Mother’s Day at Sufood!

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and Sufood has come up with a great way to give back to our moms!

For this Mother’s Day weekend (6th to 8th of April), making a reservation with a minimum order of two EIGHT COURSE set meals for $29.80++, Sufood will give diners the opportunity to surprise their mothers with a hand-crafted shake-salad customized by the diners themselves!

Definitely a great way to bring your mother out to a great dining experience, that’s also REALLY healthy, while sharing a personalized moment with the most important woman in your life.

Why should you go to Sufood? 

Sufood prides itself on using the freshest ingredients and health cooking methods, as well as innovating vegetarian cuisine that is both tasty and looks good! PLUS, they have the option of adjusting their ingredients for vegans and lacto-ovo vegetarians!

The eight course set meal is a must-order this weekend, and a definite STEAL at $29.80++ for an appetiser, cider, breadsticks, and a selection of soups, salads, main courses, desserts, and drinks.

Pamper your momsie with a healthy meal fit for a queen!

Make a reservation at Raffles City / Wheelock Place! For more info, check out their IG @sufoodsingapore

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Dermagold [Review]

Exam week is here and it’s just so easy to forget to take care of my skin sometimes!

The late nights and stress will definitely take a toll on my skin. 
Luckily, Dermagold sent me a package of their Basic Trio a couple of weeks ago to help me get through the next couple of weeks!
I’ve been using the products religiously since and I have to say that this package has been a real blessing!

Bumped into a friend working at Lab Series recently and she complimented me on my skin.
I’m sure I have Dermagold to thank for that!

Why Dermagold is simply pure gold? (See what I did there?)

Dermagold is an independent and homegrown skincare brand, founded by Dr Lim Luping and Dr Grace Ling, made for the discerning user who is serious about simple, effective skincare that goes beyond passing trends and fads. They firmly believe that real, bare-faced, beauty is confident and empowering, and should be the core foundation of every woman or man.

Dr Ling explains: “[Medical-grade] products are too strong to be used in the long term… and over-the-counter skincare might not be that effective.”

Harnessing the best of science and nature, Dermagold combines proven scientific findings with powerful ingredients from nature to formulate award-winning products that not only produce highly effective results, but are also a joy to use as a daily beauty ritual.

Because they believe that skincare is personal, the Dermagold experience has been designed as a modular-based system. Their products not only work cohesively with your existing skincare regime, but can also be arranged to best fit your specific skin concerns at any stage of your life. Proudly homegrown in Singapore, Dermagold products have been specifically crafted to manage Asian skin types and are suited for a humid, tropical climate.

Beyond skincare, Dermagold is a social-minded brand that dares and inspires others, including Singapore’s younger generation, to step up to the challenge of reinventing and improving themselves at every stage of their lives.
With a mission to inspire others to take the first step towards change, Dermagold is actively connecting with like-minded women and the younger generation to build a better future for Singapore.

Dermagold’s Basic Trio

Here are the steps for using the basic trio:
1. Cleanse & Tone
2. Miracle C+
3. Brightening Revitalizer
4. HA Booster

The above steps apply for both day and night.

Miracle C+

The Miracle C+ will enrich your skin with essential boost of Vitamin C Ester. 
The nutrients it provides will strengthen your skin and aid natural healing, lightening pigmentation and acne scars with consistent use. 

Due to its lowered skin irritability of Vit C Ester, a much wider range of people can use it  – including those with more sensitive skin! 

 Significant benefits of using Vit C Ester:

  1. Anti-oxidant properties (reverses the damage of oxidation on skin)
  2. Reverses sun damage
  3. Lightens pigmentation and Brightens skin
  4. Improves skin smoothness and luminosity
  5. Anti-aging properties (stimulates collagen synthesis in your skin, improving firmness and elasticity whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles)
  6. Balances oil and sebum production

By producing skin food that is high in Vit C Ester, like Dermagold’s award-winning Miracle C, the process of giving your skin sufficient Vit C has become much easier and effective!
Moderating and maximizing the amount of Vitamin C is an excellent way to consistently make sure your skin has what it needs to shine. 

Many of Dermagold’s products contain a higher level of active ingredient than similar products on the market.
This Miracle C+ Serum, for example, contains 18% vitamin C ester!
That’s a whopping 200% more than most over-the-counter products, so its definitely worth your every penny!

Brightening Revitalizer

Another great thing about Dermagold products is how lightly-textured they are, which is perfect for our humid climate here in sunny Singapore.

Dermagold’s Brightening Revitalizer is a semi-fluid gel, which enhances the process of skin renewal and intensely hydrates the skin!
It’s perfect for applying on my skin after a thorough cleansing. 

Moisturizing is super important, especially if you are under the sun for long hours or spending lots of time indoors with air-conditioning. 

HA Booster

Hyaluronic Acid, or HA, boasts the property of being very water-binding to keep even the driest skin super hydrated!

Hence, one of the greatest benefits of HA is its superb ability to seal and lock moisture into the skin, giving much needed peace of mind, especially to those with dry complexions.

HA is ‘smart’ in the sense that the amount of moisture it absorbs can be adjusted to suit the relative conditions of a particular climate, season, and humidity. This means that with the right knowledge, HA can be used effectively even in extra humid climates like Singapore!

Secondly, HA is adaptable and can be utilized to tackle issues such as sagging, haggard skin, or skin that has lost its moisture and elasticity. This is why it popularly used in areas such as medial aesthetics: it can be found, for instance, in injectables such as dermal fillers to give a boost in hydration or to restore the volume loss that results from aging.

HA  comes with a slew of significant benefits, which include:

  1. Great at giving Moisture Boosts
  2. Increases your Skin’s Smoothness
  3. Restores and Retains your Skin’s Elasticity
  4. Restore Youthfulness
  5. Reduces any Wrinkles or Fine Lines

Dermagold’s products are all safe, and very simply, effective; which are key motivations behind their SCIENCE+NATURE equation​s.

When used together, the effects of each of the products will be strengthened.
This is because the active and natural ingredients in each of the three products will activate with one another and work cohesively to improve your skin.

Start a new skincare regime with Dermagold

Get 15% off when you spend S$100 and above!

Quote “DERMAGOLDAMANDA” on the Dermagold Store at 
​when you checkout to enjoy the specials.
(Discount is not applicable for System Sets.)

​Valid till 31st May 2016. 

All new sign ups on Dermagold E-store get to receive a $20 voucher.
(sign up link here

Dermagold Miracle C+ $69/15ml

Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer $42/15ml

Dermagold HA Booster $42/15ml


​Dermagold Stockist:


1 HarbourFront Place
#01-10 HarbourFront Tower 1

T +65 87263383


 For more information, check out: |

FB: | 

Instagram: @dermagold_sg 
#miraclesdohappen #dermagoldsg #dermagoldestore #dgobasictrio

Info Credits to:

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Moist Diane Argan Oil Series [Review]

Hey, have you been pampering your hair? 

Ever since I bleached my hair for that grey/purple combination, 
my hair has been really really dry. 
I tried various shampoos and hair conditioners but they barely do anything to revive my hair. 

I’m really glad to have the opportunity to test out Moist Diane’s products and my my, I’m so in love!
Finally a product that works to save my dry coloured hair!

What’s so good about it? 

Moist Diane products are infused with rare plant oils sourced from all over the world. They deep-cleanse not only your hair but your scalp as well. It does so gently and thoroughly, so as to not strip them of natural oils, which act as a necessary protective layer against bad environmental conditions. 

Moist Diane products promise a salon-haircare standard!

It promises: 

1. Advanced Deep Repair with Moroccan Argan Oil 

Moist Diane shampoos are packed with the age-old wonder ingredient, Moroccan Argan Oil. 

Otherwise known as ‘liquid gold’, it is packed rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids to 
protect and hydrate the scalp. Unlike other carrier oils, it is much smoother and drier, so you won’t get a greasy after-feel.

Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it helps to protect and hydrate yout scalp. Moroccan Argan Oil is absorbed quickly, deep cleanses pores, and provides vital nourishment for your hair.

It is suitable for all hair types, but is especially great for colour-treated, dry, frizzy or coarse hair.

Here is how Moist Diane shampoos infused with Moroccan Argan Oil can benefit your hair:

a. Deeply nourishes hair and tames frizzes

b. Prevents unnatural hair loss and stimulate hair growth

c. Boosts a healthy hair glow

d. Strengthens hair and repairs split ends 

e. Improves hair elasticity

This age-old wonder hair care miracle is sure to treat your hair to perfection.

2. Silicone-Free Formulations

Commercial shampoos often contain silicone, a type of synthetic plastic which coats and smooths the hair, giving it a nice shine. However, if not wash off thoroughly, it causes build-up in hair follicles leading to hair fall. 

(OH NO.)

Different from other shampoos, Moist Diane’s silicone-free formulations prevent hair from clogging to help you achieve healthy voluminous hair!

3. Doubling the repair works for your hair

Another A-lister ingredient in Moist Diane is Baobab Oil. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, and omega 3, 6, and 9, it is especially beneficial for hair and scalp. 

In addition, other hand-picked botanical oils deeply cleanse away the excess sebum and impurities, provides vital nourishment to promote resilient and manageable hair.

4. Technologies developed exclusively for hair and scalp

The Moist & Shine series promises to transform dry and rough hair.  It also contains Apple Stem Cells to help prolong hair’s life cycle, reducing hair loss.

Smooth Hair Oil

This lightweight hair oil is filled with high concentration of Moroccan Argan Oil to deeply moisturise and repair hair to reduce breakage and splitting, and gives brilliant shine without making hair feel sticky or greasy.

Simply work two drops through either damp or dry hair.

Been using this everyday before I head out and it makes my hair really smooth and shiny.
It also makes your hair smell super good! 

With Moist Diane, what you get when you walk out of the shower are red-carpet locks – fresh, bouncy, healthy, and completely freed from the day’s grime, dirt, sebum, and product build-up.

There’s an ongoing promo at Watsons – 2 bottles of Shampoo going for $27.90 till 22 Mar 2016.

Moist Diane is also retailing in major Fairprice outlets, departmental stores and Mediya. 

To find out more about Moist Diane, visit their FB at

#experiencemoistdiane today!

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Nessa Asia


Was honoured to celebrate World Hearing Day 2016 in advance with Nessa Asia on 1st March and witnessed the launch of the world’s first hearing aid on a subscription plan with on-demand services to provide better hearing and enrich the lives of elderly as well as those who suffer from hearing loss.

​ 90% of people with hearing loss in Singapore do not use hearing aids even though it impedes their social lives and affects how they interact with their loved ones. 

Nessa hopes to help them reconnect with their senses and show them that hearing aids, like glasses, can add value to their lives. 

The Nessa Asia hearing aid is light, weighing less than 3 grams and is smaller than the size of a 20cent coin!
This can be easily tucked behind your ear and no one will even notice!

Nessa creatively bundles hearing aids with lifestyle privileges, delivered using intuitive technology onto a tablet.

Subscribers will be provided with the following lifestyle and medical privileges on their tablet to include in their package:

1. World’s First Remote Fitting
Nessa Asia’s hearing aids can be remotely calibrated, eliminating the need for follow-up checks with their audiologists to adjust their hearing aids for a more natural hearing experience.
All these can be done at your convenience, in the comforts of your own home. 

2. World’s First Virtual Hearing Aid Medical Concierge
More than being a hearing aid provider, Nessa Asia’s advisors, audiologists and medical practitioners are available 7 days a week to offer personalized service any time users need assistance or advice.

3. World’s First Lifestyle Hearing Aid Bundle for an improved lifestyle
Nessa Asia has also bundled with top lifestyle brands like Spotify, StarHub, Resorts World Sentosa and more to provide people with hearing loss a more dynamic and interactive environment that improves their well-being.
Services will include 4G Internet connectivity, streaming of videos, movies and music as well as privileges from participating brands.
This bundle is also aimed at integrating the elderly into the virtual world that many shun away from, due to the lack of knowledge and confidence in using complicated technology.

4. Affordable Pricing
The packages are affordable and can be paid via giro over 3 years. 
Nessa Asia aims to democratize the access to hearing aids. 
There are 3 different packages to choose from to best suit your needs!

For more information about Nessa Asia, please visit or call their hotline at +65 6816 2868

At the launch event, we also heard beautiful cello music played by a talented student from SOTA and reminded me how precious our sense of hearing was. 
Our silver generation should not be robbed of this gift simply due to old age. 
Nessa Asia’s hearing aids aim to improve social lives, personal confidence and interactions of people with hearing loss. 
No more having to shout to your grandparents to ensure they can hear you!


Hey @joannaspy! It was lovely to meet you again after so long!

Delicious starters served at the event!
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Glam Palm SG [Review]

I used to have long hair and back then, hair curling out in weird places wasn’t a problem.
Till sometime in March this year when I decided to chop my hair off into a bob. 
Since then, I’ve been complaining about how much I hate it when my hair curls out like an octopus. 
I’ve been wanting a straightener to solve this problem but wasn’t sure which brand to trust.

I’ve heard and seen many rave about the wonders of GlamPalm and I was really excited to try out the product myself.

GlamPalm’s hair stylers can do straightening and curling without the need to use a heat protector!
This is because it uses a unique healing stone technology and  have been scientifically proven to cause virtually no damage to your hair​!

 No wonder GlamPalm is Korea’s #1 hair styler!

It is sleek, simple and easy to use. 

The styler is also really light and boasts of a Guardian Angel technology that ensures that your unit will shut off automatically after 30 minutes.
No more worrying about forgetting to switch off your styler!

 I’m using GP201 for short to medium length hair. 
GlamPalm has different straighteners for different hair lengths and hair types.

Check out the chart below to find out which product is most suitable for you!

If you have fragile, colored hair or Course, unruly hair that is hard to tame, GlamPalm is here to save the day!
With 11 distinct heat settings ranging from 100
C to 200C,  you are in complete control and can set the temperature depending on your hair type or the style you want to achieve.

GlamPalm also only takes 15 seconds to heat up!
You’d never be late for your appointments again. 

Be rest assured that GlamPalm stylers are safe to use on Keratin Treated Hair.

What are you waiting for?
Quote “XMAS50” for $50 off your online purchase at 
(Valid till 31st Dec 2015)

Free same day shipping on all orders received before 1pm, definitely the best Christmas gift for your loved ones!

 Luxury Travel Pouch and 2 Sectioning Clips included. 

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Porcelain Face Spa x Smitten (Review)

Haven’t posted in forever and I’m so sorry for that.
Been really caught up with life, yes doing life takes up A LOT of time. 
Hope you guys have been keeping updated with me on IG and snapchat @awfullyamanda!
Not to worry, after exams I promise a whole lot of great content yeah? 

I’ve been getting lots of compliments about my skin, heheh.
Thank you, all you girls are so kind and nice (:
People have been asking me what products I use and how I keep my skin clean, no pores, no blemishes; 
so today I’d share with you my skin secrets!
(and do my best to upload my Beautiful Skin title from HSS DND 2014 HAHAHA)

I don’t use many expensive products and I’m quite lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin.
However, I make it a point to use toner, moisturizer and sunscreen (on most days, because if not you get freckles and these freckles may be cute now but they will grow into hideous patches on your face and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that do you?). 

Oh, and my BB cream is from The Face Shop and I’ve really been loving it. 
Makes my skin flawless!

However, using these products are not enough. 

Skin tip: Did you know that your skin changes and renews itself every 28 days?

As such, it is actually recommended to go for a facial once a month to clear the dead skin and maintain the new layer!

Porcelain Face Spa invited a few Smittens to try out and review their spa services. 
I was really happy to be selected and excited to finally do a facial!
Haven’t done one in forever.

Porcelain Face Spa provides premium skin care solutions to make porcelain complexion a reality for their customers. Believing strongly that beauty belongs to anyone who desires it, Porcelain offers highly personalized service by a beauty veteran and a team of highly-trained and deeply-passionate therapists.

Before I booked an appointment, their team dropped me a friendly phone call to find out more about my skin type and skin problems. After the short survey, they recommended the following treatment: 

OxyRevive Facial with RevitalEye Luxx. 

This is because I tend to have dry skin (I’m sure most of us do, after exposing our skin to the harsh sun and long hours of air-conditioning)!

Let’s go get porcelain skin!

First, I enjoyed a nice warm cup of tea. 
The room setup was clean, minimalist and professional.
They have a sink behind that sliding white door
and the therapist makes it a point to wash her hands before treating my face!
My comfy warm bed for 90 mins!
This simple gesture, shows how thoughtful the team is at Porcelain!
I didn’t bring out a contacts lens case and was glad that they had one prepared. 
Was even more assured that my skin would be in great hands!

I didn’t manage to get photos of the first few steps of the facial, 
but let me walk you through. 

The Oxy Revive Facial aims to revitalize your skin and return you the radiance that you deserve! 
It is a gentle therapy which uses oxygen to cleanse and remove your dead skin cells.
In the process, your clogged impurities would also be loosened!
This is then followed by an infusion of vitaminized oxygen spray to improve cell regeneration, reviving even the dullest skin back to its radiant, glowing self.

Porcelain Face Spa was really nice to throw in the much needed RevitalEye Luxx treatment for me as well!
It is an eye-perking treatment designed to combat the tell-tale signs of fatigue and repair your delicate eye contour. Combining a blend of serums with a 2-step ultrasonic procedure, it gives your eyes a high-powered boost by enhancing serum absorption and stimulating blood circulation.

Took this selfie in the midst of putting the nose pore pack! 

She showed me the strip after she removed it 
and thankfully, it was just a couple white heads. 

She treated half of my face and left the other side untreated for me to see the difference. 
Can you tell which side got the loving and which side didn’t? 
My therapist Zane was really nice and friendly. 
(she helped me get this shot hehehe)
She explained every step of the facial to me, and gave me skin tips on how I can maintain my skin. 

Zane also told me that some parts of my skin was sensitive (no wonder it gets really itchy sometimes!)
This was really valuable because then I can better take care of my skin. 

Porcelain uses their own in-house products 
to ensure the highest quality. 
They don’t believe in creamy products and so you wouldn’t find any cream-based items here!

Do check out their Revive Glycolic Acid Toner
which recently clinched 
Harper’s Bazaar‘s Beauty Awards 2015 – Best Anti-Ageing Toner!

 My no make up no filter face after the facial, and I must say my skin never felt so good!
It felt refreshed and really smooth :>

The eye treatment also helped to reduce the swelling and puffiness around my eyes
(caused by all the late nights in hall whoops).

Thank you Porcelain Face Spa for giving me porcelain skin!

Be sure to try out the treatment for yourself!

Quote “Amanda” for 30% off Ala Carte treatments!
​105 minutes │ $299.60

To book an appointment with Porcelain ,  give them a call at +65 62279692.

Visit them on Facebook or Twitter! 
Also on Instagram, @porcelainfacespa for daily bite-sized tips and skincare news.

Live, Love, Connect with Smitten

I’m so thankful to be part of Smitten Talents, can you spot me in the grid below?

Smitten is a creative agency with a focus in Ambassador & Social Media Marketing.
 They aim to help businesses promote their brand, products, and services through OnlineMedia channels and Ambassador Marketing outreach.

If you have a business and would like to engage some ambassadors, head over to or email 
You may also specify which ambassadors  you’d specifically like to work with, (pick me pick me!)

Smitten is now focusing on Fashion, Lifestyle and F&B. 
Check out the adventures of our team on instagram @smittenteam!

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Churros 101 SG – Better than a boyfriend!

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of these yummy treats all over Instagram. 

Churros lovers, are you excited???
Because the popular churros chain, that’s well-loved by Korean stars such as Girls Generation, F(x), Miss A and raved by Koreans is finally in SG!

Introducing Churro 101 that has started a churro craze in Korea!

I highly recommend trying the dark chocolate churro with strawberry crunch because they look so pretty and taste so good! Be rest assured that the flavours, taste and quality of Churro 101 is as good as the one in Korea, esp the strawberry crunch that was hand carried back all the way!
All the ingredients are specially imported from Korea and the dough is made fresh daily.

​Besides churros, you can also pamper yourself with a good cup of coffee and ice cream! Their coffee beans are unique and exclusive to the brand. Specially made to go hand in hand with the churros, so don’t forget to grab a cuppa as well!

I Super love this backdrop!
It totally has MTV feels~
Be sure to snap a photo here with your sweet treat and #churro101sg!
A photo with the pretty lady boss @audt, congrats on your first store opening!

This was my attempt to make my own churro!
You have to spin the wheel and the dough comes out. Then you cut it and it falls into the oil! Then you have to quickly straighten it and toss it around till it turns golden brown.

Takes a lot of practice and skill!

I wanted to try filling up the churros with some chocolate and I didn’t know when to stop so my churro exploded 😂 HAHAHA
So, get your churros fix at Bugis Plus Level 4!
It comfortably sits up to 20 people in the store and you can feel free to take and go as well (:
To celebrate their grand opening on Monday,
all customers can enjoy 1-for-1 at the outlet for the entire day (10am – 10pm)!

Once you get up from the escalator, you’d see the store!

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @churro101SG for more updates and promotions!

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Essentials Singapore X Sample Store

Essentials CC Oil Leave On Treatment (60ml)

Hey you guys, I’m back to review some awesome products!

I’ve long heard about the popular Japanese brand Essentials and I’m glad to finally get my hands on some of their products!

Today I’d be sharing about two hair care products which I desperately need to tackle all my hair woes.
Besides using basic hair products like shampoo and conditioner, we often need more intensive treatment such as Leave On Treatment to care for our hair. 

Let’s take a look at the new Leave On Treatment range by Essentials and understand how they can save our hair!

Essential CC Oil (60ml)

Did you know that your hair feels stressed too? 

That’s because we often subject our hair to stress even without ourselves knowing it!!
These stress factors include: 

1. Blow Drying: Is blow drying your hair a daily affair? Watch out! Blow drying actually removes moisture from our hair. Over time, your hair would be dry, brittle and vulnerable to even more damage. YIKES!

2. Combing: Yes, combing makes our hair look neat and straight but how many of you girls are guilty of yanking the comb through those stubborn knots? The friction applied as you comb through your dry hair can form even more hair knots, making your hair prone to unnecessary breakages. 
Then you’d ask, what if I comb through wet hair? It would have less friction right? BUT, hair follicles are most fragile when wet and combing through it would cause GREAT hair damage. So please, don’t. 

3. Split Ends: Why do we have split ends? This is because our hair ends are the oldest and driest parts of our hair. Thus, when the protective hair cuticles are destroyed at the ends, the hair splits. That calls for some TLC!

4. Hair Breakage: Many girls style their hair to achieve different looks, by tying hair up into a ponytail, by using the styling iron to straighten or curl our hair. These can all result in hair breakages! Even excessive hair twirling can exert unnecessary stress on our hair, causing it to break and fall off. 

5. Dryness: Our hair gets really dry when its exposed to sun, wind and air-conditioning for long periods of time! Our hair cuticles that protect the hair gets really weak and is unable to retain moisture. 

Do you feel super stressed out now??

Don’t worry, we just need to be aware and protect our hair!
By using Essentials CC Oil Leave On Treatment, we can improve the health of our hair. 
It is a light, non-greasy oil that can be instantly absorbed by hair. 

How to use
After towel-drying, dispense an appropriate amount onto palm. Spread and apply evenly onto wet or dry hair, concentrating on mid-length to ends of your hair.

​Essential Night Care Milk (100ml)

Even sleeping causes damage to your hair. 
YES you heard me right!
When you sleep, the tossing and turning creates friction between the hair and pillow. 
This damages hair cuticles!

Essentials Night Care Milk is a rich yet non-greasy milk that is instantly absorbed by hair. 
It creates a layer of protection around your hair cuticles to protect it from the friction caused when you sleep.

How to use
After towel-drying, dispense an appropriate amount onto palm. Spread and apply evenly onto wet or dry hair, concentrating on mid-length to tip. Do not rinse off.

Where to Buy 
Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, Isetan Supermarket, Meidi-ya Supermarket, NTUC, Sheng Siong, Watsons

Retail Price

Find out more about Essentials products at

Say goodbye to bad hair!
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Outfit Post @ SAM

I’m so excited, because this is my first ever real fashion fashion outfit post!
So glad to have found an #ootd enthusiast buddy in @audt. 
We have promised to meet up for random photoshoots heheh. 

Our first shoot was at SAM and we did two outfits each. 

The Monochrome (with a pop of colour)

Black High Collared Top from TEMT 
White Culottes from Kaizo
Boots from K Mart Australia
Bag from Taiwan
Shades from Scape Flea

The China Blue

China Blue Maxi Dress – MDS Collections $52
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Car-Rousel Cafe @ Kallang Wave Mall 

The SEA Games 2015 has thus come to an end. 
But I’m really proud of Singapore for hosting the games and bagging all those medals!
I really enjoyed myself – personally going down to soak down the atmosphere at the girls hockey games at Seng Kang and watching a 5 hour badminton Men’s Finals at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 12th June. 

Yes, for those of you who didn’t already know; 
I used to play hockey in sec sch but only for two years cause well my stamina sucks. 
I didn’t play too well and I don’t like to do things that I don’t perform in. 
I did try for two years, going for training religiously but welp.
(Am considering playing hockey for hall the coming sem tho)

So anw, back to the SEA Games, 
we checked out the SEA Games Carnival which was just outside Kallang Wave Mall and the Stadiums!
It was bursting with life, with tons of games and activities to participate in. 
Tons of children  and screaming parents meh

But hey, I got a picture with Nila!


Oh well, at least a balloon figurine of Nila.
We were really early so whilst waiting for the games to start, 
I psycho-ed my family to check out Car-Rousel Cafe!

It’s a new cafe on the block and where two of my fav girls work at. 

Good times, good food and good company!
It is a vintage automobile themed cafe, 
featuring homemade baked goods, specialty coffee as well as DIY burgers and salads!

I personally LOVE LOVE the whole theme, makes me feel like I’ve travelled back in time. 
It feels like a superb pitchstop, to get a cuppa and refuel  for the rest of the day

I was recommended the try the cheesecake ($3.50/slice) and IT WAS THE LAST SLICE
So, I really had to get it. 
And, I liked it! I did. 
It was a light flavour and….

Ahh, coffee. Tried a Flat White for the first time, and it’ll def not be my last cup.
We also got ourselves a Smoked Chicken Breast Vanwich and my my was I impressed!
The bread was really really soft, I think they use a sourdough bun!
You can choose your vegetables and sauces to customize your bun or just be lazy and leave it to the girls to decide (like what I did HAHAH)
Don’t forget to check out their new addition to the Menu, All-Day Breakfast set!
That beef pastrami bowl looks sooooo good.
1 Stadium Place, 
Kallang Wave Mall, 
Singapore 397628
(Nearest MRT: Stadium MRT)

Operates Mon – Sun: 08:00–22:00

Like them on FB: 
and IG:

Email me at if you want me to check out your cafe or to let me know any new food spots/recommendations!

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