Achieve the perfect body with Shiro Aesthetics and Venus Legacy


I am no stranger to the Venus Legacy and I’ve reviewed it in 2016 here. Was already impressed by what in can do back then and my stance remains unchanged!

The Venus Legacy treatment provides a non-surgical alternative for skin tightening and body contouring, including cellulite, wrinkle and circumferential reductions. It is the first of its kind to harness a 4D technology, which combines:

(1) Multi-Polar RF – this enables painless and speedy homogenous heating that reaches multiple tissue depths.

(2) Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields – a technology that has established itself in decades worth of traditional medicine for its regenerative benefits.

(3) Vari-Pulse – this feature allows for flexible pulsed suction used in the treatment’s deep energy penetration, lymphatic drainage and stimulating circulation.

(4) RealTime Thermal Feedback – incorporating a hands-free thermometer and an on-screen visual feedback graph, this feature allows for constant tissue contact.

Together, they enable the Venus Legacy to effectively perform safe and reliable treatments that generate instantaneous results.

This time, I handed my body to Shiro Aesthetics, located at the heart of town at Mandarin Gallery. Shiro Aesthetics is a medi-spa, located just beside Shiro Aesthetic Clinic. This makes it super convenient for you to pop by the Shiro Aesthetic Clinic and consult Medical Director Dr Zhang Yijun, who’s probably the most candid, funny and personable doctor I’ve ever met. Dr Zhang can provide consultations for your skin with regards to botox and fillers; as well as for weight management and body contouring.

Dr Zhang posseses a medical degree and post graduate Family Medicine qualification at the National University of Singapore. He obtained his postgraduate Diploima in Practical Dermatology at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. If you’d like to stalk him, visit his Instagram @offdutydr. You’re welcome (;


After saying hi to Doctor Zhang, I popped over to Shiro Aesthetics, the medi-spa to try out the Venus Legacy treatment. I chose to target my tummy area which has a ugly bulge that I’ve been wanting to get rid of for a long time.

The female beautician at Shiro Aesthetics explained that the Venus Legacy treatment is completely painless and basically involves running the machine over the targeted area for 30 mins. It just feels a bit hot and repeatedly vibrates over the area.

<Inserting my ugly before photo here> Notice my tummy bulge.

You’d be provided with a tube to change into, preventing your clothes from getting wet.

The Glide helps the applicator to glide smoothly over the targeted area during the treatment process (get it? hahahah)

Throughout the process, all you feel is a warm sensation on the targeted area. If it gets too hot, let the beautician know and she will reduce the temperature.

But no pain, no gain right? Tahan the heat until you really can’t take it.

Here’s how the machine looks like.

You’re done in about 30 mins! However, I advise you to come either before you eat lunch or like mid-afternoon, after your lunch is digested.

After the session, your tummy will look red like a lobster (as seen in the above pic). This is a good sign as it means that there’s blood circulation and the Venus Legacy is working its magic on your body!

Another benefit of the Venus Legacy is that it reduces bloating and tummy gas.

You’re also advised to drink more water after the session as your body loses water in the process.

SO, does it really work?

Here is my chance to include a super sexy photo of me!!

TADAHHHH. So you see, Venus Legacy works wonders!!!

Hahahaha but say real though, here’s a picture of me 1 day after my first session.

Feels like I’m sharing my baby bump photo but #ShiroAesthetics #VenusLegacy #notpregnant

You can still see that I have a slight bulge, but the therapist said that it’ll take a few sessions. I’m not really worried though, that’s how much I trust the Venus Legacy.


There are no free miracles in this world. Which means, you still need to do moderate exercise and diet! Don’t expect to binge like mad and then use Venus Legacy to get your dream body ok.

For instant results, try liposuction.

Indulge yourself in clinical grade beauty services as Shiro Aesthetics adopts a scientific and clinical approach in their plethora of treatments, targeting the face, skin and body.

I only tried one of the many services at Shiro Aesthetics, so if you have any other concerns; feel free to check out all they have to offer at!

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