrics are for. 
And urm, if someone didn’t want to copy, why would they have gone through the trouble to ask you for your paper?
If you already have answers, do you honestly think one would still spend time to think of something else better than the suggested answer?
I just gave up trying to reason with someone who wouldn’t budge. 
The teacher, Mrs Yong was being extremely motherly and patient. Using the example of how she guides and teaches her kids. 
But of course he wasn’t convinced.
But who cares?
I know sometimes, I too seem snobbish. 
But I’m no where near your level. 
You think you’re so good don’t you?
Yeah we all know, you have a good command of English and you do know a fair bit. 
But you don’t have to stuff it into people’s faces all the time and correct people so rudely. 
You LAUGH when people pronounce words wrongly. 
Come on, IQ with no EQ, what good would that do?

After this, went for lunch and there was this huge mess as we were supposed to rehearse before our performance for our dept’s Xmas gathering. 
It was such a last min put-together but well we survived. 
A director praised my singing (I sang Last Christmas and it wasn’t my best. My voice screws up when it meets a mic hahhhaa)
We had a dept wide Secret Santa and this is what I got.


Sephora travel set!
Really happy with it!
My Santa must know I am such a vainpox but I love it oh-so-much!

Peperoni Pizzeria (BAD REVIEW)

I was so looking forward to dinner cause I thought it would be awesome. 
Went with 6 other PWC NP interns to Suntec city where we chilled at Smoothie king first. (first time!)
Refer below for our happy faces teehee.
We chatted, gossiped, caught up and then proceeded to Peperoni Pizzeria(Suntec City) at 7.30pm for dinner. 
It was an awful long queue and long wait. 
We only  got a seat at 8.30pm or so.
But we gave Friday evening as a benefit of doubt. 
We ordered an 21″ pizza with two flavours to share, as well as a jug of ice lemon tea. 
Pictures first before I go into bitching. 

After such a long wait, we were starving and couldn’t wait to eat our pizza. 
We waited for 30 mins and then decided to ask about our order.
the lady staff, who took our order told us that we DID NOT order our pizza. 
WE WERE BEYOND PISSED because she wasn’t even sorry and pushed all the blame to us,claiming that we didn’t order cause we wanted some time to think. (what a stupid lousy excuse)

1) Who would wait for so long in the queue, just to order a jug of ice lemon tea??
2) You didn’t repeat our order.
3) If you really thought we needed some time to decide, why didn’t you bother checking back 10-15 mins later?

This woman then happily walked out of the shop as her shift ended, WITHOUT ANY APOLOGY AT ALL.
Even the manager, did not apologise. “I’ll just make it for you now.”
The effffffing fuck.

However, I must commend this young boy (probably a temp) who was trying to be extra nice to us to make it up, what a sweetheart. 

But wells, being raging auditors were like omg this place sucks never gonna come back here again, “Let’s raise AFRs” HAHA

And seriously, they are a RESTAURANT but they don’t even have those leather sleeves to collect cash from customers. 
Money was collected by hand. 
CONTROL PROBLEM RIGHT THERE GUYS. (shit we are such audit workaholics)

Honestly didn’t wanna go into this topic but let me bring up a note that the rude lady staff and manager are foreigners.
Have they already claimed this land as their own and that they can do whatever they wish here?
Have they diluted our culture?
Do they not know the way we live? and basic manners atop of that? NOT TO MENTION BEING IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY. 
Even the local 17/18 year old boy knows better than you. 
Seriously had it. 
Don’t wanna mention the nationality of the two staff but I really hate this group of people. 
Please go somewhere else just go.

Gelare Ice Cream @ Suntec City

With a really big tummy full of fire, 
we decided to get some ice cream to cool off. 

Can’t really see the wordings here but they do have a lot of flavours! We tried cookie dough, Jamaican chocolate and something else I can’t remember. Oh, you can choose the syrup^^

But well, at least made a safe trip home. 
My mum was like “Please take bus back, I’ll reimburse you $1”
HAHAH she thinks its really unsafe at night. 

Was glad Friday was over, so that it couldn’t screw up any further.

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Always a first time

“But there’s always a first time for everything”
― Melissa de la CruzBlue Bloods


I just spent a bomb  last night ($45) to get Kiehl’s Washable Cleansing Milk which is suitable for Dry, Normal to Dry or Sensitive(this is me) Skin Types. 
But well, money spent to save your face has to be good money spent. 
It’s my very first time trying their products!
She threw in free samples too, nvr say no to freebies. #auntiemodeon

Was googling Cleansing milk and saw pretty good reviews of the product and hence decided to give it a go!


Will give my own personal review after using it for a longer period of time, pls pls save my skin.

Paris Baguette Cafe @ Wisma Atria

Yes I know what’s running through your mind now.
“WHAT? You haven’t been there before?? Omg so slowwwww still call yourself a foodie.”

Hahahha sorry, I’m quite slow when I’m catching up with trends.
Thank you Bel for popping my Paris Baguette cherry with me^^

Gastronomia Da Paolo

Had a good cup of caramel latte from them to wake me up on a Tuesday morningg. 
I love when buildings incorporate nature in them!
Soooo much prettier and just perks me up^^

Too bad this isn’t where I intern full time at. 

Looking forward to a lot more first times!


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