Laurier’s Ultra Gentle Pads

As a girl, I dread my period every month. Not only because I hate the cramps, the mood swings, the loss in appetite, back aches, bloating and more; wearing a pad isn’t always the most comfortable.

Not until I discovered Laurier’s Ultra Gentle pads! These pads are dermatologically tested (basically means that a dermatologist was in charge of the product testings) for superior comfort.


Here are some key features of the product:

o Minimal Friction: The unique wavy surface reduces skin contact, minimizing friction by 30%*, making it gentler than ordinary cotton napkins. Not that I want to call out other brands here, but some really cause itching and discomfort. Laurier’s Ultra Gentle pads are definitely more comfortable and gentler on the skin compared to regular cotton sanitary napkins.

o Extra Breathable: With the improved wavy surface,  airflow increases by +50%^, thus relieving stuffiness, moisture and itchiness.

o Quick Lock & Dry: Their super absorbent layer locks in fluids quickly, allowing for a drier and sticky free surface.

o Advanced Technology: Developed with Japanese advanced skin science technology, premium quality is assured! *Compared to previous Laurier Ultra Gentle products , ^Compared to other Kao products


Day: Ultra Slim Light Flow 18s 20.5cm ($5.20), Ultra Slim Day 16s 22.5cm ($5.40) & Ultra Slim Heavy Day 15s 25cm ($5.60)


Night: Slim Night 10s 30cm ($4.80), Slim Heavy Night 9s 34cm ($5.35) & Slim Extra Heavy Night 7s 40cm ($4.95)

I always use the super long ones to make sure that there’s zero leakage!


With Laurier’s Ultra Gentle Pads, I feel comfortable and assured to go about my daily life with no worries! Feel liberated as you can continue to exercise, go for a cuppa or do some shopping!

Laurier’s Ultra Gentle pads are available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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