International Woman’s Day, the fight for equality

International Woman’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on the 8th of March every year.
Since 1911. 
It has been a long 103 years,
that women had to fight for their rights. 
But the world is still unequal. 

Scary isn’t it? 

When will women stop being viewed as weak?
As incapable of authoritative posts. 
Come on, who disciplines the kids at home and brings them up? The mother. 
So don’t even try to tell me women don’t know how to exercise authority when need be. 
Even women emotions can be useful at the workplace. 
Women understand the needs of other women much better, thats for one. 
Two, I’m sure women can set up great social enterprises with their motherly natures and big hearts.

When will women be more than their flesh?
Was watching 300 this morning and my heart broke when the queen had to offer her body to the traitor in order to get a favour to save her king.
We hear stories all the time, how women in the line of sales or the entertainment industry, have to sleep with men to climb up the ladder.
We watch documentaries, read articles of prostitutes telling us about their typical day 
and I hate that. 
Women shouldn’t have to be put in that kind of situation. 
We shouldn’t have to be submissive to the greed of men, their whims and fancies, their lustful desires.

When will women be treated with respect and honour, as of men have for centuries?
One of the reasons why I am glad to be on board with Jump The Cut is because,
they are putting together a predominantly female team. 
Very few companies have a female voice, and I’m glad JTC wants to be different. 

I’m just sick of GUYS thinking I’m a “stupid, dumb fuck” just because I’m female and because I gave way to them cause I like/love them. 
Like there is nil basic respect and many guys have insufferable egos. 
If you think you’re that good, *claps* the door is right there, go eff yourself. 

But of course, before we ask others to treat us with respect and honour, 
we females must first treat ourselves with respect and honour.
Know that we deserve great things, don’t short-change yourself.
Know that a good guy will respect your time, your opinions, your ideals;
honour not just your body but your whole self as well.

Also, please please chase your dreams and ambitions.
Many girls are labelled as bimbos who only blog/shop/instagram/cafe hop. 
But I think when women have dreams, and fight for them; 
that’s when guys know we are serious with our stuff. 
And they’d respect you 
because well you’d prolly have achieved a lot more than they ever had. 

I hate it when someone tells me “Just find a rich man and get married.”
So, all you think I am capable of, is to be his hand accessory and live off him? 
My mum has taught me since a young age, to be an independent woman. 
To earn my own keep.
I mean, people leave right?
What if you get a divorce? You’d have nothing to your name, 
Plus, I didn’t study so much just to be a taitai and rot my time away yknow. 
I should be worth more than my ability to bear children and raise kids. 

This is also why,
I’ve never been the type to ask guys to buy me things. 
Idk I seldom get my parents to buy me things either. 
I’d just save up and buy them on my own. 
I don’t like the feeling of having to beg and I’d much rather rely on myself, 
then wait on someone to buy me something. 

This year’s IWD theme is “Inspiring Change”,
and I just hope to stir some feelings. 

“The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race.” - Susan B. Anthony

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” - Clare Boothe Luce

“The way in which we think of ourselves has everything to do with how our world see us and how we see ourselves successfully acknowledged by the world.” - Arlene Rankin

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Cool websites to check out

Today, I’d like to share a couple of cool websites with you guys!

Including new sites to shop at, 
new places to get freebies (hehe, auntie mode on)

The Social Bacon

The Social Bacon allows me to:

  1. Pick and choose from their huge range of items to construct my Top 10 Favourites list
  2. I can then share my picks over social media platforms 
  3. which allows friends to shop seamlessly online through TSB

This is great because we always need a second opinion whilst shopping, don’t we?
I really hope you trust my taste hahaha

So, I get to create a store front that looks like this: 


Heheh, my cover photo is from my recent photoshoot!
And these are my top 10 favourites, (for now)! 
Featuring both male and female items to be fair alright! 
You can get really great steals like backpacks for $29.90 and even pretty maxi dresses!
So let’s say you’re interested in the Beige Backpack, 
you click on it
and you should see something like this:

A very user-friendly neat interface for you to shop without a hassle!

Select the colour
and then the size 
and click Buy now!


You would then be transferred to your shopping cart, essentially known as “Your Bag”. You can also see the many payment modes avail!


Fill up your billing and delivery details; I love that it autofills the address for me once I type my postal code. HEHEH #lazybum
As a frequent online shopper and blogshop owner, 
I would encourage registered mail;
especially when you really love an item 
or if your item is expensive. 
You really wouldn’t want it lost in the mail right?


Lastly, you are ensured that your payment will be made securely.
And then hurray,
new items through the mail :>

// Be a Merchant
These days, there are tons of young entrepreneurs out there with blogshops
& so you can join TSB as a Merchant as well!
With influencers choosing your items as Top 10 and sharing on their social media, 
I’m sure it will drive much traffic to your store!

(Once my blogshop is restored, I’d be sure to use TSB to promote my blogshop as well!)

Do note that TSB is still in their beta testing stage, 
so do put up with them and show your support alright?


I chanced upon this website after seeing a friend post a picture of her free sample received from!

Me being a typical auntie, had to check it out!


Was pleasantly surprised by this really kawaii home page and then went on to sign up for my free account!


Fill up your basic details first


You should then get a sign up confirmation, and an activation email from the Sample store!


Look out for an email that looks something like this


Next, you’d need to fill up a short profile about yourself. This allows Sample Store to know you better and to make product recommendations that are suitable for you!


This pictogram shows how SS works. So for a small sum, you get samples of many raved products sent straight to your doorstep!
And because I blog, 
I submitted an application to join their seeders program 
where I can accept invitations by brands to test their products and then write reviews about it!


The Sample Store is also currently running an Instagram contest, so don’t forget to join!
Amanda always shares the good stuff. 

If you have a cool site that you want me to check out, 
let me know!

Cheerios :>

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Monday’s thoughts

Sushi Bar @ FEP

Do you know what this means?

So glad to finally check out this raved place, 
was supposed to come here with Kim the other day, 
but thanks Jiet for making it happen today. 

The place only opens at 12.30pm 
but there was already a queue when we arrived about 12.25pm. 
Guess good things are worth waiting for eh?


It’s a small cosy place, and you can see the special recommendations on the board if you don’t know what to order!
But me being a very hardworking foodie, 
I researched the night before and already took note of what was good to order.

Chawanmushi goodness, $2.80

Salmon Sashimi, $6.90. Super thick slices of fresh salmon.

Salmon Aburi Roll, $13.90 for 8 rolls. The wonders of aburi is that it’s half cooked, so it sorta just melts in your mouth. :>

Sirloin Steak, $13.90 for 100g. Really interesting dips, with crispy sides and soft beef, yum yum in my tum!
I was kinda upset that I didn’t get to try the Tofu Cheesecake and the soft shell crab aburi roll :/
But overall, I ate well. 

A candid shot of me taking photos of the food, heheh. // Love my Rocket Volume mascara from Maybelline, really works right!!

After our food, we shopped around because Jiet is looking for a card holder.
Did I miss out the word “branded”?
So, this marks the first time that I, Amanda Yong, walked into LV and Gucci. 

Never been a biggie on brands, 
like I guess they really are more durable.
But heck they are expensive
and I don’t have that kind of money
and I don’t ask my parents to buy me such things. 

Anyhow, I’m so thankful I look glam today.
If not, I don’t even think LV and Gucci will open their doors to me

Check out my OOTD 


Mega ultra love this jumpsuit from H&M, so worth my $39.90. The V-cut is filled up nicely with a statement necklace and I chose one from Statement Muse, love their accessories! To elongate my look, I also put on my really high nude heels, which caused me to trip many times. Whoops :
We caught Non-stop at Lido;
the show was in Lido 1 and the theatre was HUGE AND EVEN HAD LIKE A MINI-STAGE?

The movie was like kinda meh overall; 
didn’t have a real peak or so. 
But well, guess who’s gonna be paranoid the next time I fly in April. 

What I liked about the movie though, 
is seeing how people cherish and live their days to the fullest. 

How Julianne Moore chooses the window seat so that she can get a good view if her heart acts up 
and suddenly dies.
& How Liam Neeson tries to continue to live his life, 
through the smoking and the drinking; 
and to do his job well and protect the people, and the little girl that reminded him of his daughter.

I remember a character from a book, who eats dessert before her main course, because she’s afraid she might die before she got to dessert. 
I know that sounds a little extreme, but to me; 
I think that’s all about seizing the moment. 

“But you grab a moment or you let it pass.”

Too many people play games,
guessing games, 
waiting games, 
games to test each other,
when will they end?

Only when the other is so far gone? When it’s too late?

What is the purpose of acting cold when you actually care?
What is the purpose of hiding what you feel and guessing each other’s intentions? 

Don’t tell me “to wear your heart on your sleeve, you have to vulnerable and so I won’t be so stupid to do it.”
My dear, to experience love, you need to be exposed to the possibility of a pain that is going to be worth it . 

Do you not realise that with every test, 
you tire out the person’s genuine heart?
You suspect 
you pry, 
you probe
you jump at every little mistake. 
There is no perfect person, this earth is teeming with flawed human beings. 
Take your pick or be alone. 
// Okay I’d continue with this train of thought at the end of the post.

After the movie, 
I headed to SMU for a short rehearsal and run through for the JTC event this coming Wed.
Really excited to gather interesting ideas for films 
and to be on set once more!

Will let you guys know the link of the video once its online the very next day!

Cafe Mondo @ Orchard Central (BOO :// )

Wanted to get some ice-cream before heading home, so we made our way to OC. 
Decided to try Cafe Mondo which is at Orchard Central, level 2.
This place is hard to miss, since it’s just beside the escalator. 


1) The Mushroom soup was really really sour and awful
2) The Cheese fries weren’t very heated up and the cheese was just like cheese slices melted over the fries. 
3) The ice cream tasted low-quality and like tap water



We got two scoops of ice cream free cause we spent like $20 but ewww bleh.

Don’t be fooled by this, I just have good photography skills. HAHAH WHO AM I KIDDIN’
Just don’t bother with this place kay? 

Accepting a flawed human being

Easier said than done? 
No shit.

We all know we have flaws. 
We all know other people have flaws. 
We know that we need to find someone who can accept our flaws and love us for who we are deep down. 
and we know that to get that, we must also accept and love others. 

But how do you get about doing that?

We all have a certain ideal in our heads,
a perfect someone that you know you’d fall in love with in a heartbeat.
Maybe you’d never meet this person, 
but well, 
in your imaginations, you have met him 1 million times or so at least.

For me, 
I’ve long imagined me sitting at a cafe,
book in my hand and a cup of cuppa.
And this guy in a white shirt, clean, decent faced;
walks over and starts talking to me about my book. 

I think there must be a certain something,
about guys that read. 
That they would understand how books create another world,
often which is better than reality,
that books are teachers, 

We would talk about characters as if they are real, 
about stories we would write, 
about cliche books and not so cliche ones,
and we’d laugh about silly things over his book and mine. 

For a while, 
I wanted to indulge in this ideal.
To hold on to the hope that maybe, 
this day would come and I would indeed meet such a person. 

I have prepared myself though, 
that things may not be as rosy as I expect. 
Like the guy I meet might be attached, 
or might have a personality problem. 

But still, I wanted to give myself time to wait on this guy. 

// Now though, 
I have new thoughts. 
I see the beauty in a genuine heart. 

Like how can you still find it within yourself to be picky/annoyed when you receive a sincere note with grammatical errors?
Yes, I see the flaws, but may I cliche-ly insert;
you realise you don’t mind. 
Because you read between the lines and realise, 
hey this person actually bothered for one, 
and two, decided to still write this even though they know English isn’t their strongest point. 

I think in this world full of suspecting hearts, 
sincerity is hard to sieve out. 
Take time to validate someone and their intentions,
but recognise acts of love/care when you receive them. 

With that said, a gentle reminder that love is a strong word, 
don’t use it loosely.

I need someone to pour myself into. —Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath 

(Damn I need to get this book)

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Alcohol, the stem of trouble

Alcohol officially sucks.
Especially when you don’t know your tolerance. 
I puked for the first time because of alcohol and it sucks big time.
Like I became the burden I told myself I’d never be. 

Spent the whole of yesterday hungover as hell.
Like I puked again in the morning when I woke and in the afternoon. 
I couldn’t eat much or drink even.

Woke up with crazy bruises because I rmbr falling flat from a chair


My swollen upper lip


Forgive me for this unglam shot but look at the bruise and swell and blood. My bottom tooth is like slightly chipped, you can’t see but I can feel it.
Sigh, I’m showing you guys all this because 


Took 10 shots on friday night, no surprise why I died


Well, at least flat tummy after all the rounds of puking.


Sorry I give you problems everytime we party <3
Everyone, please drink responsibly. 
Especially for girls.

Thankfully for me, I was taken care of.
But yknow, please take care alright all you party animals 

IT Show 2014

So, I worked for two days of the IT Fair as a Canon Selphy Girl
and I pretty much liked it.
You get a lot of attention as long as you’re not dressed in  a company tee with makeup and heels yknow?


My fellow auntie Selphy girl :> Really enjoyed working with you!


My dear 11:11 couple, all the best for work and hope you guys earn a lot kay!


Of course, being a Selphy Girl entitles me to take endless selfies without being judged. (I think the headband makes me look pretty cute right :>)


Winking bunny :>


He knew I didn’t sleep the night before and got me Starbucks to reward me for working hard! yay thanks for the surprise.
Warm-up selfies before work on day 1
Overall, work was okay
just had shitty eating times.

I hope the commission will be good though?
(yes I don’t even know the commission rate yet damn it)

Eggs and berries with Bellow

Met Bellowellow for brunch on Wed at JEM
and we decided to try Eggs and Berries!


No one says no to pancakes but this was a lot to handle.


Complimentary Creme brulee that was served in a little glass egg, how adorbz.


Our OOTDs hehe
We also went shopping at H&M and I got a jumpsuit omg love it so much
and also another crop top. 
Been collecting so many crop tops geez;
my abs need to appear pronto.

After shopping, rushed over to CCK stadium for a short workout.

If you play badminton too, please “jio” me along cause Amanda needs to exercise. 

Girl’s night out

On monday, I went for Canon training.

To learn more about the Selphy CP910 Printer that I would be selling at the IT Fair. 

For $179, you get the printer, 54 pieces of photo paper and the matching ink.

It’s pretty good,
light and compact
and would allow you to print photos in the comforts of your home!

You can also send photos through the WIFI function directly from your phone.
The photos dry instantly,are smudgeproof and waterproof and can last for 100 years :>

Available in white and black


Can even print ID photos!
After which, met my dear Val at Vivo city to catch The Lone Survivor.

I quite liked it, although the men in it really damn suay?
Like just when they thought help was near; 
the whole plane was bombed up by the Talibans 🙁

But it made me realise
that while people are out there fighting real wars;
here we are in comfort whining about the fights we have within ourselves. 

Everyday people fight for survival, for their lives;
and you being the more fortunate,
are you not gonna cherish every minute to be happy and do something significant with it?

They fight so you can live.


Dinner, I think the broad noodles taste better. I find the soup kinda oily tho.
We shopped at F21 and I got 
a pair of white crotchet shorts
a pair of jeggings for $13
and a crop top.

Also got some accessories from lovisa :>


Supper at The Wine Company; Sentosa’s broadwalk is so romantic. Truffle fries, Crabmeat salad and Rissoto


Me answering a call from my mum; she made me cab home cause it’s late. But it was like 11ish only.
I enjoyed the time spent with Val.
I enjoy girl time because it’s rare and precious. 

But I’m meeting more girls now and I like it that way.

Jump The Cut

If you follow me on other social media,
you’d probably have seen me mention JTC before. 

I’m excited to start a new journey with JTC as Resident Host
and I’m more than honoured that Ernest, JTC’s founder, is willing to give me this chance. 

Well, it’s a company dedicated to help film-makers. 
Film makers often face funding problems and have issues reaching out to their target market. 
JTC wants to create a platform that not only brings film makers and film lover together, 
but is also a place where film makers can raise funds for their film through crowd-funding

Crowd-funding is basically accumulating the funds needed from many people instead of getting the whole sum of money for a single person. 
Like $1 from 300 people is gonna be more manageable than $300 from a single person.

Filmmakers can upload trailers of their film and explain why they want to make it.
If you like it, you can support their film through a small donation, to bring their film idea into reality. 
You’d become like a stakeholder in their film. 

My role?
To make JTC look really cool
JTC wants to be vibrant, happening and cool.

We wanna take the industry by storm, 
bigger than the next big thing. 

We’re gonna be uploading interviews, reality shows, short films

JTC is now in the process of hiring and putting together a predominantly female A team.

Innovation fair @ SMU, 5 March 2014

This is gonna be our very first event, 
as SMU has funded JTC as an enterprise. 
JTC would be roving around the area with live cameras;
interviewing people
and getting people to take part in our activity.

We will be handing out old movie tickets,
with a small part that you can tear off and then stick it on a wall.
You are to write a film idea on the ticket 


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Swimming in fire;

Before everything went downhill, 让自己忙碌证明还活着 

Nexcare Ambassador @ Teenage Mag’s Valentine’s Day Event


Basically, we just approached people to do our survey and then gave them a free sample. So much for being an ambassador.


But well, at least I got a free gift set with all their products to try~


I tend to spend money at work, stupid right. But Ya Kun’s Green tea freeze drink is pretty good!


And this is the selfie I took before going to work, which I am using as my avatar and I love it because it has such a relaxed look and well, prolly would be how I look like if I worked in A&F but my red hair they can’t accept so wtv.

Modern Beauty salon Promoter

So, Nexcare was from 13th-16th 
and I worked for Modern Beauty from 17th to 21st. 

Biggest mistake of my life to agree to work,
I hated the sales job so much. 

Promoting facials?
Selling people things they don’t need?
Lying to people?
I don’t know, not my thing. 

Wanted to quit within the first two hours, 
because it was agonizing and time passed so slowly and the job sucked ttm,
Managed to get a mid-week break tho.

My agent lied to me, 
by saying she applied for my staff pass so I can’t back out. 
what a bitch. 
There was no such pass.

Also, she made the job scope sound very vague 
and so I didn’t know it was to sell facials urgh.

Not gonna work for her anymore once all my current assignments are done.


I tried to cheer myself up at work with a good cup of mocha.


Her boobs were so badly photoshopped, I feel so bad for her. And the image of the co is like whattttttt


Dinner on the second day of work, Saizeriya’s food looks pathetic eh.


The famous fish soup from Hup Lee Eatery in The Arcade, the fried fish is not dry so it’s superb. :>


Met a customer to sell off my preloved clothing and she wrapped her money in this really cute packaging; I’m now using it to hold my Ez-link card!


On the mid-week break, I went for my Clinique training to learn about the new EBEL. It’s a superb product which activates your skin’s natural ability to regenerate moisture! Available in two variants for dry and oily skins respectively, so go down to any Clinique counter to try! (Ps, with every purchase, there will be a FREE gift set worth $30!)


That night, had dinner with my babe Kim and a friend whom I haven’t talked to in forever.


Had dinner at the Big O Restaurant cause we bought coupons for it; the mushroom soup was ok but needs to be heated more.


Baby ribs :>


Tell you my photo edits iz good one.


The best part of working for events, is meeting new people; these girls made work survivable.

“Burning in water, drowning in flames”

I feel like a zombie on life support, 
a skeleton with a beating heart, 
and eyes that cry 
but there’s nothing left of me.

I feel horrible.
I messed up my life again.
Do I know how to even live my life?

No, I clearly don’t.

They always say, “Once bitten, twice shy”
and if you make the same “mistake” over and over,
it’s no longer a mistake,
it’s a choice.
A fucking stupid choice.

People tell me, 
you’re just young,
you don’t know how to deal with such situations well enough yet,
but now you learn and you know.

I had to get hurt this way to learn?
Now I see human touch and I’m afraid.
And I promised myself that I won’t hug guys anymore.
And if anyone doesn’t respect that, 
then fuck off. 

Woke up on Friday feeling suicidal;
and I still had to work.
Was trying so hard not to cry and stuff


The glue that kept my insides together.
Friday night, I only got home at 3am.
Because I needed to be a friend to someone,
despite myself crumbling into bits.

I know I do also have people who care for me,
but what I need now, 
is just to be left alone. 

I. Need. To. Be. Locked. In.

Clinique Angel

Started work for Clinique on the 22nd, 
despite having little sleep the night before.
Was hoping that Clinique work would be better but meh.


My before and after makeup transformation!


Lo and Behold, the Even Better Essence Lotion!


My partner and I for the next 7 weekends, hwaiting!~


My ponytail looks horrible from the front but lovely from the side; shall I talk to you like this?
It really hurt to be walking around in 4 inch heels to give out flyers
but I met up with my god bro and pampered myself with


Work has been screwing up my lunch times thou, 
ate lunch at 4ish
and immediately left house for dinner at 5.30

Dinner was fish head steamboat at Whampoa!
(Have to wait for at least 1 hour)


How can you go to a hawker and not have sugarcane?
Thought it was okayy only la, idk maybe cause I didn’t have the mood to eat.


His joy and innocence, I envy.


The lights were mesmerizing


On sunday, I decided to feature a new product from Clinique, which is the Anti-blemish corrector concealer! It helps to not only conceal, but also fix your blemishes~


Had the cheesy pasta shrimp snacker for lunch and the new revised fries are oomph so good
For dinner, we went to Nihon Mura; 
because well we had vouchers for 19 free plates




Oh no what have I done?


Never mind, happy that I conquered muahahah


We also had some ramen


Le sissy and the mum

When we got home, 
found out that my mum’s Newcastle convocation and my SAT test are like on the 2nd of May and 3rd of May respectively.
We were supposed to all go holiday together

then my mum got upset that I didn’t rmbr the date
and I got upset with myself cause I failed as a daughter.

I fail at being myself
and at life in general right?

“En toute chose il faut considérer la fin.”

Look before you leap, think before you act.

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SEA Games 2015 Launch Party

“Give me an S – S
Give me an I – I
Give me a N-G-A-P-O-R-E!” *inserts shrilly voice*

Would you cheer for Singapore?
I believe many Singaporeans would still watch our SG athletes during international sporting events 
and cheer them on
because we still do feel the warm community spirit when we come together. 
(despite the gazillion complains we make about our island, I get it, I really do.)

In this post, I will be recapping about my night at the SEA Games 2015 Launch Party!
It was a blast :>

Here you can see the stage, the nearby surroundings of Gardens by the Bay and the Moshpit area(the lil grass patch)!

We got there a lil late and the party was already going on,
really happening
& heartening to see Singaporeans showing their support for the event by being dressed in red!
I always love soaking up the energy and love in the atmosphere at these events.
Fret not, I wasn’t a spoilsport and threw on my red top as well!

The line up for the evening was really exciting,
I’d do a pictorial recount alright?

We caught Chen Wei Lian’s performance which was in line with promoting for the 2014 ASEAN Paralympics as well. I believe his story encourages many people to live life to the fullest despite the difficulties we face.

This is Charlie Lim, and I swear his vocals are amazing. Something you’d fall in love with while reading at a cafe, or play before bed :>
Because I personally fell in love with him,
I’m sharing his music with you alright?
Check out his site here:

Also, he’s just such a cutie, like a shy guy behind his specs sending love through the notes that fall off his guitar
So stalk him on insta here as well! @wherewascharlie

Here you see Daphne Khoo, singing the theme song of the SEA Games and ASEAN Paralympics; Greatest

The Minister gives his encouraging speech~

Mascot Nila welcomes everyone, isn’t it cute???

To officially launch the party, they got cyclists to cycle hard to create enough kinetic energy to light up the launching mechanism!
You can see the ball changing colours as they cycle! Pretty cool stuff

The party is on!

The Great Spy Experiment rockin’ the stage

So thankful to get a picture backstage :>

While walking around, bumped into the beautiful Eunice Anabel!

Backstage with Charlie, forgive my messy hair; was too happy hehe

With John Merlina and his band before their set!

Such a blur photo but this is DJ Aldrin and I swear his beats are awesome, can’t wait to catch him at Velvet on the 8th of March!

My clan mate and I, haven’t clubbed with you before but I know you’d make a good dance partner.

Met two beautiful girls and made friends!

A selfie group shot before parting; follow them on insta, @kimberleyyongofficial @fredabek @bizarreunicorns
With that, 
I’m thankful for the opportunity to get Mosh pit tickets and even backstage passes to meet the celebrities!
Also, I’m more than happy to meet new people and make new friends.

With that, I will cheer Singapore on for the Games!

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The things and people that get me by,

*inserts a weak hey*
I am exhausted from work, such a workaholic me. 
Today is my last day as Nexcare Ambassador at the Teenage Magazine Valentine’s day event!
(finally, I mean it was quite a torture going around and asking people to help with surveys)

Why did I even agree to work next week from Monday(tmr) to Friday as well?!
I make stupid decisions urgh. 
It’s only gonna pay me $8.50/hr sigh and must stand for 8 hours!!!

Just did the dishes cause I need to train to be more independent;
in case I really do end up studying overseas. 

I have so much to recap so let’s go!


Forgot to share this buy with you guys in my previous town post,
so #throwbacktothe12th

I don’t know if you can see, but I love my new doggie studs; its golden and with a black stripe so I can pair it with everything! From Func Deko at FEP
Woke up on a beautiful Wednesday morning, 
esp when I opened my fb messages inbox!

Got a note from a schoolmate asking me to be a social influencer for the SEA Games 2015!
I don’t know why he would even consider me or remember me or think that I’m a good candidate;
but I was so glad! (and excited for the launch party as well; details below!)


When opportunities come your way, you grab them tight. I cancelled work for the party :>

Looks exciting right!!
So after some spazzing; 
I kept the day free and went to visit my aunt in the late afternoon.
She was in the hospital and just made it through a major op!
So, she removed her uterus which had lots of tumours :/
I’m so glad she’s better now!

Sleep well, 
eat healthy foods, 
smile a lot alright?


Got her some pretty lilies from the marketplace to brighten up her room!

Details for the day, don’t my nails look pretty?

Took faceless OOTDs as well that night; check out my pretty purple walls and floral curtain and my sleep buddy :>

The people who know me and love me; my favs

We meet so much less, ever since school stopped for us.
But our love is still strong.
My clique, what can I say?
I am a highly  misunderstood creature but yet they see me, and they know me. 
Most importantly they love me. 
We talked about school, catched up with each other.

Lunch was at Delifrance (Jurong Point); which was HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING.
If there’s one thing I hate, I hate being let down by food.


How do you call this a bread bowl and a chef recommendation at that? The soup was more like mushroom cream and it wasn’t really temperature hot :/
Thankfully though, 
my babe treated us to Starbucks!
So it made up for the crappy lunch~

Some of my friends tell me, I drink Starbucks too often and that they should pay me for helping them advertise HAHHA

Snuck this photo up on them TEEHEE, presenting my IT geek & transport directions guru JJ and my Malay bestie Hana^^
She has the loveliest smile.

I also collected my free Laneige BB cushion sample!
Great for the sunny days cause it has SPF 50+ to protect your skin;
corrects the tone of your skin 
and is also sweat-proof!
Someone say perf for SG!

Eh, how to get? I also want leh

HAHAHAH, no fret.
Amanda always shares the good stuff with you

1) Hop on to
Clozette has tons of other contests where you can win more stuff; get outfit inspirations and makeup tips!


The page should look like this!

Click the sign up button

Fill up your particulars & check your email!~
Be quick alright!
Cause from past working experiences, these popular samples run out fast!

Valentines; 元宵节;international friendship day

The day meant fairly little;
but I did take the chance to appreciate my loved ones. 
We should always remember to do so, because people need to be reminded that someone loves them yknow?

Treated myself to a good lunch with a friend at JEM :>


Our spread at Shin-Kushiya! The skewers were really good
Sigh but well, after eating well; 

Decided to go back for dinner because my momsie misses me and because they were waiting for me to have 汤圆 together
Our family strongly believes that 
“A family that eats together, stays together”

To show my love for my fam; 
I brought back a box of Dunkin’s!


I don’t like the chocolate almond one :/
Didn’t feel like ending off the night just like that.
I made my friend meet up with me to have a drink HAHHA.

This is how retarded I look with two bottles of Hoegaarden in my bag
We drove to CCK park and talked;
played with swings and the playground in general.

We left for supper around 3am
cause he was craving for some Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak
(who the hell eats rice so late?!)
But well we shared this sinful plate of nomz.

Virgin Duxton road visit

Who doesn’t love the concept of shophouses?
every nook of the street is a place you can take an OOTD.
Most importantly, 
there’s always food. 

Met up with a clan girl, Kim (as we were going to head to the SEA Games Launch party together!)

We dropped by Group Therapy cafe for a bit, 
but well they were too crowded to host us. 

We decided to explore the stretch a bit,
and stumbled upon, 
wait for it, 

Even the name of the place is really hipster, called Littered with Books.
I swear it’s like entering a whole new world. 
Their books are pretty updated and their bookshelves are decorated with cute lil’ notes and recommendations.


If you’re wondering why I didn’t get a book there and then,
it’s cause I already have a read on hand!
I know I’m slow, but it’s my first Mitch Albom book. 

Being a strong believer of treasuring time;
I wanted to read this book strengthen my belief. 
I felt like I needed a reminder, to not just count the minutes but to relish every second. 

A wise 18 year old once said, 
“This life matters only because our time here is finite.”
You know your time here will run out, 
so be grateful for every minute and make it count.
Use it to make yourself and the people around you happy. 
Live such that you can tell yourself, you lived to the fullest and the most abundantly.


Here’s my Feb read and also my collection of watches :> I’d feel so empty without a watch on my wrist
Okay, enough sidetracking.

We ventured further and stumbled upon Department of Caffeine!
It is a highly raved cafe of recent times
and my dear was craving for coffee
so we decided to have a try!

They were full too; but we were put on waiting list and then called up when our table was ready (:
Great service!

We got iced coffees, which didn’t look so good on cam

Doesn’t the food look so orgasmic?!

Pancakes with blueberry mix and Churros with chocolate; we indulged in our sweet tooth wants :>

How could we have left Duxton. 
without OOTDs taken? 

My girl stood on the road and put her life on the line for these;
so you better say they are pretty!


In my red velvet top from TEM; Tartan pleather skirt and Rubi Jelly heels
With that, we whizzed to Gardens by the Bay for the Launch party
(I’d make a new post for that one)

In the mean time, 
let me go to bed.

I hope you like the changes I did to my blog!

“All a woman actually wants is to feel special.” 
― Matt DunnThe Ex-Boyfriend’s Handbook

(But don’t wait for someone to tell you that,
tell yourself those words everyday.)


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Living the life of a Tai Tai

Hahahah hey there, 

guess the title says it all.

This post is gonna be about:
My manicure & pedicure sesh at The Professionails
Costa Coffee
Dean and Deluca
& some random rants.

The Professionails

Started my day with an appointment with The Professionails;

bought a Groupon voucher for two sesssions of Classic Mani and Pedi which includes a foot scrub!

So this is my second session with them!


My nails were so fugly before the manicure, god.


I really love the interior of the shop; furry purple carpet and that pretty wallpaper. // While she works on my feet.


Just a random selfie to kill the boredom


Check out their wide display of nail polishes!


I had a really hard time choosing, (not because I’m an indecisive girl but well that may be part of the reason). // In the end, I chose a deep glossy purple for my toes and the silver foil colour for my fingernails!
After an hour;

(Btw, I topped up $2 for fast dry and it really helps. So do ask your manicurist if they have these fast dry drops if you’re doing a classic manicure like me!)


I totally love this colour because it looks like foil!
Once you start on manicures, you just can’t stop?
Cause pretty nails would be another reason for your smile.

Check out The Professionails at Midpoint Orchard (:

After I did my nails, 

My appt was at 12.30 and it ended at 1.30ish.
I only had breakfast so my stomach was so empty.
I didn’t know what to eat so I decided to check out Costa Coffee for a bite.

Found this uh-mazing plate of yumminess


Ham, mushroom and cheese BAP; it’s like crispy and the cheese melts in your mouth and I really like mushrooms and it goes really well with the ham. *Spazz*
You’re prolly going like,
oh-em-gee girl, cheese? So fattening

Okay yeah I know, but it tastes good so stop it already hahahaha.


// Side story: As I was walking towards Costa Coffee, this guy came up to me and talked to me. 
He asked for my number and I nicely rejected him and his offer of friendship.
This is the second time that a guy has come up to me at 313 Somerset to ask for my number;
(Not trying to boast)
but has it now become a new girls’ hunting spot?

But yeah so after he got a “No” from me, 
he lingered on and tried to “prey” on another girl.
Although I don’t know if he was eventually successful but 
One, you can’t blame a man for trying; 
two, maybe he needs a date for Valentines
three, he desperately needs to satisfy some urges
four, wants to relieve some boredom.

But in any case, I don’t wish to find out which reason. (maybe all? HAHA)

No fate with A&F

After I finished up my food, 
I dropped by A&F.
I’ve went for an interview to work there previously and they said my hair’s too red so I’d need to reshoot my photo when it looks more natural.
I decided to go back and try again. 
But they still find it too red. 

I’m so reluctant to dye it dark again because I really love the current colour
(as seen below).

So I guess I’m gonna give up the job till sometime in future?

Dean and Deluca

Met up with my babe Kim and we went to grab coffee!

Originally, she wanted to check out Black Coffee Dessert Bar at Triple One Somerset


We were kinda disappointed, so we searched for an alternative and settled for Dean and Deluca.
Haven’t tried Dean and Deluca before so I was pretty excited.


Featuring the Marble Latte; has white chocolate and milk chocolate in it, with a shot of coffee! Really good.


We also tried an Earl Grey Blueberry Muffin which wasn’t too sweet (good for the older generations or those who don’t have a sweet tooth?) and Kim got a cup of Green Tea Latte, which is milkier and has more green tea powder than the Starbucks version.


The purpose of this shot was to show off my nails, heheh. // Pardon the awkward hand handling of the cup.

We talked a lot, 
sharing bits of information about ourselves, 
voiced opinions and talked about love & relationships. 

We also shopped around abit but well, didn’t end up buying anything.

Wanted to try out The Sushi Bar at FEP but the queue was so long!!

Thank god Saveur came to the rescue!

Saveur has been rather raved, because it serves good and cheap French food!


Love the cute fashionable duck on their menu // Here’s a pick up line; “What’s on the menu today? Me-n-u”


Kim got the Pasta appetiser ($4.90) and I order the Duck Confit ($12.90)
I really like the dish because the duck skin is crispy but the meat is tender and just right.
Love the mushrooms and the mash potato;
the oranges also added and interesting twist to the taste of the dish,

We ended the meal with Earl Grey Creme Brulee;


It may not seem much here, but I swear it’s damn good. The taste of the Earl Grey mixed with the sweet sugar top and the sourness of the raspberries; I think I went to heaven and back a few times.


My pretty darling, thank you for the day! I don’t have many girlfriends cause I don’t always click well with them, but I think we hit off just fine. Can’t wait to see you again!

Gosh I’m so tired rn. 

Last night I had a really bad dream;
of some monsters and that I was trapped in this hotel and running in circles. 

Maybe I was too stressed dealing with my friends’ relationship dramas.
Everyone’s so unhappy yknow?
But I’m thankful that I have other friends whom I can lean on and unload to. 
Without them, I think I’d have crumbled. 

Some reminders I got yesterday: 

Honestly, we don’t know if there’s an afterlife. 
What if this is your one and only life?
Okay, even if you believe in an afterlife, there’s no harm seizing the day now right?

I say, chase your passions, 
do what makes you happy yknow?
Don’t live life with regrets. 
Live for yourself and not for anyone else. 
Which brings me to my next point,

Let’s face it, 
people are always gonna talk and comment about you.
It’s their tongue and we can’t stop them.
But we can control and deal with whatever they say. 
Don’t get affected and you win. 
It’s not easy, I know. 
But try. 
I think you’d be a lot happier living life like that(:


Here’s me signing off with my classic smile, xoxo!
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Frustrations about love

I’m getting bad again.
I can’t stop overthinking. 
These thoughts keep haunting me and replaying in my mind. 
There is simply no peace in my soul and my mind. 

I’m frustrated, because I don’t get love at all.

And I’ve had enough. 
I really need to get it out of my system. 

Recently, I have new thoughts or rather, fears towards love. 
One person has been constantly trying to reassure me and give me faith to believe and me patient, 
& for that I’m thankful that you’re my friend 
and you’re here with me.

But still, I can’t be fully convinced. 

The love story that gives me hope,

In sometime March last year, 
my cousin got into a motorcycle accident back in JB. 
He flew off his bike, and his helmet flew off as well; which meant he suffered serious head injury.

He had to undergo three ops, 
of which I believe made him lose some brain matter.
He forgot some things, even his age; thinking he’s 19 when he’s 26.
He was lively and talkative, but now has speech difficulties.
 His limbs have less strength now too. 

Although he is now much better, it was a difficult time for him and his family. 
& he wouldn’t have made it through without the love and care from his girlfriend. 
She stuck by him for 6 years and even after the accident,
She still stood by him.
“What are words if you really don’t mean them when you say them” right?

She quit her job just to be his 24 hour guardian. 
She put on a lot more weight during this time but yet she’s so beautiful.
The way she looks at him, cares for him, knows everything about him,
it’s the most amazing thing. 
For the first time in my life, 
I could believe that you CAN find someone  who loves you more than your parents. 

The one

To date, 
I struggle with this theory. 
Is there really the one? 
OR are there many “the one’s?

Let’s assume, 
there is the one for everyone. 
Then how would you know?

Base it on feelings?
Let’s face it. 
FEELINGS CHANGE. (Today I feel happy tomorrow I feel sad and angry and this and that)
It’s got to be more than that, don’t you think?

My third relationship, 
was the one I gave the most. 
Ever since then, I’ve felt like I don’t know how to love anymore. 
I have a lot to give, but I don’t know how. 

And then people come along, 
saying they “like” or “love” me
but I don’t register their actions as love at all. 

They confuse me, 
as to what love really is. 
How do we accept the love we think we deserve?
When I don’t think anyone knows love at all?

The story,that made me struggle more with the concept of finding “the one”.

My friend shared with me that he was with his ex for 4 years.
And he did consider marrying her.
He had parental consent and at that point in time, 
he was considering to sign on and so he would have a stable income.
But he eventually did not sign on, so I guess the question wasn’t popped as well.

After entering the U, they kinda drifted apart.
With their relationship worsening due to the lack of communication,
they eventually
broke. up. 

From someone you thought you’d marry, to someone you once knew
How can I accept that and just move on?
Like okay, good for you that you found out you wouldn’t work out before you married,
But aren’t you scared?
How would you know if the next girl you date will really really be the one you want to marry?
I feel scared for you.

But well, I know you guys will tell me;
if you made a mistake,
you can file for a divorce.
As of now, I’m not pro-divorce because I’ve seen how much it affects the kids.
I don’t think the children should suffer from our mistakes.
That is the most fucking selfish thing you can do. 

So yeah I rather be scared of not being able to choose the right one, 
than tell myself there’s always a way out.

This era

I’ve heard this excuse twice
and I’ve had enough.

What age already? It’s the 21st century already”

To that I say a big “Fuck you”

I know, in these times, people are more open about physical things, about sex. 

Sure, go ahead and make out with that girl in the club. 
But if you meet someone you’re really interested in, 
do you treat her the same?
Do you try to touch her and get to her and say ” I guess cause I really like you?”

You take time to actually know her and not mix everything up.

Just cause the gazillion other people out there
take off their clothes 
kiss each other and call that love

If you’re open about physical acts to the girls at the club and treat the girl you really like the same way,
How can she know that you want to know her for who she really is?
How can she know that you look at her and think she’s beautiful because of her soul and not whatever’s on the outside?
How can she know that you love her?

Do you guys hear what I’m saying?
Even as a girl, 
when I meet a guy I’m interested in, 
I keep my physical distance.
Why would you want to complicate things?
Or cloud your vision about your feelings towards the person?
What if you end up being together just cause you guys made out and stuff?
What’s the point of the relationship then?
Don’t tell me there’s love cause there is none. 

Basic respect people, for yourselves and for her.
Respect the relationship you two share. 

Can more people make love and less people have sex?
Can you stop complicating love?

Why can’t we be old school again?
Send love letters,
make mixtapes, 
sing love songs, 
take walks in the park,
spazz across the phone to each other,
dance on the streets

Maybe I was born in the wrong time. 

 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to church.
And maybe that’s partly the reason why cannot feel love in my heart and I cannot understand it. 
But this definition of love, is one I would always go back to. 

Love is patient
Love waits.
It does not hurry and rush into “relationship” status
Because if it’s your love, then it’s meant to stay. 
I’m not saying you take forever to make your intentions known.
But I think if someone can give up on you so easily, it’s not really love is it?

Love is kind
I think if someone loves you, and even though you made a mistake, they wouldn’t make you feel worthless.
They would sit down with you, talk about it and resolve the issue.
Not make you feel like shit and not hold it against you. 
They would be kind in their words because they know words have power and they wouldn’t want to hurt you unnecessarily because that means hurting themselves too. 
If you are in a abusive relationship, whether verbal or physical;
please leave.
Do not put up with it any longer,
don’t swallow your tears, pride and ego anymore. 
It’s not worth it because it’s not love.

I’d like to end by saying, 
be careful of how you make the girl feel.
But before that, I think you need to examine your intentions towards her, 
and tailor your actions accordingly. (Same for girls honestly)

How do you want her to register you as,
a fling?
a potential?
a friend? 

I will not go into the “no status”es cause that’s complicated
but if that’s what both of you want then yay okay everyone’s happy.

Valentine’s day is around the corner;
and I really hope the couples are happy.
As for us singles, I guess we need to keep the faith.


If you’re concerned and curious about me, 
I have a few updates for you about my life I guess?

1) Check out my lookbook tab above
I’d be updating as and when I can.
As for now,
it’s mostly my CNY ootds.
I need someone to help me take my OOTDs more often.

2) I’m done with internship/poly

For now, I’m  taking some part time event jobs
Like being Nexcare ambassador at the Teenage Magazine event at Bugis Junction over the next couple of days.

I also need to settle uni applications :/

I wanna do up my faceless fashion blog as well ASAP.

I’ve been diligent in clearing my driving stuff as well!
Just passed my Basic Theory Evaluation and BTT is on 31st March
Will now go for final theory lessons ^^


Soon, this shall be the driver’s seat!
with love, xoxo
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CNY Factory outlet sales


Hahahah, did I wish too early?
Just got back from a day of shopping at factory outlets for CNY goodies and lots of fooooddddd.
I know there’s tons of foodies out there and EVERYTHING is getting ridiculously expensive for the festive period. 
My condo’s cleaning auntie paid like $80 for fish at the market?!?!?!

Come, let me the budget barbie (*coughs* auntie) show you all the places to get your CNY foods and not go broke!

Fragrance Foodstuff//美真香//香味肉干

Bak Gua (roasted pork slices) are essential “to buy” CNY goodies. 
You can actually get them all year round but people are just willing to pay premium prices for them during CNY.
I guess they do add to the festive mood, in a way. 
(& that humans find it a tradition to eat it in CNY?)

Fragrance Foodstuff is having factory sales for CNY!

If you’re driving, check out the maps below!


Not only do they sell their famous Bak Kwa, they also have TONS of tibits and goodies to choose from!

1) Prawn/fish crackers
2) Variety of seaweed snacks
3) Sandwich sugar candies! (my favvvvvv)

After you’re done with Fragrance Foodstuff, feel free to cruise down the lane as well as the neighbouring lanes as there are other factories selling foodstuff as well!

Some other gems that you can find are: 
 - Tiger Brand Soy Sauce factory (The soy sauces are cheaper and there’s also BKT packets and other kinds of seasonings!)
– Fassler Gourmet Singapore (Seafood) 

 Fassler Gourmet Singapore// The  Salmon Factory in Woodlands

Does anyone NOT like salmon here? 
I don’t think so. 
Satisfy all your seafood cravings/needs/wants here!

All photo credits to Fassler’s website as I did not take photos here :/

LOOK AT ALL THAT GLORIOUS SASHIMI (I heard someone bought 1.5kg worth at less than $50!)

The good stuff in the walk in freezer!
If you don’t eat salmon, 
there’s prawns,
other fishes, 

Below you’d find their address
their opening hours each day
and even their website if you want to order party platters to spice up your party!

For the Easties/ Those willing to travel

So the west siders have Woodlands to supply them with good stuff.
What do the Easties have?


Camel Nuts

Are you nuts about nuts? 
Are you a nutcase? HAHAHAHAH keedz.

I think nuts are a must-have because they are the best alcohol accompaniments.
Also, they work well in  keeping you occupied when you’re bored
or when you don’t wanna answer all the silly questions from relatives. 


The huge selection, and my eyes are just fixated on the Japanese nuts. (I love the anchoives you find among the nuts hehe)


I’m personally not a fan, 
but I’d share with you guys anyway.

LIM LUAN SENG FOODS INDUSTRIES PTE LTD  Factory: Block 26 Defu Lane 10 #01-178 
  Singapore 539207
Tel: (65) 6281 0359, (65) 6283 0022Fax: (65) 6284 3996Email: otah@limluanseng.comWebsites:

Try their famous spicy fish otah, (cooked on the spot! Or raw to buy home)

Below is their comprehensive menu, go get your otahs!

If you thought that’s the end, Defu Lane has more to offer!
You have to be adventurous and take your time to peek around!
Go ahead, enter the factories and ask if they sell to the public! (most of the times the answer is yes^^)

This “thick skinnedness” is how my mum and I found a place that sold handmade Yongtaufoo items!

We got our hands on some prawn dumplings, mushroom balls and tofu skin!
Of course, the range includes a lot of other stuff and this shop is just beside the Otah stall!


Thought it was quite interesting to see them sun cuttlefish!


That pretty much sums up what I have for you today!

If you have questions or need more directions; 
leave a comment and I’d reply to you lovelies~

Have fun shoppin’!

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