Lao Xie Zhen Premium Beetroot Essence by Hao Yi Kang

Looking for a boost of nourishment but hate bitter tasting products like ginseng or chicken essence? Then you’ve got to try Lao Xie Zhen’s Premium Beetroot Essence! Exclusively distributed by Hao Yi Kang, Lao Xie Zhen is a well-known and trusted brand in Taiwan for more than 80 years.

Ppl are usually quite skeptical about supplements and wellness products such as these but trust me, this will change your mind!

About Product

Lao Xie Zhen’s Premium Beetroot Essence helps to promote metabolism, improves digestion and the best part, it aids with anti-aging! Rich in 3 types of plant polyphenols, this well-known supplement also helps to improve skin complexion and promotes natural collagen production within the body. These polyphenols are extracted at a constant 80 degrees to ensure that no nutrients are lost!

With two other main ingredients, hawthorn and figs, there is no earthy or bitter beetroot taste. It tastes sweet and sour that even children love it too! It’s 100% natural without any preservatives, additives and colouring.

A unification of 3 amazing superfoods, you are sure to see improvements to your circulatory system and restores your vitality.

Suitable for vegetarians and highly recommended for office ladies, individuals with dull skin problems and individuals with insufficient greens intake.

Have officially added this into my supplement regime and I have been taking 1 pack after my meals. I’ve also managed to rope in my mother on the regime and we are both hooked on it’s taste and its effects!

Preparation Method

My preferred method is to pour a cup of boiling water and place a packet of the beetroot essence in the cup for a few minutes. Once the essence is warmed up, simply pour it out into another empty cup and enjoy!

However, you may also drink directly from the packet at room temperature or chilled!

Do consume it after a meal (after all, it helps with digestion!)

A box of 7 packs is sold at $35 only, so improve your well-being and achieve anti-ageing the natural way today! You may purchase via their online store or from their retail partners, Lao Jiang Superior Soup Restaurant.

For more info, do visit their website and Facebook page at:

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Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar @ Clarke Quay

With 4 blocks of food and nightlife entertainment, Clarke Quay is definitely Singapore’s most happening spot. Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar is the new kid on Block A. Although there is a wide variety of dining options located in Clarke Quay, the bosses of Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar noticed that no one was serving up some addictive Sichuan-style skewers to feed hungry, drunk souls after their night of partying. Therefore, Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar was born. Not only can you expect a wide array of barbecued meat prepared with Sichuan spices, feast on a soul-comforting bowl of lamian as well.

Beef Noodles in Beef Broth ($ )

Really liked that the broth was flavourful but not too oily.

The texture of the noodles were just nice too.

An assortment of skewers – beef, pork, chicken, mutton

Mega love for the ones served with garlic!

For all skewers, you can choose between the spicy or non-spicy option. I’m not good at eating spicy food but I enjoyed the Sichuan spices on top because the spice level was just nice for me.

Warning! These skewers are highly addictive and a match made in heaven when you pair them with a beer. Many patrons from neighbouring bars and restaurants even order in and bring over the skewers from Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar to enjoy at the bar of their choice. So don’t fret if you can’t get a seat at Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar, because they understand that seating capacity is rather limited.

You’d notice that all your skewers will be placed on this grill box which serves to keep your skewers warm. Sadly tho, it is not a charcoal grill. It just uses the flames of 3 small tealight candles.

Mid-joint chicken wings 

Perennial favourite – can’t go wrong with chicken wings.


There’s 2 options available on the menu, with and without shell.


For all eggplant lovers, you’d definitely enjoy this dish.

Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar

Next time you walk by, do pop in and I assure you won’t regret!

Address: Clarke Quay, Block A #01-01

Instagram: @chuangrillandnoodlebar

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Zaolek – Lok Lok in Singapore!

Always loved lok lok but hated the fact that you need to travel to JB for it?
Fret not because 早乐 – Zaolek Lok Lok Singapore offers lok lok buffet at a really affordable price!!
(Note the slight difference in prices for weekdays and weekends in the pic I’ve attached below)

If you’re not familar with Lok Lok, it’s basically skewers. And Zao Lek offers over 50 types of Lok Lok including seafood, meat, veg and fruits!

They have 4 different types of Lok Lok but my favourites were the BBQ and the fried.

Each table gets to fry 12 sticks of Lok Lok at a time, this makes sure that everyone gets fed at the same time!
Choose from 6 different soup bases and 9 different types of dippings for your Lok Lok!
One of the special BBQ items that would be brought out occasionally, this was bacon topped w mayo and was SO GOOD.

If you’re a beer drinker, you’d be pleased to know that Zao Lek serves alcohol that is a heavenly pairing with Lok Lok!

There’s free flow of selected drinks for all those who don’t take beer.

Located just a short walk away from Kovan MRT.
> Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club, 207 Hougang Street 21

No more hesitations, Call 9456 7002 for reservations!

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Sushi Mentai – Affordable and delicious sushi!

Serving $1.30 yellow plates and $1.80 red plates, Sushi Mentai brings affordable and quality Japanese food to you! There are also special items-of-the-day on the belt which promises a unique experience every time.

Sushi Mentai maintains the freshness and quality of their ingredients while keeping the costs low because they are suppliers! You’d no longer have to feel disappointed when eating cheap Japanese food.

I love that they have Daily Specials so that you’d be in for a surprise every time you visit.
​There are approximately 30 Special Sushi items, subject to daily availability so keep a look out!
Featuring their glorious in-house Mentai sauce that gave the brand its name!
Fresh sashimi! Guess my favourite :>

Look at that glorious Mentai sauce! Sushi Mentai’s signature dishes are specially served with an in-house concocted Mentai sauce to bring out the flavours of the inherent ingredients.
Sometimes I feel bad for eating these pregnant fishes but they do taste so amazing.
Anyone else loves how fish roe pops in your mouth?
I hate that usually when you order Unagi in Singapore, its usually not fresh and has a very mushy texture. So I was pleasantly surprised when Sushi Mentai served up this mean bowl of Unagi Don that was so fresh and delicious!
They do some real good pork Katsu!
(P.S Sushi Mentai is not Halal in SG, but in Malaysia, there’s no pork and lard in all their stores).
Even their Jap curry is authentic.

Overall, head over to Sushi Mentai for fresh, delicious and pocket-friendly Jap cuisine in your local neighbourhood! With up to 80 sushi varieties, you’d definitely find something you like.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the menu HERE!
Do note that no reservations are allowed, so do come down early especially on weekends.

Junction 9, Yishun
18 Yishun Avenue 9
#01-23, Junction Nine
Singapore 768897

Business Hours
Monday to Friday
12:00 noon – 9.30 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
12:00 noon – 9:30 pm


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House of Roasted Duck @ Jalan Sultan

This review will be brought to you by Joash and I, so it’ll be an #AyeJayThang!
Hopefully, this will be the start of our couple series so you guys can enjoy our different perspectives!We had the chance to try out House of Roasted Duck, which has 2 branches in Singapore; at Jalan Sultan’s Sultan Plaza (newly opened in June 2016!) and Bugis Village.
They serve authentic Hong Kong cuisine, priding themselves in their roasted delights such as the Peking Duck and Roasted Duck.

However, we were pleasantly surprised that their other dishes were just as good too!


Shrimp Wanton Soup ($8)
Her: The wantons are freshly wrapped everyday and served in a premium broth that’s boiled for over 5 to 6 hours. I love how crunchy the Shrimp Wantons are and how they remind me of Hong Kong with every bite!My mum said they looked really good even just in the photos! When she finally had a chance to try a bowl, she was bowled over. (see what I did there? HAHAHA)



SIGNATURE: Peking Duck – 2 Styles ($52 for whole)
Her: I’ve always had trouble deciding between which of the two styles of duck to have: Roasted or Peking? Roasted Duck has all the juicy meat, but the Peking duck with the crispy skin is just heavenly! At House of Roasted Duck having the best of both worlds is possible!Him: And having the Peking duck wrapped in the flour crepe 春饼 is definitely one of the must-haves here!


Rice w Barbecued Pork ($6.80)
Her: The Barbecued Pork is succulent, and nicely balanced with its sweet and savoury taste!


Twin Combo Noodle (Soy Sauce Chicken and Roasted Pork) $7.80 for the soup version, $8.80 for the dry version.
Her: Their soy sauce chicken is really really good. Its tender and flavourful and MUST be dipped with their special ginger scallion sauce for the perfect taste.
The noodles tend to be on the saltier side because of the sauce, you’ve been cautioned!Him: The noodles have just the right amount of bite, though.


Congee with Cuttlefish, Fish Slices, Pig Skin & Peanuts ($6.80)
 Her: Mega love for the thick consistency of the porridge! They are also really generous with the ingredients inside this bowl. Special mention to the crispy youtiao! Their congees are painstakingly slow-cooked over a small fire for 3 to 4 hours and uses fresh ingredients as well as premium calrose rice from Australia.
Definitely also my mum’s favourite when I brought her here!Him: THIS. If you want your food to massage it’s way down to your belly and assure you that all is well in the world. THIS. IS. IT. Gonna’ come here and tuck into  a bowl of this delicious goodness whenever the world starts becoming too cruel for my fragile soul. (dramatic much)


The interior at the Sultan Plaza branch is really cushy so you’d definitely feel super comfortable and fully enjoy your dining experience there!



Thank you Chef Lau for the delicious meal!
Chef Lau is a native Hong Konger with close to 40 years of local and overseas experience. He was Barbecue chef No. 1  with The Excelsior Hotel & Convention Centre Hong Kong, so he is definitely the connoisseur of roasted delights!Affordably priced, you can enjoy good food at great value! No need to fly to Hong Kong just to enjoy roasted meats and other Hong Kong delights anymore!

House of Roasted Duck is a prestigious restaurant by Gao Ji Food, a popular local heritage brand which has 62 years of experience in F&B. They were awarded Singapore Prestige Brand Award – Heritage Brands category from 2013 -2015 and attained the Most Popular Heritage Brand in 2013.

Newest branch
Address: 100 Jalan Sultan, #01-08 Sultan Plaza S(199001)
Tel: 6297 5490
Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm Daily
Nearest MRT Station: Nicoll Highway Station

Address: 233 Victoria Street, Bugis Village
Tel: 6339 6819
Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm Daily
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis MRT Station

For more info, visit:
Gao Ji Food or House of Roasted Duck’s Facebook Page

5 best ways to eat Peking Duck

1. Poutine w Peking DuckAs I’d be heading to Canada for my exchange in August, we thought Poutine topped with Peking Duck would be great! Imagine that extra crispiness on top of all that curd, yummy sauce and fries!


2. Peking Duck Pizza
Well, we figured if you can have smoked duck pizza, why not Peking Duck right?

3. If you don’t already know how to enjoy this dish, 
the best way to enjoy the Peking duck is to take a piece of the small and thin pancake in one hand, put three to four slices of the duck onto the pancake, top off with the vegetables and seasonings provided.
Finally, roll up the pancakes with the fillings and eat it!

4. Savoury Mille feuille with alternating layers of crepe and Peking DuckWould prolly look a bit like this.


5. Peking Duck Lettuce Cups
Definitely a healthier choice!
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Sufood Singapore launches a new menu!

​Dining Gets Even Healthier and More Colourful at SufoodFrom June, customers can look forward to a myriad of fresh new dishes created by the chefs of Sufood Singapore.

Since its arrival to Singapore in 2014, Taiwan’s #1 vegetarian restaurant chain Sufood has been winning over so many fans (vegetarians and non alike) with its innovative stylish approach to healthy dining.

The marriage of fresh ingredients and wholesome cooking methods brings maximum flavour, delectable textures and wellness-boosting dishes to the table – healthy eating has never been this good!

Come 13 June, fans of Sufood will be treated to a myriad of new culinary gems created by the Sufood Singapore team. Sufood tries to shake up their menu at least 2 times in a year, to provide customers with a brand new, never boring experience!

The carefully curated dishes will add an even wider variety of colourful fruits and vegetables to Sufood’s already awesome selection, customised to the local taste buds. With thoughtful cooking techniques, each dish is able to retain its nutritional value, providing a crucial boost to Singapore’s busy urban dwellers.

Here are the highlights of the new additions to the Sufood family!

Cheesy Mushroom Wrap
Really in love with the plating and the generous portions of cheese and mushroom, hugged together in a perfectly toasted wrap.

Creamy Potato Black Bean Soup
This was really delicious and tasted like a cousin of your cream of mushroom! A good alternative for those who hate the shrooms.

Benefits: Aids in maintaining healthy bones

Curry Cheese Calzone

Assorted mushrooms, potatoes, eggs and cheese are oven baked and sautéed in a rich curry sauce. The savoury filling is then folded into a dough pizza pastry and baked till golden.

Benefits: High in protein

Fruity Mixed Grained Rice

Avocados, apples, pineapples and tomatoes add the perfect amount of sweetness to savoury mixed grain rice.

The mouth-watering dish is oven baked with cheese till golden brown.

Benefits: Contains high fibre and aids in improving immunity

Homemade Tomato Soup Pasta

​This comforting dish consists of colourful organic flat pasta simmered in a soup-based tomato pasta sauce and white beech mushrooms, garnished with wheat gluten and sugar snap peas.

Benefits: Aids in breaking down body fats and improving the complexion. Definitely a favourite among the ladies!

Macadamia Fruit Salad

 Whet your appetite with this sweet and smooth mix of macadamia nuts, avocados, sweet potatoes, peach, cherry tomatoes and assorted vegetables, all brought together into a perfect harmony with a pineapple flavoured vinaigrette dressing.

Benefits: Rich source of vitamin A and supports a healthy immune system

Rainbow Fruit Salad

On a hot humid day, go for the Rainbow Fruit Salad which combines refreshing fresh fruits and exotic vegetables such as crystalline ice plants, jambu, cherry radish and figs, paired with a passion fruit yoghurt dressing.

Benefits: Reduces risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases

Strawberry Salad
If you like your salad sweet, this is definitely the one to go for.
Really liked the crunchy textures and sweet pineapple and strawberries that changed up the whole salad!

Tossed Assorted Salad

A vibrant medley of corn, red peppers, brinjal, asparagus, deep fried lotus roots and almonds tossed together, served warm with a savoury salad sauce.

Benefits: Aids in maintaining a healthy heart

Roselle Yogurt
Really sour at first but the taste grows on you!
​Definitely a unique dessert.

There were a couple of other dishes I tried that I’d like to mention.
Really liked this mango crepe cake! It has a crusty bottom layer that made it such a joy to eat.
I was initially really apprehensive about eating this appetiser but it turned out really refreshing!
Could I interest you in a star shaped pizza?
The chocolate sauce actually hardens over time on the ice cream, which I thought was pretty cool.
HUGE skewers!!
Everyone’s favourite: Mac and Cheese!
Really delicious stuff crust pizza. Can you believe this is meant for one??

An 8 course meal at Sufood only costs you $29.80, super delicious and value for money!
Ask for some cider as well to clear your palate in between courses.

Make your way down and start healthy eating today!

Sufood Raffles City

252 North Bridge Road, #02-19, Singapore 179103
Tel: (65) 6333 5338Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm (last order at 2.30pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm (last order at 9.30pm)

Sufood Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road,#B2-01 Singapore 238880

Tel: (65) 6238 8308

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 10.00am – 5.00pm
High Tea: 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Dinner: 5.00pm – 10.00pm

Instagram: @Sufoodsingapore

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