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As the holiday season approaches, I’m sure many of you are jetting off out of our sunny island for a holiday.
Everyone wants to have a safe and happy trip.
But sometimes, the inevitable happens and we need to be prepared!

Thus, I’ve always covered my grounds and made it a point to purchase travel insurance before I leave the country.

If you don’t know where to buy such a policy, look to AXA@Post’s Smart Traveller insurance!

The policy has great coverage:
1. High medical coverage up to $600,000
2. Protection for lost or damaged belongings up to $10,000 (super impt esp when going to countries where pick-pockets are common)
3. Leisure sports cover (With this, you can do all the leisure water sports you want!)
4. Personal accident cover starts before trip
5. Only buy what you need: choose from golf equipment cover, sports equipment
cover, rental vehicle excess cover, and other optional benefits.

Essentially, you’re able to customize your own insurance policy!

Although I have been lucky enough not to make any claims from AXA during my recent
trip to Ipoh and Penang, I would still like to share about the fuss-free online purchase process.
All you have to do is provide some details on your travels and you’d be able to obtain a quote within seconds.
You can also opt for the comprehensive plan for even better coverage (highly recommended!!)

If you’d like to know more info, check out this link: travels!

Brought to you by AXA@Post.

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