Little Flower Hut: NEW Vase Flower Arrangements

little flower hut

Hey everyone, I’m finally back to writing on this space! Had to take a break for a while as I finally *gasp* graduated and landed my first job! It hasn’t been easy, trying to assimilate and learn the ropes along the way but I’m glad to finally be productive and contribute to a larger cause. Hopefully through my work, I can make lotsa of tourists happy and help them to better enjoy Singapore as a tourist destination!

Since I’ve started working, I’ve developed a new love for plants. It can get really stressful at the workplace and I believe that having desk plants would perk me up a ‘lil. Looking at the green parts also offer a much-needed respite for my eyes.

Therefore, I was delighted to know that Little Flower Hut was pushing out new vase flower arrangements! Absolutely love that they incorporated succulents, anyone else thinks succulents are so cute and fat and adorbz???

I gifted it to my mom cause it was her birthday week! I think as much as ladies say that flowers are so unpractical and a waste of money, no one can deny the happiness that it brings when looking at fresh blooms and greens.

w Mom (LFH)

Would like to make special mention to their Birthday Cake Flower arrangements (which literally look like cakes) and their Happy Hour Flowers that are arranged in martini glasses for your alcoholic friend! Really innovative ways to arrange flowers and it will definitely be a pleasant surprise for your recipient.

Send love with Little Flower Hut today!

Not only do they offer 24/7 customer service, Little Flower Hut even throws in FREE same day flower delivery as long as you order before 4pm! If you’re looking for a bargain, check out their weekly picks for $50 nett. They do have a few designs below $50 as well so that you can show your love without breaking the bank!

To date, Little Flower Hut has served over 5,000 customers and their deliveries are 99% on time so you can definitely trust them.

Have fun flower shopping and have a great weekend ahead!

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